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Resume for Manny D. for Other / Internet Services & Development in Tel-Aviv, Israel

Occupation: Other Industry: Internet Services & Development
Country: Israel City: Tel-Aviv
State: Tel Aviv ZIP: 69983

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Manny D.
MivtzaKadesh St. TelAviv, Israel
will consider relocation
Mobile: + ; Email:
S.E.O, Marcom, content management and improvement, marketing, project management
C.K.O, Social Media Management S.M.M
Year of birth:
Place of birth: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Nationality: Israel, Canada
Marital status: single
Languages: Hebrew – native speaker……………..English: Fluent
Tools: Alexa, BING webmaster toolkit, GOOGLE Analytics, GOOGLE trends, GOOGLE adwards,
GOOGLE adsense, GOOGLE webmaster tools, GOOGLE Friends google social network for web sites,
embedding audio, video, documents, presentations, photos and widgets, WORDPRESS
Last projects
Self employed – present
Since the year I design toolbars and info bars for websites. The bar is communal addon that is
installed over the browser IE/Firefox/Safari. The tool/infobar has web components and can be used a web
traffic tool. The owner can earn money. The business model is PPC related.
Brain Strom Technologies Inc. January
Webmaster& content manager
Ecosense group Chrisalmedic Israel and Middle East June septmber
Ecosense group is a group of environmental friendly technology company that seeks to embed eco friendly
products in markets and have the environment concerns an issue at industrial planning and business
solutions. One of the solutions that Ecosense group is developing in Israel, Europe, USA and Asia is the
products of Chrisal: Chrisal is a Belgian company that developed ecological cleaning products that based
on cleaning Enzymes instead of chemicals that hurts both environment and users. The products are highly
efficient fighting bacteria, germs, biofilms clening infections and second hand infections. Ecosense group is
importing the products under the Chrisal product line and market the products to:
Hospitals, medical centers, paramedical centers and clinics, hotels, restaurants, food industry factories, hen
houses, cowsheds, pig pens and other animal handling and care fields.
Chrisalmedic CKO and Inegrated Marketing Communicataton consultant June
As IMC marcom specialist I:
i advised the CMO and the marketing team, CEO and sales director to define the special and uniqe
approche: use only ONLINE and ciber tools in the marketing process and do not print % of DATA and
I categorized and translated into Hebrew platform of multilingual website of intl’ group.
extract and wrote texts.
Correcting and text adjustments for promotable website.
tracking and supplying business info about similar products, products lines and competitors
At the first months the team created interest in Chrisal products line and open the Israeli market the main
target was industrial and healthcare use and we aimed to professional medical and quality assurance
C.V.I. The National Council for Voluntarism in Israel NGO, TelAviv, Israel
The National Council for Voluntarism in Israel CVI is an NGO nongovernmental organization,
established in in order to be a coordinating body between the Israeli government and volunteer
oriented organizations, third party sector and volunteer based projects. the umbrella organization
for thousands of volunteer oriented organization governmental, civilian, NGO.
C.V.I. represents Israeli volunteer organizations and projects of the Israeli government, international and
regional organizations, and creates relationships with parallel organizations and projects around the globe.
It’s main goal is to promote the value of voluntarism.
Assistant to the General Director and C.K.O Chief Knowledge Officer
As an Assistant to the Director and C.K.O, I was in charge of the following:
scout locate, and contact new volunteer projects/NGOs
Establish and stabilize relations with overseas volunteer organizations and/or projects
Match Israeli volunteer organizations with similar organizations or
projects around the globe.
Consult with volunteer organizations about methods of recruiting new
volunteers, fund raising, related laws and legislation.
QA quality assuranceof the content of "Volunteer in Israel" portal
Web Ccontent Manager, S.E.O.
"volunteer in israel" portal
As a web content manager my responsblities where:
create the main concept of the website,
gather data and information,
write, rewrite and produce professional articles,
Edit and embed HTML pages in the site,
contact academic researchers of the "third sector".,
Coordinate volunteers that helped me,
As S.E.O. I succeeded to place the website as the first result in search engines when surfers searched
the Hebrew terms for "volunteer"?????, "voluntarism"???????.
Schinder Children’s Medical Center – "YELDIM SHELNU" our children Foundation. PetahTikva, Israel
"Yeladim Shelanu" Our Children Foundation is a nonprofit, volunteer organization dedicated to the
children hospitalized at S.C.M.C.I. The members of the Foundation take part in a wide variety of
activities to help the children and their families. The Foundation was established by Mrs. Helen Schneider
R.I.P who along with her husband, Mr. Irving Schneider, founded this unique medical center. check how
to spell their last name, you spell it differently here than in the title.
The main goal of the "Yeladim Shelanu" is to support the children during their hospitalization. The
Foundation also purchases equipment for the departments and wards.
I was part of a team of volunteers that accompanied both hospitalized children and their families. Other
volunteers and I initiated fulfillment of wishes to children with cancer or in a "life threatening situations.
Press for linkedin profile
For recommendation please contact Mr. Gadi Dayan director of medical devision chrisal Israel "chrisalmedic"
Phone: +Em@il:
*h,h,?CJOJ[?]QJ[?]]?^J[?]aJ For recommendation please contact Mrs. Matti Weil director
genral NCVI –phone + Em@il:
For recommendation please contact Mrs. Hilit Gilaad Weil director genral YELADIM SHELANU
–phone + Em@il:

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