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Resume for antonino R. for Executive Manager / Energy & Utilities in Salamanca, Spain

Occupation: Executive Manager Industry: Energy & Utilities
Country: Spain City: Salamanca
State: Castilla y Leon ZIP: 36004

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Antonino R., Ph.D.
Home: Calle Hilari–n Eslava ¼I Madrid, Spain + ,
Work: Carretera Salamanca – Ledesma km – Juzbado, Spain + ,
|Massachusetts Institute of Technology |Cambridge MA, USA |
| Ph.D. June , S.M. February in Nuclear Engineering GPA: ./. |
|Honors: Manson Benedict Fellow Top Student , Member of Alpha Nu Sigma honor society |
|Activities: Elected President of the Italian Student Organization members, |
|Polytechnic Institute |Torino, Italy |
|B.Eng. May , Nuclear Engineering GPA: ./. |
|Honors: Laurea summa cum Laude – Top % Student |
|Enusa Industrias Avanzadas, S.A. |Madrid, Spain|
|Department Head – product quality November – Present | |
|Lead a department of quality engineers, technicians and laboratory analysts,|
|managing programs targeting nuclear fuel fabrication process quality control, |
|improvement and cost reduction, product performance optimization, in compliance|
|with legal requirements and customer quality needs and expectations. |
|Supervisor fuel rod technology October – September | |
|Managed technical projects on nuclear fuel rod technology M€ projects. |
|Supervised the work of project engineers. Served as technical lead for |
|development of new products and tools. Represented the company in international|
|nuclear programs. Managed to obtain license of the company thermalmechanical |
|design tool for use in the Belgian market multi M€ contract |
|Accenture S.L. |Madrid, Spain|
|Manager September – November | |
|Member of the executive committee of the resources operating group. Served as |
|senior expert on nuclear power technology. Helped clients develop strategic |
|plans and processes to optimize management and operation of nuclear assets and |
|personnel. Developed methodologies for selection of best generation |
|technologies for utilities. |
|Paul Scherrer Institute |Villigen, Switzerland |
|Project Manager fuel analysis January – | |
|September | |
|Managed technical projects on nuclear fuel safety. Leaded a team of project |
|engineers. Acted as expert on nuclear safety issues to external partners. |
|Represented the Swiss Nuclear Regulatory Authority in international |
|experimental fuel testing programs. Managed nuclear fuel research programs. |
|Doubled the size of the fuel modeling group. Obtained scientific / technical |
|grants for . MCHF |
|Senior engineer April – December |
|Leaded technical studies on the safety of nuclear fuels. Served as technical |
|interface to the Swiss Nuclear Regulatory Authority. |
| | |
|Massachusetts Institute of Technology |Cambridge, MA |
|Postdoctoral associate June to April | |
|Developed research programs on nuclear fuel design. Supervised a Master student|
|in a project developing a new methodology to investigate the economical benefit|
|of alternative fuel cycles and technologies. Supervised a Ph.D student in the |
|development of an advanced tool for nuclear fuel safety analysis. |
| | |
|Polytechnic Institute |Torino, Italy |
|Research associate May to April |
|Devised an innovative methodology to detect flaws in materials by using |
|ultrasonic waves and Genetic Algorithms. Developed models to study the |
|nonlinear evolution of cancer cells in soft tissues and investigate the effect|
|of chemicals and irradiation on their growth. |
|Recipient of Seed Action Grant, Paul Scherrer Institute, . | |
|Recipient of the Manson Benedict Fellowship, MIT . | |
| | |
|Served as referee for: | |
|Journal of Nuclear Materials | |
|Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology | |
|Nuclear Engineering and Design | |
|Journal of Alloys and Compounds | |
| | |
|Languages: Italian Mother Tongue – English Very Good – Spanish Very Good |
|General Strengths: management, strategic planning, capability assessments, |
|project management, six sigma, self starter, problem solver, imaginative, able |
|to develop new ideas and lead. |
|Technical writing: year experience writing technical reports, proposals and |
|scientific publications in international journals and conferences more than |
|contributions |
|Computer Programming: C year experience; Several nuclear design codes; |
| | |
|Hobbies & Sports: classic guitar, tennis, ski, hiking, travel |
List of Publications of Dr. Antonino R.
. R. A., Aguirre F., “Quality of the Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing Process”, Nuclear
Espa„a, ;
. R. A., Shaffler C.A., Garkisch H.D., Olander D.R. and Todreas N.E., “Fuel Performance
Analysis for PWR Cores”, Nucl. Eng. Des. ;
. Greenspan E., Todreas N.E., Petrovic B., Diller P., Ferroni P., Fratoni M., Ganda F., Garkisch
H., Ginex F., Malen J., Olander D., R. A., Shuffler C., Trant J., “Hydride Fuel for
LWRs – Project Overview”, Nucl. Eng. Des. ;
. Blair P., Khvostov G., R. A., Hellwig Ch. and Chawla R., “Interpretation of high
burnup fuel annealing tests”, J. Nucl. Sci. Technol. ;
. R. A., Horvath M. and Restani R., “Evolution of Porosity in the HighBurnup Fuel
Structure”, J. Nucl. Mater. ;
. R. A., Li J. and Yip S., “Atomistic Simulation of Rapid Compression of Fractured
Silicon Carbide”, J. Nucl. Mater. ;
. Blair P., R. A., Hellwig Ch. and Chawla R., “Calculations on Fission Gas Behaviour
in the HighBurnup Structure”, J. Nucl. Mater. ;
. R. A., Wallin H., Zimmermann M.A. and Chawla R., “Modeling the CABRI High
Burnup CIP RIA Test Using the FALCON Fuel Behavior Code”, Nucl. Eng.
Des. ;
. R. A., Boscher T., Hejzlar P., Kazimi M.S. and Todreas N.E., “Implications of
Alternative Strategies for Transitions to Sustainable Fuel Cycles”, Nucl. Sci. Eng.
. R. A., Hejzlar P. and Todreas N.E., “FertileFree Fast LeadCooled Incinerators for
Efficient Actinide Burning”, Nucl. Technol. ;
. R. A., Bertolus M., Defranceschi M., Yip S., “Modeling SiC swelling under irradiation:
influence of amorphization”, Nucl. Instrum. Meth. B ;
. R. A., Li J. and Yip S., “Atomistic simulation of matter under stress: crossover from
hard to soft materials”, Physica A ;
. R. A., Todreas N.E., “A methodology for selecting high T/H performance fuel
configurations for tightly packed epithermal core designs”, Nucl. Technol. ;
. Delsanto P.P., R. A., Scalerandi M., Pescarmona G.P., “Analysis of a Phase Transition
from Tumor Growth to Latency “, Phys. Rev. E ;
. Scalerandi M., R. A., Pescarmona G.P., Delsanto P.P., “Nutrient Competition as a
Determinant for Cancer Growth”, Phys. Rev. E ;
. Scalerandi M., R. A., Condat C.A.,”Kortewegde Vries Solitons Under Stochastic
Perturbations”, Phys. Rev. E ;
. Delsanto

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