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Resume for George L. for HR / Recruiter in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Occupation: HR / Recruiter Industry:
Country: Malaysia City: Kuala Lumpur
State: Kuala Lumpur ZIP: 56000

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    years experience HR Director & Senior OD Consultant with Public Listed  

                             Companies and MNCs  in the APAC region      


Personal Particulars                                                                                                                                                                                                       


Name                  : L. Hong  George                                                                        

Marital status    : Married 

Nationality       : Malaysian Chinese                                                        

Date of Birth     : //

Languages        : English, Mandarin,  Malay, Indonesian , Cantonese                               Contact              : + or+ Malaysia                                                        

Email                  :


  Education Qualification                                                  

B .Ec. University  of Western Australia Perth .                                                                               

Career Profile

A management professional with + years of proven track record in every aspect of HR management with core competences in spearheading HR strategies , HR operation system , People development, HR Policy , Compensation & benefits system,  Manpower planning , Performance management system and  implementing  best practices for toptier organizations  . 


  • Recruitment , Strategic Human Resources Management, Human Resource Operation , Compensation & Benefits Management, Performance Management, Policy Formulation, Training & Development, Organization Development , Manpower planning , Succession Planning , Employee Improvement and Change Management . 
  • Communication, Interpersonal, Analytical, Time Management, Team Building , Leadership and Motivation Skills.
  • Trainer in modules of people performance improvement modules and Organization Development programs
  • OD consulting and Coaching  skills .

    Professional Experience                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

  • years in  HR management as the Group HR Director in Asia Pacific countries  covering  :
  •  Singapore, China , Hong Kong , Taiwan , Malaysia, Indonesia , India, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar,

     Cambodia , Nepal, Laos, Thailand , Pakistan , S Africa , Nigeria , Kenya , Egypt and  Australia.

  • years in HR Consulting and Organization development as Senior HR Consultant
  • years as Human Resource Development Manager in Australia and Malaysia ..

    Career  History                      Companies                      Industries 

    APAC HR Director :           Tiens Group China Multi business  corporation

    Senior OD  Consultant :        HR Power Consultants HR & OD Consultants  
    Group HR Director :             AM Group Indonesia Multi business corporation   
    Group HR Director :            Lion Group Malaysia Multi business corporation. 

    Group HRD Manager:           ACI Group Australia   Multi business corporation .      

    These are public listed companies in the Asia Pacific region .  





    APAC GROUP HR EXPERIENCE    years  January  to  Dec                                                                                                      

    .  TIENS Group China    , employees in worldwide operations Listed on NYSE

      Asia Pacific  HR Director                                                                      

    Company Profile  

    The Tiens  Group is a  Top companies in China. Listed on NYSE., Tiens’ business  are in Manufacturing ,

    Health Food , Skin care products , Cosmetics ,Health equipments , FMCG , Retail and Supermarkets Banner Stores and Multi level marketing, worldwide in countries   

    Work Description:

    I am responsible for the HR in the Asia Pacific region   Australia , Malaysia, Singapore,  Indonesia, Brunei , Vietnam ,Cambodia , Laos, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar,  ,Hong Kong ,Taiwan, India, Sri Lanka ,Pakistan ,Bangladesh,  Afghanistan, Nepal, Nairobi  and South Africa     

    HR Management

    In the above position, I support the regions’   Managing Directors, General Managers , Countries Manager   to  recruit people , set up the  local  HR policy ,  train the HR team  , establish the  HRIS  , C & B system,  develop  organization structures  , plan manpower and budgets ,  implement performance management and appraisal system  , introduce  best practices , conduct training , handle difficult  HR  matters including setting up the Group HR reporting system ,e management  system and roll  out the system. 


    HR Operations 

    I handle salary reviews, promotions,  transfers , leaves and  payroll   for the Regional / Head Office .All the  business operations have   to submit their  headcount, monthly work plan and conduct  quarterly performance appraisals against measurable performance  targets .  

    Other duties include office administration , office purchases ,office staff management , transport , security management , union matters , terminations , expatriates matters  visa , housing arrangement ,work permits , tax   IR /ER   matters and general affairs.  

    Major HR achievements  :  

  • Established  the APAC HR Policy  and Procedure, Employee Handbook   and alignment of policies
  •    with Head Office policies.

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