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Resume for Constantin S. for Server / Host / Bartender / Hotel & Lodging in Bucuresti, Romania

Occupation: Server / Host / Bartender Industry: Hotel & Lodging
Country: Romania City: Bucuresti
State: Bucuresti ZIP: 020544

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  Constantin S.
M .. single

Address: str Momuleanu Barbu, Poet, nr., sector ., Bucuresti



Driving License:  Cat.B,C,E, Since:..

Military status: yes 



To find a job where I can put to work all my experience. My strength: customer service

Desired Salary: negotiable

Benefits: Company policy

Job Type: Full time

Department: Sales, Human Resources, Public Relations, Government/Policy Making/Think Tanks, Travel/Hospitality/Hotel Staff, Restaurant/Food Service/Catering, Customer/Client Service, Operations/ImportExport, Merchandising, Translations

City: Bucharest

Career Level: MIDLEVEL

Availability: anytime 

work experience 



Company:San Martin Italian Restaurant New York City

Working city: NEW YORK


Department:restaurant/food service/catering

Company activity field :Restaurant/Food Service. employees.

Responsibilities:Phone reservations, meetings with team, preparing schedule, customer satisfaction, organizing events, supervising the entire activity in the dinning room and make sure personnel work properly

Recommendation:The Boss. Mr Ramon San Martin. Also the manager, Jose Fernandez. New York City. Upon request, references available need to contact them by email and fax me all I need

Achievements:I was in charge with training the team and working closely with them. Appreciation for good work and organizing events. Monthly bonuses divided to all my coworkers

Benefits: Cash bonuses when available, train tickets, medical insurance. % dental insurance. 

MANAGER .. .. []

Company:Il Valentino Ristorante Italiano New York City

Working city: NEW YORK


Department:restaurant/food service/catering

Company activity field :Restaurant/Hotel/Food service

Responsibilities:Managing the entire activity of the company. Beginning with hiring personnel, suppliers of wine and food, organizing events, customer service.

Recommendation:The Boss, Mr Mirso Lekich. Upon request , can contact and ask for references.

Achievements:Proud to present pictures on the wall of the restaurant and hotel lobby with presidents George Bush, Bill Clinton, mayors of New York Michael Bloomberg, Rudy Giuliani, sports stars and Hollywood stars Al Pacino, Robert de Niro, many others

Benefits:Full insurance, car, bonuses. 

MAITRE D' .. .. []

Company:San Giusto Ristorante Italiano New York City

Working city: NEW YORK


Department:food and drinks industry

Company activity field :Food and Drink Industry

Responsibilities:Maitre D' of the dinning room stars restaurant

Recommendation:The Boss. Bruno Viscovich. Upon request , can provide references

Achievements:Delivering good service and care to a select clientele. Untied Nation Personnel had their lunch, dinner and parties there.

Benefits:metro tickets, bonuses 

OWNER .. .. []

Company:Denny's King Pizza Hollywood, California

Working city: NEW YORK


Department:restaurant/food service/catering

Company activity field :Food and Drink Industry

Responsibilities:I used to own the place and I was taking care of almost every aspect of the business.

Recommendation:Myself and the taxes I've paid. People working there it is impossible to find, except for my former wife who’s still in California and was working for me. As a matter of fact, when I got out she took over the place and I moved to New York.

Achievements:It was a small place and in a short period of time we made a name out of it on the boulevard of the stars.



Studies: []

George Cosbuc High School first and second year 
Industrial High School Pipera third and fourth year

Got the experience and grew in the job year by year.

Courses, certificates & awards []

Every year we were send to complete weeks of a course for improving our skills in working with people , customers and off course from sanitation department every year permit , given after completing hours of classes. 


Foreign LanguagesKnowledge level: []

English advanced

Italian medium

French beginner

Spanish medium

Greek advanced

PC Skills: []

PC Knowledge: Microsoft word and works, office, internet, squirrel, aida. last two are specific for restaurant orders

Other skills or details that are relevant to your CV []

I believe I had a wonderful run in United States. I went there as an immigrant with little knowledge about hotel restaurant business. With lots of work and focus, I become a good professional, a citizen for years and a much appreciated worker. I am a very good executant, so to speak, and I can put a smile on anybody's face. I can communicate in several languages and that helped a lot along the way. I've met important, famous and interesting people and I am proud to say that. I am a good team worker and under pressure I act best. Very active and experienced. Know how to become a good asset to the company I will work for in the future. Romania It is the country I was born in, and I feel that I have a lot to show, to give and to learn. And I have a will, hard to imagine. My strength is customer service and their needs. 

mini interview 


. Which was your biggest professional achievement?

Organizing the events where the big stars were presidents of The United States and several other countries from all continents Unite Nations

. Which was your biggest setback?

I left from IL VALENTINO. I was on top of the world, known in the all City of New York. I was talked into a new job and I went there and the owners did not deliver. After only weeks, I left and find a new job at San Martin. It was a different position but was what I was looking for. I did my job accordingly, and I did not miss again.

. Where do you see yourself years from now?

In this country. In a famous place known for its quality of service given to customers. I do apply for jobs where I believe I can fit.

. What's your biggest dream? Describe your ideal career

My dream job is being around people and offering them what they expect, when stepping into a high class hotel or restaurant.

. What job do you consider to suit you best?

A job where I can communicate with customers and guide them through their needs, making their journey a special one and remembering and coming back.

. Describe your ideal company.

HotelRestaurant. Hospitality describes best my ideal company.

. Which is the department you would like to work in you can make only one choice? Explain why you consider that you are right for the job and why you made that choice!

Applying for this job I do believe I am right for it. Only need an opportunity to prove what I said, what I know and what I can be.

. Give a detailed description of your personality hobbies, hopes, the things that motivate you, your lifestyle and work style, etc.

A smile can motivate me. Sometimes that is the thing we need. I am athletic and fast. I get things done. I do not stop till I finish my task. I like American football, soccer, basketball and winter sports. I used to play little hockey with my friends in my time off. 


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