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Resume for Steven L. for IT / Technical Support / Internet Services & Development in Columbia, South Carolina

Occupation: IT / Technical Support Industry: Internet Services & Development
Country: United States City: Columbia
State: South Carolina ZIP: 29223

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Steven L.  
Roundtree Ct 
Gaston, SC  
MCSE, MCP, MCDBA, MCTIP Database Developer, Cold Fusion Professional, CNA .x, Oracle OCP g, A+, CCNE  
IIS, Cold Fusion, Flash, Java script, HTML, DHTML, XML, XAML, CGI, PERL ASP.NET ., ., C, Silverlight ., Expressions Blend, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, CSS,. Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation, Sharpoint .x, .x
, SQL , , , MSOffice , XP, Visual Studio , , Oracle .x, .x, i,g, VSS, AccuRev 
Professional Experience  

On Demand Network Solutions


September – Present

* Analyzed Customers Requirements

* Developed .NET applications utilizing ASP.NET

* Created online FLASH interfaces.

* Developed offline applications utilizing Flash and Siverlight

* Developed Siverlight Apps using Expressions Blend

* Develop ColdFusion and Flash forms.

* Developed using Dreamweaver CS and CS

* Developed on Cold fusion and servers

* Installed and Configured SharePoint Server

* Developed online Data Log access on SharePoint Serves

* Created XML log export using SSIS

* Developed Medical Logging application for Management Services

* Developed Managed Immigration Services for several Law Offices.

* Developed applications for SQL Server and , Access

* Developed online Property Services for Realtors.

* Worked with clients on workflow and deadlines 

Steven L., LLC

Contract Programmer

August – October

* Analyzed Customer Data

* Developed Federal Applications for the SC Dept of Ed.

* Utilized Contribute server for check in/out.

* Developed using Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flex , Photoshop and Illustrator CS

* Created Flash Forms with ColdFusion

* Developed using Dreamweaver CS

* Developed on Cold fusion

* Utilized SQL Server

* Created DB tables, columns, views and queries.

* Developed in ColdFusion

* Updated existing sites utilizing VS

* Created VB.NET pages for existing sites

* Utilized ADO.NET for database connection

* Utilized SharePoint Services for site document management

* Created Stored Procedures for online Cleanup

* Developed SharePoint Blogs

* Update ASP.NET code for existing pages

* Used VSS and AccuRev for ASP Check in/out 

Tegra Analytics, LLC

System/Analysis Specialist

Dec. – August

* Utilized Dreamweaver and Illustrator

* Created custom graphics for Client companies

* Developed in ASP.NET, VB, XML and C and ColdFusion.

* Utilized SharePoint Services for site document management

* Developed SharePoint Blogs and Wikkis

* Used SharePoint Service to setup site navigation

* Developed online Timekeeping system.

* Developed Intranet and Internet applications

* Maintained Windows Domain 

* Maintained Exchange server and Mailboxes

* Created and Updated Backups

* Created Login scripts in WSH

* Installed and configure MS SharePoint Server

* Upgraded server RAID drives

* Handled and supervised all IT Projects

* Developed Yearly Hardware and software budgets

* Worked on X on call

* Worked in Linux RedHat, Windows ,

* Migrated Exchange to Exchange

* Configured MySQL , SAP, Oracle i & g and SQL Server & for Data Loads

* Utilized MS Excel VBA for Analysis Details 

Indus International Columbia, SC

Systems Engineer

May. – Nov.  
* Installed and Configured Custom Software

* Worked in Linux RedHat, Windows , and HPUX Environments

* Configured Linux , Windows and HPUX servers for software Installs

* Upgraded and installed COBOL and C for Linux and HPUX Servers

* Configured Security and Created User for Installs on Windows

* Created DCOM application to enhance product install.

* Created and implemented upgrade procedures.

* Created Installshield program.

* Worked in a Team and Solo atmosphere 

Turner, Padget, Graham and Laney Columbia, SC

Database Administrator 
Aug. – May
* Built and Create larger networks with Windows

* Maintained CMS server

* Created and Maintained CMS Indexer, QUEUE and Event servers

* Created Custom reports utilizing CMS and SQL Report Writer

* Used CMS Event Scheduler to automate some reports.

*  Added Custom Fields to CMS Tables

* Setup All users in CMS 
* Developed VBS Login Scripts

* Created Users, Groups and shares 
* Created stored procedures, DTS, for SQL and server  
* Maintained network with printer and user support. 
* Utilized Active Directory  
* Configured Windows  
* Built and Maintained , windows servers 
* Monitored, Tuned and Modified Servers Maintained 
* Created VBA, ASP and VBS applications 
* Maintained SQL and databases 
* Worked in a Team and Solo atmosphere

CF Wizards Contract Company Houston, TX  

      Client:     NASA                                          Dec. July

                         Smith & Hassler Law Firm       Nov Feb.

                         National Pro Source                 July Dec.

