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Resume for SURESH K. for Engineer / Government & Civic in Hyderabad, India

Occupation: Engineer Industry: Government & Civic
Country: India City: Hyderabad
State: Andhra Pradesh ZIP: 500090

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| | Objective |
| |A challenging position involving Engineering and Design Activities in|
|Contact. No.: |the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering Where I can |
|+ |successfully deliver solutions to problems and grow along with the |
| |organization with great responsibility. |
| | |
| |Education |
| | |
|Contact Address |Bachelor of Engineering |
|No. , Surya Teja |Board of Anna University, Chennai |
|Towers, lake View |Marks secured: .%, st Class. |
|Colony, Pragathi |Diploma Engineering |
|Hyderabad , | |
|Andhra Pradesh, India |Board of DOTE, Chennai |
| |Marks secured: .%, st Class with Honor. |
| | |
| |Work Experience |
| | |
|Permanent Address |Working as a Project Scientist B in INIDAN NATIONAL CENTRE OF OCEAN|
|Do No. , Valluvar |INFORMATION SERVICES INCOIS, Hyderabad. |
|Nagar Extn. Bajanai | |
|koil Street, Ernavoor,|Worked as a Project Associate Grade II in NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF |
|Chennai – |OCEAN TECHNOLOGY, Chennai. |
|,Tamil Nadu, India | |
| |Worked as a Graduate Apprentice Trainee in NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF |
| | |
| |Worked as a Service Engineer in ASHOK LEYLAND, Chennai. |
|Personal Data | |
|DOB:AUG,, | |
|Fathers Name: |Key Skill |
|R.NEELAKANDAN |Handling Acoustic Equipments i.e. RCMcurrent meters, Seabird Micro |
|Sex: Male |cat –Temperature & Salinity sensors, Acoustic Releases |
|Nationality: Indian |Design and Development of Embedded systems using bit and PIC |
|Marital Status: Single|micro controller bit series micro controllers |
| |Image Analysis in NIVision Development Module. |
|Languages Known: |Worked in Acoustic positioning Operator System APOSs |
|English and Tamil. |Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Under Water Instruments |
|. |Analog and Digital circuit design testing and Trouble shooting. |
| | |
| |Software Proficiency |
| |Worked on: |
| |Programming Language : Embedded C, MPLAB C |
| |Operating System : Windows | Linux |
| |Microsoft Tool : MS Office. |
Work Experience
. INCOIS – Indian National Centre for ocean Information Services
a. Indian ARGO Project
Autonomous profiling drifter called “ARGO Float”, which consists of Sea Bird
CTD sensor and variable buoyancy engine, Satellite Transmitter and Data acquisition systems.
These floats are used to obtain insite data Temperature, salinity, conductivity from ocean. The
floats drift to sea depth up to meters from the upper ocean surface of seawater and collect
the Temperature, Salinity with respect to Pressure and Depth then the Data was stored in the
memory. Once it’s come to the surface the stored data are being transmitted thorough the satellites
to Regional centers for weather forecasting, Globalwarming study.
• Attended more Scientific Expedition Cruise aboard ORV Sagar kanya, ORVSagar
Nidhi, FORVSagar Sampada to deploy the INDIAN ARGO APEX & PROVOR
floats in Equatorial Indian Ocean region and Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea oceans.
• Experience in Reballasting the Floats configuration and done the quality check before
deploy in open ocean
• Pre Test the Floats and captured the Performance & interParameters after its arrival
from the Origin/Manufacturer
• Involved in Procurement & Logistics for getting New ARGO Floats every year
• Plotting the MAPs & study to find out the New Location for deploying the ARGO in
an ocean based on the Present Active ARGO floats density Maps
• Planning and coordinating with Vessel Management Cells of the respective institution
regarding the Ship Timings for every New deployment of ARGO
• Collecting CTD data up to meter depth after every ARGO deployment
b. RAMA Mooring – Research Moored Array for African Asian Australian Monsoon
Predication and Analysis
The ATLAS buoy system was developed to measure the upper ocean heat content
and surface meteorological parameters in support of airsea interaction studies in the open. The
original ATLAS buoy is . m diameter toroid fabricated with fiberglass over a foam core with a
simple aluminum tower and a rigid stainless steel bridle. Nonrotating Nilspin wire rope is used in
the upper m of the mooring and six/seven plaited nylon line is used for the compliant member
of the mooring with an acoustic release above a kg railroad wheel anchor.
• Participating with NOAA/PMEL technicians for Recovery and Deployment operation of
ATLAS mooring surface Buoy, FLUX mooring , Conhead Mooring Surface Buoy and
Single & Double Ball ADCP Buoy Sub Surface Buoy at open Indian Ocean especially
. E, E, E Longitudes and N N to S Latitudes
• Planning the arrangement & organizing the Ship Cruise timings and dates with available
ships facility from the Vessel Management Cells, MoES.
• Preparing Logistics Matters before and after the cruise for Import & Export of the
Shipments between India – Seattle.
• Organizing the cruise related activity arrangements of people who are onboard scientist,
researchers and seamen’s.
• Preparing inventory of the Scientific Equipments before the cruise starts.
• Organizing the Heavy Truck requirement and other logistical arrangements.
. NIOT – National Institute of Ocean Technology
a. Design and development of “Under Water Autonomous Profiling Drifter”
Embedded Electronics and control system is designed and developed for
drifting float called ARGO Array of Realtime Geostrophic Oceanography The controller
electronics will control the entire operation of the floats in time and sequenced based. The float
will pop down and pop up through the upper meter of the ocean automatically by actively
changing the floats buoyancy without adding any weight only by changing volume, during pop
the float will collect the salinity, Temperature with respect to depth. The float will transmit the
collected data to the ARGOS Satellite when it reaches the sea surface then it will pop down for
the next cycle of operation.
• Involved in design and development of Argo Float Embedded system
• PCB design and assembly for electronic circuits.
• Pre deployment testing of Argo floats.
• Involved in ADC and RTC chip selections
• Pressure testing of Buoyancy Engine and Pressure Enclosure.
• Participated in the Argo float deployment covering Indian Ocean, Arabian sea, Bay of
• Experience with ADC, Signal Conditioning, RTC, SDRAM, Flash.
b. Deep Sea Technology an

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