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Resume for Muhammad Najam K. for Other / Green & Environmental in Chitral, Pakistan

Occupation: Other Industry: Green & Environmental
Country: Pakistan City: Chitral
State: North-West Frontier ZIP: 21000

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Muhammad NajamK.
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To WhomIt MayConcern:
Please accept this letter in application for anyrelevant position. I have enclosedacopyof my
résumé for your review.
Myacademic andprofessional backgroundhas allowedme to fullyappreciate the importance of
strengtheningmonitoringandevaluation processes within the fieldof rural development, with a
focus on built environment andnatural resource management. For several reasons, I believe
these experiences qualifyme as an ideal candidate for workingwithin the organisation.
Workingas part of amultiinput earthquake reconstruction andrehabilitation programme in
AzadJammuandKashmir, Pakistan, as aResearchofficer for the MonitoringandEvaluation
section, providedme an exposure to various fields of rural development, notablybuilt
environment, education, andlivelihoods. This multiinput approach addresses the multi
dimensional needs of communities bycapitalisingonefficient resource utilisation with initiatives
organisedunder one umbrellaandaholistic focus on outcomes. The approach aims at
promotinglongtermareadevelopment throughan emphasis on sustainable interventions and
participatorytechniques. As part of this experience, I have learnt to monitor andevaluate the
abovementionedsectors, usingamultidimensional approach, for programme improvement over
the short, medium, andlongtermin arehabilitationsetting. In addition to strengtheningmy
evaluation skills, this experience also allowedme to comprehendandappreciate the overall
vision of the AgaK. Development Network.
Throughout myinvolvement as aResearch Officer within the MultiInput Earthquake
Reconstruction Programme MERP in ChakhamaValley, I hadthe opportunityto evaluate a
multiinput programme focusedon riskconscious reconstruction. In afirst instance, this
translatedinto activelyparticipatingin aoverall baseline assessment of the entire programme.
This exercise further allowedme to comprehendthe multidimensional needs of Chakhama
Valleyresidents, while strengthen mydatacollection andanalysis skills, for bothquantitative and
qualitative data. In asecondinstance, I was activelyinvolvedin conductingenvironmental
assessments of the various projects implementedbyMERP, which allowedme to further
strengthen myknowledge of the impact of built environment onto various sectors such as health
anddisaster riskmanagement.
In closing, I wouldlike to reiterate the fact that myexperience at the AgaK.Development
Networkin AzadJammuandKashmir makes me asuitable candidate for this position as I have
firsthandknowledge of monitoringandevaluation processes. Mystrongmotivation for this
position lies in the opportunityto further explore anddevelopinnovative methods of capacity
buildingin an effort to more effectivelypromote the transformation of knowledge into practice.
Thankyoufor consideringmyfile. I lookforwardto meetingwith youto further discuss this
professional opportunity. Shouldyourequire anyfurther information, please do not hesitate to
contact me.
Muhammad NajamK.
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Muhammad Najam K.,M.Sc.,B.A.,B.Sc.
Permanent address:
Cell: +
District of Chitral
Languages: Khowar, Urdu, English andPashto
Professional Strengths
Abilityto define problems, collect data, drawrelevant conclusions, andprovide/apply
validandcreative solutions
Experience in conductingrural development fieldworkin remote mountainous areas
Proven abilityto workunder pressure
Excellent abilityto handle multiple tasks andvarious administrative details in atimely
manner, derivedfromexperience in workingin environments with limitedresources
Abilityto deal with abroadspectrumof people, andproven cultural sensitivity
Excellent communication skills oral, reading, andwritten in Khowar andUrdu.
Acceptable level of English oral, reading, andwritten andPashto oral.
Professional Experience
Monitoring and Evaluation, MultiInput Earthquake Reconstruction Programme
Providingassistance to ongoingmonitoringactivities of the built environment,
andlivelihoods sectors of amultiinput rehabilitation project
Quantitative andqualitative datacollection andanalysis
Completion of monthlyprogress reports for the built environment sector for
local governmental agencies
Oversight of administrative activities for the MonitoringandEvaluation team
Responsible for managingMonitoringandEvaluation teaminterns
Capacitybuildingof interns with respect to datacollection andanalysis, database
management, anddailyadministrative tasks
Assistedin all stages of environmental assessments of physical infrastructure
Assistedin all stages of an overall baseline assessment of the programme
Gainedsolidknowledge of the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences SPSS
Water Quality Analyst UNICEFfunded project
Responsible for locatingandselectingwater sources basedon WHO standards
Responsible for the collection andanalysis of water samples primarily
Muhammad NajamK.
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Provide technical support in the selection, design andconstruction of water
systems, usinggroundwater or surface water, includingstorage, treatment and
distribution for newsystems or rehabilitation of existingsystems.
To provide appropriate support to the local NGO partners in Water, Sanitation,
Hygiene WASH andpublic health promotion activities.
Responsible for the chlorination of water
Production of weeklyprogress reports
Raisedawareness amongcommunitymembers, on an individual basis, of the
benefits of water chlorination
Provide technical support to ensure that appropriate sanitation systems are
installed, including excreta disposal, refuse disposal.
Ensure that the hygiene and public health promotion activities are designed
according to the needs of the target group.
Utilisation of Global PositioningSystemGPS to locate water sources
Gainedstrongknowledge of Ms Excel andMs Wordsoftwares
Universityof Peshawar, Masters in Environmental Sciences,
Universityof Peshawar, Bachelor of Arts Sociology,
Universityof Peshawar, Bachelor of Sciences Biology,
Conferences and Publications
Conferences Attended
International Conference on Environmental Challenges: delegate fromthe
Universityof Peshawar, Department of Environmental Sciences
Miraj K., Programme Director, MultiInput Earthquake Reconstruction
Programme mirajkan@
Shireen Issa, Programme Officer, AgaK. Foundation avenue de lapiax
GenevaSwitzerland. shireen.issa@
MuhammadRasul K., CapacitybuildingSpecialist, LibraryandManagements,
UNDP Afghanistan. m

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