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Resume for SaiChandra G. for Programmer / Software Developer / Engineering Services in Mumbai, India

Occupation: Programmer / Software Developer Industry: Engineering Services
Country: India City: Mumbai
State: Maharashtra ZIP: 400701

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Sai Chandra G.
Ph: +; Email:
Senior Software Engineer
OBJECTIVE: Seeking an ever growing career by being a part of various Telecom domain/Product
engineering projects by keeping abreast the latest technologies with transcending and dynamic
organization that would hone my skill set to the fullest with an opportunity to display my talent and become
an asset to the organization.
Experience Summary:
. years of Experience in Design, Development and Testing of various projects in Android,Windows
Phone,C, C++, C,JavaScript, QT.
• Working on Windows Phone Mobile Application development.
• Worked on Android mobile application development.
• Worked extensively in Audio Codecs for settop boxes.
• Experience in WLAN protocol development.
• Adept in mobile application development C++.
• Worked on implementing Download manager for mobile browser, which includes download protocols
• Designed a Paint application in QT for Symbian OS based mobile.
• Proficient in C++, QT and handled the WLAN module for the project Beceem Connection Manager.
• Excellent written and oral communication skills.
• Experience in facing challenging situations handling them with ease.
• Experience in Client Communication and Client Status Reporting.
Skill set
|Hardware Platforms |: |Various Audio Boards for Settop Boxes. |
|Operating Systems |: |Android,Windows Phone ,OS, Linux, Win x, NT, , |
| | |XP, Vista. |
|Languages |: |C,C++,Javascript,QT. |
|Databases |: |MS SQL server ., ORACLE i, SQL, PL/SQL |
|Version Tools |: |MS VSS |
Organizations Worked:
• L&T Infotecth – November th to August th .
• Sasken Communications Technologies Ltd – September th to August st .
• L&T Infotecth – August th to present.
Educational Qualification:
• B.Tech in Computer Science from PIRMECJNTU with % aggregate. pass
• PUC in MPCMaths, Physics and Chemistry .% aggregate
• S.S.C with % aggregate.
Project Summary
SLENA Application
Project Description:
SLENA is a mobile application that houses implementation of interfacing with the website and in
return it parses all the elements that are to be loaded in the webpage and identifies corresponding
UI widgets in the WP platform and draws them accordingly with respect to the coordinates
mentioned in the HTML of the webpage.
This application was developed in Android and Windows Phone .
|Duration |February –Till Date |
|OS |Windows Phone |
|Tools |SVN,Microsoft Visual Studio, Windows Phone SDK. |
|Language | C |
My Responsibilities:
• Thorough study and understanding of SLENA architecture.
• Implementation of version check for the existing application and if not download the new
version to Windows Phone .
• Handling various UI element mappings.
Mobile Banking Application
Project Description:
Mobile Banking is an application which enables the user to bank through his mobile. Different
features of this application include OneTouch balance, netbanking, Stock Prices, Currency
Calculator, Loan Calculator , ATMs and Branches.
This application was developed in Android and Windows Phone .
|Duration |August –February |
|OS |Android and Windows Phone |
|Tools |Eclipse, Android SDK, SVN,Microsoft Visual Studio, Windows Phone SDK.|
|Language |Java, C |
My Responsibilities:
• Thorough study and understanding of Mobile banking requirement.
• Implementation of UI screens for the application in Android and Windows Phone .
• Handling the back end functionality for all the features.
Audio Driver Development
Project Description:
Audio Driver development involves development of various modules and entities for audio driver
on settop box. Its features includes SPDIF Formatter support, PCM Player support, ALSA support
, audio playback on multichannel with HDMI support etc.
|Duration |December –August |
|OS |OS, Linux |
|Tools |Source Insight, ST Debugger, Clearcase. |
|Language |C |
My Responsibilities:
• Thorough study and understanding of Audio Driver architecture.
• Implementation of DTS support over SPDIF formatter.
• Implementation of OMNI surround feature for the audio drivers.
• Handling issues with regard to the HDMI multichannel audio.
Bandwidth optimizing Solution
Project Description:
In WLAN whenever a transfer of packet or request happens, it consumes very high bandwidth
just for sending the acknowledgements. So, Bandwidth optimizing solution is the one which
incorporates the acknowledgement in the probe response that is sent from the station side.
|Duration |September – November |
|OS |Windows XP |
|Tools |Source Insight. |
|Language |C |
My Responsibilities:
• Thorough study of WLAN protocol.
• Understanding the code flow of MADWIFI driver and ATHk.
• Making desirable changes relevant to the solution.
Download Manager
Project Description:
Download Manager implementation contains enabling the V browser to download content through
OMA . , MIDP . and MIDP . download protocols. OMA and MIDP protocols enable user to
have a secure download via descriptor, which has the downloadable size, name and the provider
of the content. And, the HTTP interaction for downloadable content and authentication is done
using webkit.
|Duration |December – September |
|OS |Windows XP |
|Tools |Microsoft Visual Studio ,IDE by Myriad, Microsoft VSS, Perforce, |
| |Team Track |
|Language |C++ |
My Responsibilities:
• Studying thoroughly the implementation of download manager in V.
• Handling the event handling mechanism in V.
• Implementing the various download protocols and filemanager prototypes for successful
download and storing of the content on the device.
• Interaction with the HTTP stack using webkit.
• Porting the download manager to Brew and WINCE
Myriad Browser Development
Project Description:

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