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Resume for Satyajeet P. for Engineer / Engineering Services in State College, Pennsylvania

Occupation: Engineer Industry: Engineering Services
Country: United States City: State College
State: Pennsylvania ZIP: 16801

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Satyajeet M P.

  Waupelani Drive Apt No E                                                                                                                         Ph No:

  State College, PA                                                                                                                                          Email:  


Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering with minor in Computational Science   August                                                  Pennsylvania State University                                                                                                                                                                                                               Cumulative GPA: ./.

Course work includes Fluid and thermal analysis using the contemporary ANSYS tools like FLUENT, GAMBIT and other tools like CHEMKIN, Gridgen used in industry, Combustion analysis, Statistics and computer coding in C++, Java and FORTRAN

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering         May                                                                      University of Pune, India                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Undergraduate Cumulative GPA: ./.

Computational Science Minor:

  • Includes three courses advanced computer programming, numerical solutions to heat transfer and fluid mechanic problems and applied statistics
  • Advanced computer programming included Linux/Unix OS and coding with object oriented C++ and Java languages including concepts of classes, objects, polymorphism and inheritance applied to solve scientific problems.
  • Numerical solutions to heat transfer and fluid mechanics problems included solving heat transfer and fluid mechanics problems numerically using FORTRAN
  • Applied Statistics included learning Minitab software and learning statistical concepts like regression, probability, confidence interval, Gaussian Curve.


    Pennsylvania State University         May to July

    Research Assistant

  • Researched the phenomenon of carbon dioxide capture from combustion exhaust by simulating it with the help of ANSYS tools like FLUENT, Gambit, and other tools like CHEMKIN and Gridgen.
  • Programmed a new CHEMKIN database to include new chemicals which were not presented in FLUENT for the purpose of simulation.
  • Simulated the reaction in CHEMKIN to understand the reaction mechanism which can be implemented in FLUENT.
  • Simulated the properties of the chemicals using a molecular dynamics software Gaussian.
  • Finally simulated the reaction in FLUENT in laminar and turbulent regimes with different reaction mechanisms.

    Convection Course Project          Feb to May

  • Individually completed the project to analyze enhancement of heat transfer through a heat exchanger pipe due to the presence of obstacles placed in the flow domain.
  • The project consisted of comparing Nusselt number from a pipe with and without obstacles and explains how the obstacles increased the turbulence in the flow thereby increasing the heat transfer.
  • The meshing for the domain was done in Gambit and the simulation was done in FLUENT.
  • The project showed a significant rise in heat transfer due to the obstacles places in the flow.

    Coding of Numerical Methods         Sept to Dec

  • C++ coding of numerical methods like Newton Raphson method, RungeKutta Methods, Gaussian Elimination methods, Euler’s method as well as numerical integration methods like trapezoidal method, Simpson’s rules

    Designing Transmission gearbox         Aug to Dec

  • Designed the transmission gearbox for a ton overhead crane.
  • Took into account various design parameters like the weight of the gearbox, its industrial setting, number of gears, power required , clearance between the gears avoiding gear interference

    Fundamentals of Turbo machinery        Jan to May

    Teaching Assistant          

    Assisted undergraduate students understand concepts of

  • Axial and Centrifugal Compressors
  • Impulse and Reaction turbines
  • Gas turbines
  • Steam Turbines

    Thermodynamic s          Jan to May

    Teaching Assistant 

    Assisted undergraduate students understand concepts of

  • nd law of thermodynamics,
  • concepts of entropy and enthalpy,
  • steam generation, properties of steam, dryness fraction, super heating of steam
  • Rankine cycle for steam power plant and modified Rankine cycle
  • Brayton Cycle. 

    Industrial Work Experience: 

    TATA Motors Ltd, Pune ,India, New Product Introduction NPI     Feb to May

    Assistant Manager

  • Coordinated the logistics and testing of materials that were sent to TATA Daewoo truck plant in South Korea for the weld line tryout.
  • Main duties included acquiring the correct materials from certified vendors, testing the materials in TATA Motors Metallurgical department and shipping the materials to South Korea in time for the weld line tryout; to make truck bodies

    TATA Motors Ltd, Pune ,India, Engineering Research Center     Nov to Feb

    Assistant Manager

  • Managed the Packaging and Design analysis team of people, which analyzed design changes which were incorporated in car named “Indica Vista”, launched in India in July .
  • Communicated with the vendors the required design changes and assessed the vendor capability to incorporate the design change; to make the modified part available at the start of production.
  • Evaluated benchmarking issues to see where our product stands amongst the competition and the design changes required to overcome the drawbacks.

    TATA Motors Ltd, Pune, India, Production Engineering department    July to Oct

    Assistant Manager

  • Led a team of people, to complete a project of manufacturing and supplying body side outer dies of vehicle named “TATA Ace”, a light duty commercial vehicle in a stipulated time of months.
  • Duties Included planning and coordinating manufacturing activities taking into account machine utilization factors to complete the project in a stipulated time of months

    Defense Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune, India       Aug to May

    Project Intern

  • Investigated the thinning and spring back phenomenon conventionally observed in the process of hydro forming.
  • Developed new hydro forming technique to eliminate this phenomenon to build low weight chassis for automobiles to increase their mileage.

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