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Resume for Mohamed Ali R. for Researcher / Scientist / Engineering Services in Västeras, Sweden

Occupation: Researcher / Scientist Industry: Engineering Services
Country: Sweden City: Västeras
State: Vastmanlands Lan ZIP: 72335

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A Malmabergsgatan, Västeras, , SWEDEN
Born the th Mars
Work Experience
R&D Engineer
R&D Engineer at ABB Corporate Research Västeras, SWEDEN
Responsible of “Fluid & Heat Transfer” Laboratory.
Build appropriate experiment to study multiphase flow and process present in ABB
industrial application LDA, PDA, PIV, HWA, Dualoptical probe, Temperature and
pressure measurement, Flow Visualization…
Water model to study metallurgy application.
Small scale experiment to study cooling system in Transformer.
Flow visualisation to eliminate/avoid vortex.
Scaled experiment to study flow repartition in pressure chamber of
Numerical study in multiphase flows Fluent, OpenFoam…
Bubble gas dispersion inside water model reactor.
Simulation of flow repartition from a transformer pressure chamber.
R&D Engineer
R&D Engineer at ISBP Laboratory at INSA Toulouse, FRANCE
Fluid mechanics and Chemical and Prwoprocess Engineering.
Modeling of bubbly twophase.
Signal processing of twophase bubbly flows experiment results.
Research & Teaching
Ph. D. Research and Teaching activities at I.N.S.A. Toulouse, FRANCE
CFD simulation of hydrodynamics in airlift biological reactor. Melodif, Neptune
Turbulence model in twophase flow
Dispersion model in twofluid model
Momentum quantity change model in twofluid model
Metrology of twophase flow characteristics :
Hot wire film anemometry HFA
Dual optical probe
Laser Doppler Anemometry LDA
th Conference of the French Society of Proceeding Engineering SFGP , St
Etienne France
Symposium of GasLiquidSolide GLS, Carry le Rouet, France
Research & Teaching
Master project at Laboratory LMHE at E.N.I.T Tunis, TUNISIE
Modelling of turbulence in twophase bubbly flow with kω model. Turbulence and
pseudoturbulence in bubbly twophase flow
Engineer at S.O.G.E.T.R.A.M Society, Tunis, TUNISIE
Conception of hydraulic system for pisciculture station.
Ph.D. in Fluid Dynamics and Chemical Engineering
Modelling and CFD simulation of two phase flows in airlift and bubble column applied
to waste water treatment. EulerEuler, Twophase turbulence model, kε model, Gaz
dispersion model, E.N.I.T Tunis and I.N.S.A. Toulouse
D.E.A. Postgraduate degree in hydraulics and Environmental Modelling Two
years following the Master
Numerical study on turbulence two phase flow modelling Melodif, E.N.I.T Tunis
Engineering Diploma in “Hydraulic and Environnement Engineering”
Hydraulic School of Engineering at Tunis
Technical Skills
Hydraulics and
Urban hydraulics sewage, drinking water system..., environmental, development and
civil hydraulics.
Process Engineering
of the Environment
Modeling and simulation of gasliquid reactors like bubble columns and airlift ISBP
Laboratory, Insa Toulouse.
Numerical Fluid
Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD, Modelling and simulation of twophase flow type
gasliquid Turbulence model mono / diphasic kEpsilon, kOmega ....
Simulation of gasliquid reactors type bubble column and airlift Melodif, Saturne,
Neptune, Fluent, OpenFoam, Paraview, Ensight....
Experimental Fluid
Hot Wire Anemometry HWA, Dual Optical Probe, Laser Doppler Anemometry LDA,
Particle Dynamic Anemometry PDA, Particle Image Velocimetry PIV, Flow
Visualisation, Temperature and pressure measurement,...
Scientific publications
R. Bel Fdhila, M.A. R., U. Sand, H. Yang and J.E. Eriksson, “Model study of Combined Gas and Electro
Magnetic Stirring in a Ladle Furnace”, submitted to Steelsim .
R. Mohamed Ali, Chahed Jamel, Bellakhal Ghazi, Liné Alain, “Gas dispersion in airlift reactor: contribution
of the turbulent part of the added mass force”, submitted to AIChE Journal.
R. Mohamed Ali, CHAHED Jamel, LINE Alain, “Transfert interfaciale et turbulence dans un panache de
bulles », Récents Progrès en Génie des Procédés, Numéro ISBN , Ed. SFGP, Paris,
R. Mohamed Ali, Chahed Jamel, Bellakhal Ghazi, Liné Alain, “Modelling of gas dispersion in an airlift
reactor”, Congrès de la Société Française de Génie des Procédés, SaintEtienne
R. Mohamed Ali, CHAHED Jamel, LINE Alain, “Transfert interfaciale et turbulence dans un panache de
bulles », Congrès GazLiquideSolide GLS, CarryleRouet Juin .
Computer skills
Windows, Linux, Unix, Ms Dos
Word, Excel...
Fortran, C, Matab...
Mother tongue
First foreign language
Music guitar, Sport jogging, football, Volleyball, Golf, Painting, Photography

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