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Resume for SINOPLU N. for Engineer / Engineering Services in Baku, Azerbaijan

Occupation: Engineer Industry: Engineering Services
Country: Azerbaijan City: Baku
State: Baki ZIP: AZ1037

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/ V. Quliyev str, QaraChuhur, Baku
Email: ;
Mobile: + ; Date of birth: Sept.,
|Education |
| – |Azerbaijan State Oil Academy |
| |ElectroMechanical Faculty |
| |Automatic Industrial Installation & Electrical Engineering Department |
| |Electrical Engineer Master degree |
|Trainings |
|December |Participation in HNC degree |
|to June | |
| |Atlas Interactive LMSeLearning for the Oil and Gas Industry |
| |Electrical Engineering Range Certificate modules. |
|May |Batteries and UPS |
| |Control and Distribution of Power |
| |Introduction to Power System Design |
| |Power Generation |
| |Project Role – Senior E&I Designer |
| |Participate with the electrical engineers in the design and layout of electrical |
| |installations and circuitry in power stations, transformers, substations, |
| |switchgear, cabling systems and motorcontrol systems. Producing all electrical |
| |drawings, collect information, perform calculations and prepare diagrams and |
| |drawings of electrical installations and circuitry. |
|Experience |
|I have over years experience in Electrical Design & Engineering. I have significant experience |
|with electrical systems such as Power Generation, transmission and distribution, large electric |
|drive systems, electrical system analysis tools. I have gained a good knowledge IEC safety |
|regulations. |
| May to |Rapid Solutions RSL |
|Date |Brownfield Project – All Platforms Gas Lift Flow lines and Pipeline Valve |
| |Replacement Projects |
| |Senior E&I Designer |
|Prepare design drawings connection of the gas lift flow line to the gas lift manifold. To provide |
|design drawings for the Main Oil and Gas Export Valves. I have participated in Azeri Pipeline |
|Valve Replacement Projects; Shah Denis Spider Deck Gas Detection; WA Gas Dehydration Bypass Line |
|and All Platforms PCV Heat Tracing Projects. |
| May to |PSN |
| May |Transfer of employment: From KBROOL to Production Services Network PSN UK |
| |limited Azerbaijan Branch |
| |Electrical Designer |
|My service with Production Services Network PSN was regarded as a continuous service with KBR |
|During this period I was responsible for all Electrical controls design Power Generation, |
|transmission and distribution throughout the project lifecycle from concept design to |
|installation. |
|Complete the production of General Arrangement Drawings Electrical systems such as layouts, Single|
|Line Diagrams, Schematic Wiring Diagrams, demolition drawings, Cable Schedules, Bill of materials |
|and Heat Tracing drawings. Cooperate Pro provides design calculations such as pipe heat lost, |
|bill of material, number of circuits, electrical loads and etc. Design of electrical circuits, |
|power distribution, heat tracing and motor control for BP Caspian Engineering and Modifications |
|Project. |
|Oct. to |KBR PSN |
|May |Electrical designer |
|Transferred from ACG Project to BP Caspian Engineering and Modifications Project. |
|Cooperating with Production Services. Duties involved a range of activities Electrical equipment |
|Layout drawings, Electrical Schematic & Cable Rout diagrams, Instrument diagrams, Electrical |
|Single Line Diagrams and Electrical system analysis tools. |
|Produced all electrical drawings, control panel layouts, collect information large electric drive |
|systems and IEC safety regulations. Preparation of diagrams and drawings of electrical |
|installations and circuitry. |
|Oct. to |KBR Halliburton International Inc. |
|Oct. |Electrical Designer ACG Project |
|Responsible for detailing of electrical controls designs and operator interfaces using AutoCAD |
|Electrical. |
|Cooperating with Control System Group, Prepare Lighting & Small Power Circuit diagrams. |
|Distribution of Board Schedules and Follow on Engineering. Ongoing Project works. Involved in all |
|aspects of design for Azeri Onshore Complex at Sangachal. |
| to |Istanbul, “Oz Ucler Electric” Private Company |
| |Electrical Design Engineer |
|Responsible for High & Low Power Distribution. |
| to |Baku, Gipromornentegas, SOCAR |
| |Electrical Engineer in Electrical & Communication Department |
|Responsible for the Electrical Design & Power calculations. Includes all design calculations, |
|working and record drawings, and operating maintenance manuals. Directly responsible for ensuring |
|that all required certification is produced and functional testing and commissioning is completed.|
| |
|I carried out design and layout of electrical installations and circuitry in power stations, |
|transformers, substations, switchgear, cabling systems and motorcontrol systems. |
|Participated in design of offshore and onshore facilities power supply projects. |
|Developed designs for offshore platform’s power supply, participated in designs of offshore and |
|onshore power cables, low voltage power distribution, lighting of residential buildings, offices |
|etc. Focused on calculation, drafting of required power and distribution among the consumers |
|during design. |
|Prepared diagrams for lighting of offshore piers, lying of offshore cables. |
|Was responsible for calculations, drafting and preparing power distribution diagrams on high and |
|low voltage parts of the substations. |
| to |Baku, Gipromornentegas, SOCAR |
| |Computer Operator in Computer Department |
|Pre |Graduate Engineer Apprenticeship |
|Languages |
|Azerbaijani native, fluent |
|Russian – fluent |
|English – fluent |
|PC Literacy |
|MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, Internet Explorer, AutoCAD, Kermit Elecar, Propid Lite, |
|PDMSD Modelling Software, CHALMLITE Software, RASTER CAD Software, DIALux . Light, |
|Database Software. |

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