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Resume for Nancy N. for Educator / Teacher / Entertainment, Music, Film & Arts in Corvallis, Oregon

Occupation: Educator / Teacher Industry: Entertainment, Music, Film & Arts
Country: United States City: Corvallis
State: Oregon ZIP: 97333

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SE Seaport Circle, Corvallis, OR
Telephone: home Cell:
Also per request at
All subjects up through grade twelve & some college
EDUCATION: B.A. University of California, Riverside, CA
M.A. Sorbonne, Paris, France
Valid CA Single Subject & Multiple Subject Teaching Credentials CSUSB & Valid OR Teaching
License TSPC ; th Certified Studio Teacher, CA State Labor Board STC
EXPERIENCE: Classroom teaching experience at all levels in public & private schools in CA:
San Bernardino/Riversideelementary, middle school, high school & Corvallis, OR. years
studio teaching experience in U.S., Canada, Europe. Member IATSE ; work both union &
independent productions. Will travel & have valid passport; experienced traveler. Resident
two years in Cameroon, Africa, & six in France, Norway, & Germany. Fluency in French,
German, Spanish, some Hebrew, Fulani, & Norwegian. Love children of all ages & love teaching!
FEATURE FILMS newest first:
“The Space Between”
Anna Sophia Robb th gr: Alg. , French , Hon. Am.
TSB Films
Lit., Biology, Hon. Cultural Geography, History &
Anthony Keyvan th gr. All subjects & extras
“My One and Only”
Logan Lerman all th grade subjects
Runaway Productions
“Last Ounce of Courage”
Hunter Gomez all th grade subjects & Jenna Boyd
Eastern Gate Films
all th grade subjects
Logan Lerman, th grade—all subjects
Lakeshore Entertainment
“The Attic Door”
Madison Davenport & Jake Johnson—th gr. subjects
Nightlight Pictures
“The : To Yuma”
Logan Lerman, th grade—all high school subjects
“Meet Bill”
Logan Lerman, th & th grade—all subjects
Billback Productions
“The Number ”
Logan Lerman, th grade—all subjects
New Line Cinema
Nancy N. Studio Teacher Resume
“For Heaven‟s Sake”
Stephanie Patton, th grade—all subject
Olliewood Films
Several principals & extras, stth grades
Christiano Film Group
all subjects
stunt doubles & doubles elementary school curriculum
Sony Pictures
all subjects
“Say It Isn‟t So”
various kids, all ages & subjects
th C. Fox
“Max Keeble‟s Big Move”
Zena Grey th gr. & many others stth grades
“Finding Forrester”
Anna Paquin th gr.—honors & AP classes, history of
Sony Pictures
modern art
“Almost Famous”
Anna Paquin th gr.—honors French, English, Math,
Chemistry, Photography
“Price of Glory”
Ernesto Hernandez th gr.—Honors Chemistry, Hist.,
New Line Cinema
Math, & Computers; Journalism, AP Spanish
“The Crow: Salvation”
Kirsten Dunst th gr.—Chemistry, Integrated Math,
Fallen Bird Productions
U.S. History, English , Musical Theater, Morals
“Walking Across Egypt”
Jonathan Taylor Thomas th gr.—AP European Hist.,
BTO Productions
Eng Hon,AP Chem, Precal Hon, Span Hon, Filmmaking
“Lost Souls”
Ashley Edner nd gr.—all subjects, + other kids
th C. Fox
“She‟s All That”
Anna Paquin th gr.—Algebra , French , etc.
“Anywhere But Here”
Natalie Portman th gr.—French , Calculus BC, AP
th C. Fox
Physics, AP History, other advanced subjects
“STAR WARS: Phantom Menace” Natalie Portman th gr.—as above, + French ,
JAK Productions
Precalculus, English Honors, Honors History.
Nancy N.
Studio Teacher Resume
“Mars Attacks”
Natalie Portman th & th gr.—Biology, Algebra ,
Warner Bros.
World & U.S. Hist., French & , Chem, Eng. H.
“Dumb & Dumber”
Brady Bluhm th gr.—all subjects
New Line Cinema
“Menace II Society”
Larenz Tate th gr.—all subjects, some other kids
New Line Cinema
“Jack the Bear”
Reese Witherspoon th gr. & Troy Slaten th gr.—
th C. Fox
Algebra II, Spanish, computers, French, etc.
Michael Bacall th & other kids stth gr.—Precal,
lots of honors courses, French, Spanish, etc.
“City Slickers”
Secondary & elementary students—principal actors
Castle Rock
including Billy Crystal’s daughter
“The Great Outdoors”
All five principal kids: Lucy Deakins th gr.—Physics
& Calculus, etc., Chris Young th gr.—Street Law, Economics,
Hist., Math, etc. Ian Giatti, Hilary & Rebecca Gordonall th gr.
“Gleaming the Cube”
Christian Jacobs th gr.—all subject areas
Smooth Sailing Productions
Joey Lawrence & David Bergman both th gr.
Rincon Productions
“Mac & Me”/R. J. Louis Prods.
Many minors esp. dancers of all ages
“Fatal Beauty”/MGM
elem., secondary kids—all subjects
“Maid to Order”
Rainbow Phoenix th gr.—all subjects
Artisan Entertainment
Kelsey Batelaan th grade subjects incl. Spanish
Warner Bros.
“Still Standing”
Taylor Ball th gr.—Honors Economics, World
Geography, Honors British Lit, Honors U.S. Govt.

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