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Resume for Rufat T. for Engineer in Baku, Azerbaijan

Occupation: Engineer Industry:
Country: Azerbaijan City: Baku
State: Baki ZIP: AZ1142

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|First Name |Rufat |
|Surname |T. |
|Middle name |Ilham |
|Date of Birth |.. |
|ID N |AZE N |
|Driving License |AA N / B |
|Military Service |, AON , frontier post |
|Marital Status |Married child |
|Citizenship |Azeri |
|Home postcode |AZ |
|Address |Qachaq Nabi str. , pr. , Baku, Azerbaijan |
|Contacts |Mob: + |
| |+ |
| |+ |
| |Email: |
|FromTo |School/ Institute |Department |Degree |
| |Azerbaijan State Oil Academy |Drilling |Master |
| |Azerbaijan State Oil Academy |Drilling |Bachelor |
| |High School N |N/ A |N/A |
Office: MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, Windows / XP/, etc.
Azeri mother tongue: Fluent
Russian: Fluent
English: Intermediate
|Company |Position/ Department |From |To |
|KCA Deutag |Pipe Operator/ | |Present |
|“Shah Deniz” platform |Drilling | | |
|Main Responsibilities: |
|The Floorman is responsible to the Driller for the work carried out on the Rig |
|Floor and will also assist the Derrickman or Assistant Driller, as required. |
|Working with Shale Shaker or Mud Processing areas. |
|Operations drill strings, BHA, casings, liners, completions making use of rig|
|floor handling equipment as appropriate. |
|Maintain all tools in a clean and safe condition and ensure the return of |
|equipment to its correct place slips, elevators, safety clamps, rotary tongs.|
| |
|Assist and relieve the Derrickman, as required, inclusive of mixing fluids. |
|Assist in picking up and laying down tubulars and equipment. |
|Assist in rigging up equipment for the specialist service companies. |
|Under the supervision of the Driller, maintenance of derrick equipment. |
|Attend, and conduct as necessary all TRIC talks relevant to operations. |
|Assist in the installation and movement of BOP and other wellhead equipment. |
|Carry out shaker house duties in accordance with work programme to include |
|changing out of shaker screens as directed by Mud Engineers, Assistant Driller,|
|Derrickman. |
|Monitor the fluid returns at the shakers and report changes in size, shape and |
|volume of cuttings to the Driller. |
|Take fluid weight and viscosity checks logging them and reporting any anomalies|
|to the Driller. |
|Maintain the shaker deck log book accurately and up to date, and use as the |
|basis for handing over to the relief. |
|Training of new trainees etc. |
|Company |Position/ Department |From |To |
|KCA Deutag |General Assistant/ | | |
|“Shah Deniz” platform |Drilling | | |
|Main Responsibilities: |
|LiftingÊoperationsÊon the platformÊas aÊbanksmanÊandÊloadhandler. |
|Driving of the Hydralift Knuckle Boom Crane with Gripper Grab and lifting |
|operations with pipes/tubulars. |
|Forklift operations driving/banksman. |
|Work with the drilling equipment and the help in their use. |
|The help at measurement the length of the pipes. |
|The help at work of mechanics. |
|Training of new trainees etc. |
|Intertek Azeri Ltd. |Surveyor | | |
|Oil, Chemical & Agri | | | |
|Main Responsibilities: |
|Inspection petroleum products of tanks, railway tanks, sea tankers vessels , |
|lines of transfer, valves. |
|Sampling of a product, temperatures, level of a products, the analysis FW, GV,|
|TOV, GOV, NOV, GSV, NSV, Density, API gravity etc., drawing up of reports for |
|the client. |
|To put on lines of a seal. |
|Training of new trainees etc. |
|ÇAzertrans LTDÈ MMC |Tank operator | | |
|The oil terminal | | | |
|Main Responsibilities: |
|Drawing up of plans schemes of sending of oil products on pipelines, by means|
|of opening and closing of certain valves in tanks, railway tanks, sea tankers |
|vessels. |
|Gaugings of level of products. Supervision and inspection of lines of pipelines|
|during loading and discharge of products. |
|Training of new trainees etc. |
|ÇBank of AzerbaijanÈ |Director of Credit | | |
| |Department/ Credit | | |
| |Specialist | | |
|Main Responsibilities: |
|Work with documents and reports under credits. |
|The organization of work for workers of credit department. |
|Estimation of risks. |
|Conference with clients. |
|Delivery of credits. |
|Training of new trainees etc. |
BP / The training course on Basics of Sedimentology / Stratigraphy and Structural
Petrofac Training: Breathing apparatus, Forklift operator, Confined space entry,
Basic first aid, LOLER, Banksman & Slinger, Rigging & Lifting, Falls & Falling
Objects, Hazard Awareness, Fundamental principles of industrial hygiene, Noice
awareness, TRIC, Pressure & Leak testing awareness, USER, New electrical safety
awareness, Environmental awareness, Working at height awareness, Chemical
awareness, COSHH awareness, LSA Scale , Basic oil spill, Gas testing
awareness, HS awareness, Safe packing of CCU, Manual handling awareness.
Caspian Safe: Behavioral Safety Observation Training.
Occupational Training International: Basic Offshore Safety Induction and
Emergency Training.
Having Passed the practical test of Basic Operating Skills and on successful
completion of Basic, Specific and Familiarization Training is hereby authorized to
operate. The Following Crane Type. Hydralift Knuckle Boom Crane with
Gripper Grab.
Driving the Winch T/T
Driving the Traveling Maintenance Basket

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