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Resume for Petko D. for IT / Technical Support / Internet Services & Development in Nicosia, Cyprus

Occupation: IT / Technical Support Industry: Internet Services & Development
Country: Cyprus City: Nicosia
State: Nicosia ZIP: 1046

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Petko D.
Palluriotissa, Ektoros ,
‘ Nicosia,
Objective I am seeking permanent position in software engineering, that would give
me the opportunity to make use of and further develop the technical skills and knowledge
I have acquired in University, and in life, to add value to the firm and people I am working
Technical knowledge
|Competent in: |Experience in: |
|Java, including Server side MVC, |C and C++ |
|Android Development and Java Server |Test driven Development |
|Pages |NoSQL database systems |
|C, including XNA game development and|Agile Development |
|interfacing with Arduino devices |PHP programming including analytics |
|ASP.NET MVC Framework, HTML and CSS |system |
|in various web applications |Linux |
|Database design and implementation | |
|with MySQL and MSSQL | |
|Software lifecycle and OO Design | |
About Me
At the age of I have graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Applied
Computing in UK. I possess excellent problem solving, planning and teamworking skills
as demonstrated by my roles as a Tutor at University of Dundee and as a Supervisor on
Auchrenie farm Carnoustie for consecutive years. My strengths are reliability, problem
solving and the ability to develop new skills very quickly working under pressure. I have
never had a C mark, neither have ever had to resit an exam. I am fluent in languages
English, Bulgarian and Russian.
|So far the course have included: |Networks and Data Communications |
|Web Authoring |Computer Architecture and Operating |
|Software Development |Systems |
|GUI Programming |Internet Programming |
|Database Systems |Optional modules I have attended have |
|Human Computer Interaction |been: |
|Data Structures and Algorithms |Philosophy |
|Object Oriented Analysis and Design |Accounting |
We do a large proportion of group work and develop strong presentation skills on the
course. Some recent examples of this include:
• An Android application for the stock exchange market with features such as
personal stocks history with current value calculation and real time price
• A Social networking website for elderly adults
• A standalone application and a website with a database using the .NET
Framework for Signpost International an organization carrying out humanitarian
projects in third world countries.
Individual works I have developed include my OO D game "Trick or Speed" for PC
using Design patterns and a Twitter clone using JSP and MySQL. In the period
I developed various websites one of them as a portfolio of a candidate for Rector
of the university during the election campaign.
I like fitness and sports in general. I was also engaged in martial arts back in Bulgaria. I
enjoy cycling and hill walking. I also love cooking and music. I am also Interested in
Philosophy and like reading, especially about computing and modern history.
|Apr – Oct |Dec – Apr |May – Sept|Aug – Apr |
|Petrol station |Guillotine | |Hardware/Software |
|staff LUKOIL Ltd. |operator, |Formwork |PC systems support|
| |PassatPress, Varna|supervisor, | |
| | |Lithuania | |
|NovApril |Summer , |Sept – Dec |Aug – Apr |
|Phone store |Supervisor and QC | |Hardware/Software |
|assistant, Globul |, Auchrennie farm |Lab Tutor at |Maintenance and |
| | |University |Development |
Bachelor of Science Degree in Software Engineering UK
NCR Prize for Level Java/Data structures and algorithms/Physical computing
NCR Prize for Level C++/Data Structures/Linux and Hardware /
Full UK class "C" HGV driving license
Dr Janet Hughes
Dean and Head of School of Computing
University of Dundee
Dundee DD HN
Tel: +
Fax: +
Dr. Ekaterina Komendantskaya
EPSRC Research Fellow/Lecturer
School of Computing
University of Dundee
Dundee, Scotland DD HN
Tel: +

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