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Resume for Ghazanfar K. for Technician / Mechanic / Engineering Services in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Occupation: Technician / Mechanic Industry: Engineering Services
Country: Saudi Arabia City: Al Khobar
State: Ash Sharqiyah ZIP: 31952

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Village & Post Office Basal Teh. Jand,

Distt: Attock. Pakistan


Mobile No:



To work in a highly competitive, challenging & career oriented environment.

Personal Information 

Position   :                      Instrument Technician

Name   :  Ghazanfar Ali K.

Father’s name  :  Sikandar K.

Date of birth  :  March ,

Nationality  :  Pakistani

Passport No  :  HM

Marital Status  :  Married

Academic Background

B.Sc.  Bachelor's degree in Science   Maths, Physics   Punjab University

HSc. Higher School Certificate  Physics, Chemistry, Math’s Rawalpindi Board, Pakistan.

SSc. Secondary School Certificate  Physics, Chemistry, Math’s Rawalpindi Board, Pakistan



  • One year apprenticeship training in Industrial Instrumentation & process control from NFC I.E.T Multan collaborated with COSMO International JAPAN.
  • Industrial Training

  • Three months industrial training in PakAmerican Fertilizer Ltd.

    Special Courses:

  • HS awareness course by Rawabi United Safety Services KSA.
  • HS Alive Course by Rawabi United Safety Services KSA.
  • Fire Safety Course by Rawabi United Safety Services KSA.
  • Hearing Protection Course by Rawabi United Safety Services KSA.
  • Personal Fall Protection Course by Rawabi United Safety Services KSA
  • WHMIS Course by Rawabi United Safety Services KSA.
  • Sea survival for offshore
  • Permit to work Procedure. Training course by PakAmerican Fertilizer Ltd Safety expert
  • Lockout/tag out Procedure. Training course by PakAmerican Fertilizer Ltd Safety expert.
  • Control valve maintenance and calibration. Training by PakAmerican Fertilizer Ltd.
  • PLCProgrammable Logic Control: Training by PakAmerican Fertilizer Ltd.
  • Flow Measuring & Control: Inhouse training by NFC I.E.T Multan.
  • Temperature monitoring system. Inhouse training by NFC I.E.T Multan.
  • Computer Literacy
  • Two month computer literacy course from Government College Attock Pakistan. EDP Electronic Data Processing, Dos Disc Operating System, WP Word perfect, LOTUS & FCC
  • Handson experience of different software MS Office, Windows . Windows vista.

    Plant Description PakAmerican Fertilizer Ltd. 

    Ammonium Sulphate producing plant. Updated, modernized & expansion project was carried out by M/s TOYO ENGINEERING CORPORATION OF JAPAN. The Kellogg Process having latest Total Distributed Control System DCSx which contains APM for high level calculation & advanced control strategies. LM for interlocking, HM for system data storage, process history, graphics display & configuration information. High performance, high pressure & high speed process machinery is also the part of this plant that is controlled by latest programmed Electronic Governing Control System for extraction/condensing turbines with interlocking for safe operation. 

    Work Shop Facilities. 

    Instrument calibration workshop is fully equipped with all modern testing & calibration instrumentation.

    Experience Profile  

    * Jan till date: Position: Instrument tech cum Safety Specialist 

    I am working in Rawabi United Safety Services Saudi Arabia as Instrument tech cum Safety Specialist since January on drilling rigs at onshore and offshore as per requirement. 

    My responsibilities includes but not limited to

  • I am responsible for the inspection & maintenance & calibration of fixed Gas Detection System for all kinds of hazards gases like HS gas & Hydrocarbon gases.
  • I am also responsible for maintenance & inspection& calibration of Guardian system & Rig Rat System for the detection of HS gas & HC gases in the Rig Site.
  • I am also responsible for maintaining & inspection of all kinds of Breathing Apparatus & cascade system in the rig site.
  • I am also responsible to train the crew about all kinds of safety related equipments & quick response in case of emergency like HS release or Fire.
  • I am also responsible to give orientation to the visitors for the rig and attached installation.

    * JANUARY – ………… +   Years

    POSITION: Instrument Technician


  • The year of my joining with PakAmerican was very progressive and professionally enriched for me as well as the Company, as it was passing through its expansion phaseII. I am very proud to be a member of that team who achieved this successful task.
  • As an instrument technician I had some of the main contributions to the successful project execution.
  • Supervised installation of transmitters, control valves & other filed & machinery related instruments according to Plot plan / P&I drawings supplied by TEC Japan. Successfully completed all instrumentation installation, commissioning & spares inventory management.
  • Coordinate & Supported other project groups for preparation of job packages, material identification, information, follow up and quality assurance.
  • After the completion of expansion project I was associated with preventive & routine maintenance of plant instrumentation. The routine activities associated with this assignment are as follows:
  • Identify and carried out plan and schedule all instrument trouble shooting activities in order to reduce the plant down time.
  • Prepared schedule of all instrument related activities. In addition a calendar system was devised to follow up and monitor the daily surveillance of instrumentation.
  • Attained weekly Safety meetings of the section to monitor Safety & Environment issues,
  • Actively participate in safetyrelated issues and sharing the ideas /Follow up weekly Safety Meetings.
  • I got a great experience during my service in different Areas, plant sites, below are some of them.

