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Resume for Ebeahim H. for Engineer / Engineering Services in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russian Federation

Occupation: Engineer Industry: Engineering Services
Country: Russian Federation City: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
State: Sakhalin ZIP: 34453

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Senior Instrument Engineer
Flat. , No. , Komsomolskaya Street, YuzhnoSakhalinsk, Russia
Tel: +
Brief description of my achievements:
I have been working for eleven years in the field of petrochemical, Oil/Gas industry. And, I have
greatly benefitted working at knowledgeable professionals companies like Wood Group PSN,
Petrofac engineering, Aker Solutions, CB&I ABB Lummus Global and Simon carves.
At Wood Group PSN Company, as a senior/lead instrument and control engineer, I am
responsible for managing the department including group of engineers and designers, focusing on
organizing, directing and inspiring the team building spirit.
At Petrofac Company, as a senior instrument engineer I was responsible for directing the team of
young engineers for selection, engineering and procurement of ESDV, MOV, ROV valves. My
major achievement was improving my technical knowledge and accomplishing the task on time
for a large scale projects alongside with managing and guiding the small team.
At Simon Carves company, as a principal engineer, I was managing the team of three engineers to
accomplish the engineering, procurement activates for flow meters, ESD and control valves.
Guiding vendors and reducing vendor clarification with proper clarification meeting.
At Aker Solutions, as an instrument engineer I was involved in two basic design and one
site/detail design projects. Improving my control system knowledge, utilizing different control
techniques, analyzing and simplifying the control/safety loops along with HAZOP/LOPA
meetings was part of my achievements in this company.
In CB&I ABB Lummus Company, I was working as a control system engineer mainly ESD
system initiating safeguarding narratives and completing the system database.
I consider using API, DEP, IEC standards, working with different valve and flow meter sizing
software as a strong point and major achievement in my career improvement path.
Two years of presence at site was precious experience after projects in OIEC group and Aker
Solutions Rotterdam. It gave me a vision to manage, reduce and optimize the design cost, and
eventually improved my problem solving skills.
For further detail please see below my detail resume; I am available to meet with you at your
earliest convenience. You can reach me at the following email address and above phone number;
also, linked in address: Ebrahim H.
Thank you for consideration.
Ebrahim H.
Marital status
Mobile +
Email: /
B.Sc in Control System engineering, Tabriz University, Feb/
English: Fluent Excellent written and oral communication skills
French: Good
German: Good
Persian/Azeri: Native
Work experience
/Present Wood Group PSN Russia, YuzhnoSakhalin
Senior Instrument Engineer and Deputy Manager of Department
As a deputy department manager I am managing group of instrument engineer including four
senior and two instrument engineer and design team of fourteen designers focusing on proper
communications, team building attitudes and proper planning for projects.
Waste Water Treatment Project SEIC:
In this project I have been checking, endorsing feed and basic stage documents also, responsible
for control and safeguarding system Control System Narratives and Safeguarding system
Offshore Brownfield Projects:
I have been a control/safeguarding systems ESD/DCS focal point for brown field projects.
Analyzing the problems, utilizing the existing instruments and talking corrective actions was in
my focus for these types of projects, trying to accomplish the tasks by reducing and optimizing
the existing control system.
// Petrofac engineering consultant UAE, Sharjah
Senior Instrument Engineer
Mina Al Ahmadi Pipeline Project Kuwait Oil Company:
As a senior instrument engineer in this project, I was responsible for checking and approving
material and purchase requisitions; Handling vendor clarification and kick off meetings; preparing
clarification queries and every communication with vendors. Technical bid evaluation of different
vendors for control, ESDV, MOV and ROV valves was the task that I did accomplished.
Post bid activates like checking, organizing, guiding vendors and eventually approving drawings
GA drawings, Wiring Diagram...etc for each type of instruments.
Preparing specification, material and purchase requisition for Machine Monitoring system and
technical evaluation of vendors.
I was also managing four engineers and two designers assigned two this task force project.
Namvarn consultant engineers
Senior Instrument engineer
Sarajah Gas Compressor project NIGC:
As a client representative PMC I was directing three contractors’ daily activities, construction
tasks by analyzing site issues and focusing on resource management
Managing daily site activities and technical authority for DCS/ESD YOKOGAWA CS and
Prosafe; Investigating field instruments installation issues, supervision on cable laying,
termination, tray layout/cable cellar arrangement and daily activities of contractors.
// Simon Carves Punj Lloyds United Kingdom, Manchester
PTT Polyethylene Project
Principal Instrument Engineer
As a principal instrument engineer in this project, I was responsible for checking material,
purchase requisitions. Handling vendor clarification and kick off meetings, preparing clarification
queries and all communication with vendors for each package. Technical bid evaluation of
different vendors for different type of flow meters and control valves coriolis, vortex and thermal
mass flow meters was my task to accomplish.
Therefore, whole cycle of engineering, procurement and installation of inline instruments was in
my responsibility.
// Aker Solutions Co. Netherlands, Zoetermeer
Control System engineer
Butyl Glycol Ether Project Rasta Nura, RTIP Project
Feed and Basic Design Project, as a Control system engineer I was responsible for preparing
and developing process automation/control strategy narratives with Licensor DOW Chemical
Engineering at utility, reactor, catalyst and EO/Butanole feeds sections based on ABB DCS
system. Working with licensor team was a huge achievement and fruitful experience.
Participating in LOPA HAZOP Sessions and defining SIS and safety system based on
Ttriconex’s PLC.
Control/startup/shutdown was based on Dow’s new Step/state Based Control Strategy, which is
very effective in alarm shower prevention and having more reliable and under control operation.
* Defining loop details; using optimizations techniques: VPC controller, decoupling, cross
checking for blending system.
* implementing SIF functions and assignment of related instrument for each SIF function based
on LOPA session reports
* Alarm and Trip definition based on start up/ dynamic /static suppression, priority, grouping
and alarm shower prevention aspects
* Defining logic aspects /typical for pump start/stop dead head protection, back flow
protection, padding/depending for Nitrogen blanketing/Vent system, bump less start of online
spare pump.
Naphtha Splitter Project Koch Refinery Netherlands:
Senior Instrumentation Engineer
As a senior instrument engineer in this project, I was responsible for checking and approving
material and purchase requisitions; Handling vendor clarifications and kick off meetings;
Preparing clarification queries and managing all communication with vendors for each package.
Eventually, technical bid evaluation of different vendors for different flow meters.
Post bid activates like checking, organizing, directing and eventually approving vendor drawings
GA drawings, Wiring Diagram...etc for each type of instruments. coriolis, vortex, ultrasonic,
magnetic and variable area And, I did the calculation for all flow meters using E+H software.
ESD System engineer:
I did prepared ESD console arrangement layout grouping and defining the console layout. Making
ESD system Typical Logic drawings and checking vendor HIMA documents, communicating

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