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Resume for Deidre M. for Programmer / Software Developer / Internet Services & Development in Alpharetta, Georgia

Occupation: Programmer / Software Developer Industry: Internet Services & Development
Country: United States City: Alpharetta
State: Georgia ZIP: 30005

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Highly experienced Search Engine Optimization SEO Specialist, Front End Web Developer and
Designer. Proven results in Keyword Research, Analytics, On and Off Page SEO, Successful
TrafficBuilding Strategies, Blogs, User Experience monitoring, and conversion testing. Highly
proficient in modifying, updating and redesign of website content to increase search engine
traffic. Strengths include a combination of creative and analytical abilities plus technical
knowledge, and aptitude with established and emerging software.
|Development/Design | Search |Tools |
|HTML |SEO |Hand Coding |
|CSS |Google Analytics |WYSIWYG Editors Dreamweaver, etc. |
|JavaScript |Pay Per Click [PPC] |Content Management Systems [CMS] |
|DHTML |Keyword Research/Analysis |Photoshop |
|C. NET Intermediate |Link Building |QA Testing Tools |
|SQL Database Queries |Traffic Building |Advanced SEO Tools |
|Photoshop |Blogs |FTP and FTP software |
|Art Direction/ Execution | |Bug Tracking Software |
|Quality Assurance | |Code Repositories |
|WordPress Blogs | |Wamp Server |
E –Commerce Website Developer /Search Engine Optimization Specialist Present
Assess, develop, and manage ecommerce marketing website projects for client base. Daily
activities include FrontEnd Website Development, Keyword and market competition Research
and Analysis, Organic Search Engine Optimization, setting up and Managing Pay Per Click
Campaigns. Brief examples can be found at
|A few recent sites – All include HTML or XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Photoshop |
| | |
|for ‘First Page Videos’ | |
| |Design, Artwork, and Animation |
|SEO Keyword Research |All Coding and Design working within and pushing outside the |
|On Page Search Optimization |boundaries of a CMS |
|Reconstructed Artwork for Home |Ajax – Removed |
|Page |SEO Keyword Research |
|Embedded Videos |Ecommerce Shopping Cart, Gateway and Merchant Accounts support |
|Wrote Scripts for Videos |Composed Email Response Scripts |
|Wrote new SEO’d Web page copy |Composed new ‘ On Page SEO Web page copy |
|Created New pages |Technical support and other customer interaction by phone and email |
|Weekly Updates | |
|Suggestions and Proposals | |
|A few recent sites – All include HTML or XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Photoshop |
|cont. |
| | |
|Navigate to . Select “Cyber |Work in Progress – Exceedingly |
|Dollar Offerings” in the menu on the left, to|Detailed FAQ page |
|view in the context of the existing web site.|Originated Overall Concept |
| |Developed SEO Strategy Use as |
| |an external outside of a CMS |
|Developed the artwork and coding of the |built and hosted site to take |
|concepts for the emails and website, using |advantage of a relevant keyword |
|HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavasScript and Photoshop |search term by using a new |
|Created the email campaign from the ground |domain. |
|up. View one of the emails here: | |
||Researched still in progress |
|ages/EmailLinks.html |s of random emailed questions |
|Wrote copy for the emails and the web pages |and answers and composed relevant|
|Produced approximately email subject lines|Q&A FAQs. |
|to rotate and draw interest in opening the | |
|email |Using HTML, XHTML, DHTML, CSS, |
|Designed visual concept to match an existing |JavaScript, and Photoshop |
|website | |
|In Photoshop, cleaned up coupons supplied in | |
|various formats and coded into emails and | |
|websites. | |
|Ongoing campaign management, updates and | |
|additions. | |
Our Liverpool, Liverpool, England
Front End Web Developer/Designer/Admin, SEO Analyst/ Internet Marketer
Content specialist applying Front End Website Development, PPC Adwords, email campaigns
and organic search optimization, plus website updates and modifications of HTML, CSS, creating
Ad banners, artwork, layouts, Word Press updates and administration for + websites.
. Coordinated + websites to include domain registration, hosting companies and logins
for each, as well as URLs, logins and passwords for all associated cpanels, email
accounts, etc., plus sellers’ contact information for each of the purchased websites.
Result: Provided client with one location offering information access that prevented
expiring domains, hosting accounts, lost logins, overdue charges and misplaced seller
Computer All‹, Inc., Suwanee, GA
Front End Web Developer/Designer, SEO Analyst
Worked as content specialist with clients to review Front End Website Development and SEO
requirements. Assessed, recommended Website and SEO improvements. Coordinated with
backend team, writers, and artists to produce final product. Administered Subversion repository.
. Performed extensive keyword research and analysis to find unique trafficgenerating
terms with the least competition; wrote test ads creating successful Google Adwords PPC
campaign, allowing business owner to generate new business.
. On rush basis, created new artwork, revised website’s layout, to reflect new service to
customers, within one hour of receiving request.
. Performed daily updates and modifications of HTML, CSS, artwork and layouts of
existing websites, meeting all deadlines.
. Studied an entire existing website structure programming languages and ecommerce
software. Wrote detailed report outlining all specifics allowing CEO to present the
potential client with a time and budget proposal.
. Created a new landing page allowing customer to sell new products under same parent
website. A server side redirect was used so the page looks like its own landing page.
. Researched, learned a proprietary software, then compiled new corporate website video
for an organization previously using DVD of uncompiled files.
AON, Inc., Suwanee, GA –
Development Services Analyst Years
Supported developers by performing software builds, administration of the Surround SMC
repository and TestTrack defect tracking software. Implemented thorough manual and automated
QA testing as needed. Administered Citrix and Active Directory environments for clients.
. Performed detailed comparison testing of migration of numerous business unit websites
from Lotus Notes to .Net, successfully catching errors and advising corporate team and
contractors to correct errors before submitting final product for approval.
. Studied, compared, made recommendations and wrote proposals for purchases of
Automated QA testing software.
Website Developer . Years
Programmed complete redesign of website. Unit tested all work.
Compiled and deployed all files to the live server environment after testing. Maintained website
on a daily basis.
. With no prior training, independently learned C. Net to an intermediate level, eliminating
need for AON to hire a C. Net programmer. Exceeded customer expectations by
successfully completing a revamp of website from mockups through deployment of final
live site.
. Created mockups in Photoshop for each page of the website; received approvals on first

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