                        Insource Technologies           Sept. July

                  Bright Life International        March Sept.

                 Jim Coleman Company            Nov. March  

Development Tools: Cold Fusion, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, C, ASP, VBA, VB Script, CGI, Perl, JavaScript,

                                       PHP, NeoWeb Script, DHTML, HTML, XML, Dreamweaver, Homesite, Cold

                                       Fusion Studio, Web Trends 

Servers and tools:        Windows NT, Advanced , .NET, , Linux Red Hat, IIS, Novell .x & .x,  

                                        Novell iPrint/NDPS, Active Directory, Cold Fusion, Windows Print Server, AIX Systems

                                        Citrix, Crystal Reports, Exchange, IMail, Server Integrator 

Databases:                     Oracle ., , , i, , SQL , , , Access , , , , MySQL, FoxPro , Visual 

Other Tools:                   MS Office , , , TABS III, Lexis Nexis, ACT, MS Project,  


I worked on various projects. I was given the project for the International Space Station. I had several developers that were at my disposal at various times. I created, Managed, monitored and tuned servers. Those servers were Novell .x and .x, Windows NT, , . I also used MS script to set up users and maintained security through SSL’s, IIS, Web Services and Windows. I also developed pages that required login through a database. They had various satellite offices that had different standards and I had to implement based on the standards for that office. I Utilized Novell iPrint/NDPS, NSS, MS Active Directory, MS print server, MS Web Services, .NET. I clustered servers using AIX Systems. I utilized Cisco Routers and Hubs for connectivity. I maintained the databases which were Oracle, SQL and , access and MySQL. I also utilized ODBC to access the databases. I also created and changed stored procedures. I also developed using CF, ASP.NET, ASP, VB.NET, VB , ADO.NET, CGI and JavaScript. I worked closely internal and external customers. I also used MSOffice and MS Project to continue in the project process. I worked with Teams and also had to work solo. 

Smith & Hassler Law Firm

I setup a user network using Windows server. I setup Shares, Groups and users. I created the share for TABS III. I setup TABS III to Track clients, List Court Rules, Time Tracking and Billing. I also setup dialin access for lawyers along with setting up PC Anywhere. Setup PC’s to connect to domain and setup Cisco router and HUB. Setup Exchange server for email. 

National Pro Source

I worked with different clients with different needs. I developed websites and setup networks for different clients. I developed in DHTML, HTML, Java Script, ASP, FLASH, Cold Fusion, CGI, VBA, PERL and NeoWeb Script. I worked with Access and SQL databases. I created and updated Stored Procedures for SQL . Configured and Linux Red Hat Web Servers. I monitored, Tuned and modified servers. I installed and setup Novell .x file servers. The first server had approximately users. The second server had users. I created a Dialup and Modem bank for access for inhouse developers. I developed a completely dynamic Intranet so that one client companies divisions could update their personal web pages. I created secure access for intranet application to update website. Update and setup CICS Mainframe programs. I created and updated graphics and logos. I Created ECommerce sites with CGI, PERL and Cold Fusion. I Built documentation and Commented code so that the client could take over their websites. I utilized Crystal Reports, MS Office and MS Project.

Insource Technologies

I worked with external clients. I developed in DHTML, HTML, Java Script, ASP, VBA and FLASH. I built a Novell .x and Windows Advanced server . I created and Maintained Access and SQL databases. I created Users, Groups and Shares for servers. I also setup print servers. I setup Mailing list for newsletters. I created and designed graphics for Flash movies.  

Bright Life International

I worked with external clients. I developed in DHTML, HTML, Java Script, Cold Fusion, CGI, Perl, ASP, VBA and FrontPage. I built a Windows Advanced server . I created and Maintained Access and SQL databases. I created Users, Groups and Shares for server. I also setup print servers. I Setup email IMail and created mailing list for newsletter  

Jim Coleman Company

I worked with internal clients only. I developed in DHTML, HTML, Java Script, ASP, VBA and FLASH. I built a Novell .x and Windows NT servers. I created and Maintained Access and SQL databases. I created Users, Groups and Shares for servers. I also setup print servers. I Created Sites for ICA and SCWA. I created Ecommerce sites Utilizing Able Commerce, Cold Fusion, ICVerify and Webauthorize. 

VF Vanity Fair Corporation Greensboro, NC  
Web Developer  

* Developed HTML, XML, ASP, Java script, Cold Fusion and CGI for Intranet.  
* Maintained Dialup for development 
* Utilized MS Office and MS Projects for all Projects 
* Worked with Internal and External Customers For Customer Support 
* Maintained all Novell Networks 
* Maintained NT web server.  
* Monitored, Tuned and Modified Servers Maintained 
* Created VBA applications 
* Developed ECommerce ^  
* Utilized CICS for Mainframe programs 
* Utilized Able Commerce to configure shopping carts  
* Utilized ICVerify to validate payment.  
* Traveled %  
OnBoard Computers Greensboro, NC  

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