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Resume for Carlos M. for Quality Assurance / Control / Internet Services & Development in Medellin, Colombia

Occupation: Quality Assurance / Control Industry: Internet Services & Development
Country: Colombia City: Medellin
State: Antioquia ZIP: 99999

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Carlos Andrés Muñoz Ardila

Passport No. NC


Computer Systems Engineering.

  Universidad Libre de Colombia

Computer Analyst and Programmer.

  Esc. Admon. Y Mercadotecnia del Quindio.

Phone Numbers  Mob: +... / Per: +...

                  Ofc: +... / Ofc: +...

Email: /

Envigado, Ant. – Col. 


Through my operative and administrative experience in different public and private companies and enterprises, I have enriched my academic and professional knowledge which might guide to the administrative area of any entity or company. Thanks to the opportunities that the professional work environment gave me I’ve had participate in many important managing issues, where decisions have a high grade of responsibility and, even more, when they involve the future of the company where I have worked. 

I consider my knowledge would be an active and functional part in the development of functions focused to the planning, creation, control and execution of projects which can maximize the available resources, reaching the highest economical and social benefit levels inside and outside the company. In the same way, I can say that I found very convenient my administrative and management knowledge and also skills related to the efficient and proactive integrated distribution of responsibilities, as in being in charge of groups; analysis and setting of benchmark statistics which results, will guide the steps for the improvement of the operations for the company. 


Excellent personal presentation, wide English Language domain Professional Bilingual Skills, good interpersonal relationships management, leading skills assertive, leading taken, management of groups skills, great oral and written expression attitude, skills related to taking decisions and resolution of conflicts. High automotivation to reach specific objectives and goals, I also have abilities to take decisions under pressure.      


MBA Information Systems

and Technology Management.

Sheffield Business School. 

Computer Systems Engineer.

Software Development Engineer.

Autonym University of Colombia. 

Computer Systems Technician.

Computer Systems Analist and Programmer.

Business and Management School of Quindio. 


Engineering Projects Management.

Alexander VouhnHamboult University. 

Implementation of Quality Assurance;


Universidad Alexander VouhnHamboult 

Quality and Assurance Certifications.




English, Portuguese: Fluent communication.

French, Italian, German: Basic Communication.  


Writing Program Code Area.

C, VB, VB.Net, C++, VFP., XML, SQL Server, Oracle, Linux, Java, Perl, Ruby, Watir, Selenium, Automation, Flash, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, ASP.

Hardware Area.

IT Computer Repairing, Preventive and Corrective Computer Maintenance, CISCO wireless Wlan, wan, Lan, Web and Intranet Management, NT Server.



Company:  LiveVox, Inc.

Address:   Sansome Street, Suite , San Francisco, CA

Charge:  Senior QA Engineer.

Highly organized and disciplined working environment. Writing and executing highly effective test plans for vetting out software bugs, documenting the bugs in main servers. Make it very easy for developers to understand how to recreate the bugs and quickly resolve the issues. Testing structuring, team working as imperative, solution and unexpected issues resolution. Organize the given work and spread it b/w the teams validation, automation, support, development, etc; persist in the good discipline and performance of the QA members in order to deliver clear and understandable bug reports over the testing cases, for both developers and customers/users. Structure team testing culture, in order to deliver the very best result, individual or global.

Coordination of the QA team over Latin America; Test structure creation and implementation over production developments and over WINXP rulesets. Communicate and interact actively with the rest of the departments around the world.

Most Used Tools: Java, Perl, Oracle, SQL, MySQL, PHP, DHTML, Eclipse, Salesforce, Bugzilla, Firebug, FTP tools, Testing: white box, black box, mutation testing, beta testing, etc. – automation testing, SEI, CMM, CMMI, ISO, IEEE, ANSI, QACenter, TestWorks, DevSuite, and some others. 

Company:  The Cambridge English Institute

Address:  Av. Bolivar No. N

Charge:  Executive – Academic Director / Projects Manager.