  • Mitsui Boiler ton/hr.
  • Babcock & Wilcox B & W boiler ton/hr.
  • HMC Package Boiler ton/hr
  • Frame Gas Turbines . MW
  • Inert Gas Generation Plant.
  • Cooling water plant.
  • Side stream filter plant.
  • Condensate purification plant.

    Plant instrumentations

    I actively participated in installation of DCS racks, termination, internal & external loop check, logic check, vibration & thrust monitor set point adjustment. Vibration & Thrust Monitors made by Bentley Nevada series. I worked on both electronic & pneumatic instrumentation.  

    Control Valves:

    Diaphragm operated control valves of different actions, solenoid operated valves, Slide valves fisher control valve, bray valves & control Canada, Dresser UK, Bentley. 

    Level Measuring & Control:

    Electronic Level Measurement…. ABB, Rosemount, Bailey.

    Level switches/gauges, Wika, Control, and Simco.

    Sump Level Switches, KDG, Mobrey. Ultrasonic Level Measurement, HY Control 

    Flow Measuring & Control:

    Turbine Flow Transmitter, Flow Automation.

    Magnetic Flow Transmitters… Fisher, Rosemount, Danfoss.

    Rota meters, flow switches…. Flow Automation, ISA controls & Andresons 

    Temperature Measuring & Control:

    Temperature gauges, thermocouples & RTDs deals with temperature transmitter smart, temperature switches& temperature calibration instruments Wika, TDL, Rosemount, Jofra instruments Denmark 

    Pressure Measuring & Control:

    Pneumatic Pressure Switches, Pressure switches, Pressure/ Differential Pressure Transmitters Rosemount, Bailey, Ashcroft, Taylor, Foxboro, Fisher & Wika 

    PLC Programmable Logic Control:

    Programmable Logic Control… Siemens Simatic S, U & s.

    Allen Bradley /C & Micrologix .

    Omron SYSMAC CP, Mitsubishi FXONMRES 

    Fire Alarm System:

    Fire Alarm System… Salem Automation / thorn security.

    Gas Alarm System…Crowcon.

    EXPERIENCE ABOUT PLANT OPERATION: I started my job when our plant commissioning was in progress. I worked on DCS console as operator to checking the all close loops of this DCS x plant by Yama Tacky Honeywell installed in June in Mianwali Pakistan. I also worked on the boiler for steam production, with this steam turbines are driven & with this stem turbine & generator we were producing our own elecrtricity.MW for the plant & for the housing colony. For the boiler operation for the production of steam, first of all we remove impurities from water in water treatment section by passing through Anion & Cat ion section to remove the ions. After some more important sections we send this demineralize water in demineralized tank. Here we remove the air in water by mixing low temperature steam in the water & now this BFW Boiling Feed Water is passed through economizer fitted in the stack tower of the flue gases. Here BFW is heated degree c & so we save the energy & this process is called economizer. Here pump pushes this BFW to steam drum & the level of steam drum is controlled by cascade system. There are many tubes in furnace of boiler, the upper end is connected with steam drum & lower end is connected to mud drum. Water in the tube is heated by heat radiation method. Another source enters the air in fire box & methane gas also entered in this fire box. Here the ratio between air & gas will be fixed : which is controlled by ratio controller There are two main burners in furnace for fire firing, pilot of gas is operated by electric spark of volts .The steam produced in steam drum is saturated by the vapours, this steam is passed through convection section for drying & this steam is known as super heated steam. I also worked on the PLC,our one  section known as IGG UnitInert Gas Generation to get the Nitrogen for the plant requirement was totally controlled by PLC .In this section we get air by motor driven compressor from atmosphere .By passing this air from different catalyst filled in the two vertical vessels we get the nitrogen & exhaust the air .One vessel remains in service & other vessel is standby for one minute controlled by the timer of PLC.. After this nitrogen compressor increasing the pressure, send this to plant side for sealing & for purging of lines & for other purpose. I also know about whole operation of Product Handling & Storage Section totally operated by PLC. And I also have the operation experience of Cooling Water Section & Side Stream Filter Section for the filtration of water.



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