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Resume for Artur K. for Purchasing / Procurement / Energy & Utilities in Balkanabat, Turkmenistan

Occupation: Purchasing / Procurement Industry: Energy & Utilities
Country: Turkmenistan City: Balkanabat
State: Balkan ZIP: 745100

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Curriculum Vitae                                                                                                                                                                         
Contacts:                          Artur K.
Turkmenistan, Balkanabat, Zip:
Home: +
Mobile:+ , +
email: Date of Birth: .. years                                                            
On positions: Procurement Manager
Junior Wireline Field Engineer
March — at present ; Oil and Gas  Service Contractor Company "Gulf Consolidated Contractor KSA", Saudi Arabia, Dammam
  Procurement and Expeditor Manager
International procurement coordination as well as expediting, inspection, traffic and materials delivery, bulks material and long lead equipment. Coordination, Planning, Expediting and Control of the Plans of Procurement as well as the control of the budgets of materials and equipment required by the managements. Dealing with Local Companies to Supply goods/equipment for any Project needs on locations. Monitoring local markets, dealing with Contracts of Supply and Custom/Logistics Services. The main Client Saudi Aramco
March November ; Oil and Gas Western Company "Schlumberger Logelco", Turkmenistan, Balkanabat
  Junior Wireline Field Engineer
Had an Introduction Training of Wireline/Production in Paris France, after preschool for month in PonteNoire, Congo Africa and , month Training in BTC British Training Center in Livingston Scotland as a Junior Wireline Field Engineer, good knowledge and understanding in Production/Perforation in Cased and Open Hole Services. Knowledge of Production Tools operation and theory, passed all Certificates Pressure Control, Explosive and Radiation. Knowledge of  well procedures for Rig Up and Rig Down and procedures and equipments for Perforation, Radiation and Pressure Equipment use and Operation as per Schlumberger Standards.
October March ; Oil and Gas Western Company "Schlumberger Logelco", Turkmenistan, Balkanabat
  Procurement Supply Chain Manager
International procurement coordination. Monitoring Contracts and Contractors providing Services/Performances and Products KPIs, Procurement Systems purchasing analyses of Goods/Equipments mostly from abroad Any types of Pipe, Drill Bits, Office/Store Items, Mechanical/Electrical Part, Vehicle/Equipments Parts and Consumable, Chemicals – All items which required for Schlumberger Project in Turkmenistan at all. Water Equipments for surface & down hole operation Water Pumps, Different Types of  Pipes & Fitting Connections for Construction & Field Operation. Monitoring Logistics System and analyze future projects in Turkmenistan. Dealing in account in whole Supply Chain Structure. Searching for a new Suppliers in terms of commodities, delivery services, payment systems and finance availability to cover outstanding purchases preparation of doc's for payment as per services/purchased done in time and in proper way. In terms of logistics use Transport Companies several on Local and Abroad Systems. Managed person in department, including Store/Account/Logistics Personal. Many Contracts were signed with local and abroad Suppliers for Purchasing and Services locals and abroad on amount around $$. Updating Project Expediting Report, ensuring Report data is fully accurate, prior to weekly issue to project management. Providing feedback to appropriate project personnel in a timely manner.
October Octorber; Oil and Gas Western Companies "Burren Energy", Turkmenistan, Balkanabat
   Procurement Manager
International procurement coordination and local Warehouse full control. Negotiations with suppliers, lookingfor of necessary materials, purchase mainly from abroad, coordinated goods/equipments in store and proper set up store items as per specification and commodities. In time delivery items from store to Field Location. Coordinate Accounts in payment process reflected on real goods status. Water Equipments for surface & down hole operation Water Pumps, Different Types of  Pipes & Fitting Connections for Construction & Field Operation. The Construction and Maintenance Supervisors in particularly Mechanic Supervisor, Electricians. Providing support to Purchasing Supervisor and Buyers in resolving impasses with suppliers on supply issues, inspection, deliveries etc. Cooperating with Project Management Team members and other parties to ensure the specified equipments are provided on time, on schedule. Desk expediting of equipment and materials ordered, tracking vendor’s progress and prepare reports. Ensuring that materials delivered are inspected for conformance to specifications. Monitoring inventory levels of warehouse supplies and assisting in keeping an accurate inventory.
June July; Oil and Gas Western Companies "Burren Energy", Turkmenistan, Balkanabat
   Local Purchaser, Driver
   Delivery of Managers/Supervisors to the Rigs on Field Locations. Local purchases for any needs as per requirements.
Languages: Russian Native, English Fluent
Citizens: Turkmenistan and Russian Passport holder
Religion: Muslim
Turkmenistan Army: Rank: Sergeant Driving of vehicles, Communications
Marital Status: Married, Son years old
Driving Lisnce: Yes,  Categories ABCDE
Education: Dagestan Institute "Yujdag", Russian, Derbent,
   An Engineer of Transport/Traffic ManagementMechanical, graduated in
   year education in school. Turkmenistan
Training: Supply Chain Level , Azerbaijan, Baku Schlumberger Logelco Inc
Training done for Supply Chain Procurement Systems, reviewed and updated existing software. Above Training done in Schlumberger on ..
  OFS , Paris, France – Schlumberger Logelco Inc
   Introduction Training of Wireline/Production, Oilfield Wells. ..
  Preschool Training, Congo, Afrika Schlumberger Logelco Inc
   Preschool Training/Practical done for Cased Hole Operation during month .. in Point Nora with Field Engineer in charges on the site/location
  Wireline Field Engineer School, Livingston, Scotland Schlumberger Logelco Inc

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