Control and management of the administrative area, public relations management. national and international,administrative coordination, generate projects and the coming up with good ideas, micro y macro projects, creation of following systems. Institutional functionalities acquired, Academic area support, continuous improvement system implementation. 

Company:  S&G Consultants, Ltd.

Charge:  Software Engineer / SQA Engineer / Multimedia Consultancy.

Duties:  Give professional advising on Technology areas, Enterprise Administrative Areas and

Commercial/Marketing Areas. Give professional advising on Technology areas such as Software

acquisition, distribution, addons, IT, development, web tools, intranet tools, administrative tools, training for employees, etc. Give professional advising on Enterprise Administrative areas such as Administrative/Operative Couching, Human Resources Potential Explore, Organization Processes, Innovation, IT Technologies Applications, etc. Give professional advising on Commercial and Marketing areas such as Lookup Opportunities Identification, Open Market Tactics and Strategies, Sellers and Vendors Couching, Plan’s Creation and Implementation, New Markets Incursions, International Relations.

Main Duties: Over this whole experience, most of my knowledge was encouraged by the pressure obtained from the

              companies that we advised, where they demanded more intelligence, accurate and proactive methods to guide them through results. Having say that, I took care of the Software and Technology area, ensuring companies about the processes they were following and the result of the study made by us, giving them a clear result of the difference of use a complex but flexible assurance environment to work over they’re computer software procedures. I implemented and developed several production inhouse and online software and completed a whole process of assurance of the products inside the companies, where I delivered a schematic way to maintain and reenforce the whole system using testing and assurance methodologies such as automation tools i.e. Selenium, DB evaluations over Oracle using Toad, CSS and DHTML processes evaluators, ETL as main core of the processes and Data warehouse, report methodologies and Intelligence systems as Cognos Inteligence & Performance Management, Crystal Reports, and so others.   

Company:  The London English Academy

Address:  Av. Bolivar No. N

Charge:  Teacher / Academic Coordinator

Coordinate, control y manage everything referred to organization and order of the academic area; schedule assignations to teachers, topics, issues, schedules, students and classes control and assignation, notes, observations and qualifications control, assessment control, students system follow +,.  

Company:  Adriana's Colombian Designs, Inc.

Address:  Cra.

Charge:  General Manager.

Management and internal control of the processes, activities and executions of the company; Money control and management; statics analysis; personal management; setting personal in charge functions and competencies; properties administration; management, attention and control of clients nationally and internationally; % English language use; Commercial Direction; creation of new commercial lines; prices and warranties setting up; budgets; legal competencies; import / export dealing; national and international management of providers.  

Company:  Aeroenvios R y C.

Address:  Cra.

Phone   Number: +...


Computer Systems Area Director.

Control of the whole system; technical support; technical and administrative support for other dependencies; computers PC stations control; LAN, WAN, WLAN control infrastructure; Internet support; Computer programing, language code; internal processes companion; reports and statics presentation; personal control; establish responsibilities to the personal on charge; administrative assistance on computers. Generate and Control the Invoices and it’s schedule.

Invoices Department Director

Creation of price’s conditions and terms; personal management; attention and management of clients; national commercial and administrative relations with other offices; presentations of reports by periods; standard control and analysis of services; internal control.

Commercial Director.

Create new commercial lines; clients approaching; commercial personal crew management; attention to suggestions, complains from clients; commercial representation, relations and special barters; highly auto motivated to reach goals; commercial representation of the entity.  

Company:  I.B.G. Iván Botero Gómez S.A.

Address:  Av.Bolivar

Charge:  Administrative Assistant, Logistics Area.

Inventory management; Logistics area national support; supplies control to national offices in different cities around the country; providers control; management payments to providers; stock control and stock management; technical services attention, control and management to appliances around the country; periodic reports presentations; logistic transports planning; control and management of different kind of events inside the company.  




Computer Sistems Engineering

Passport No. NC Colombia.

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