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Resume for Thangaraj S. for Attorney / Paralegal / Legal Services in Elmont, New York

Occupation: Attorney / Paralegal Industry: Legal Services
Country: United States City: Elmont
State: New York ZIP: 11003

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S. Thangaraj
Keegan Ave, Elmont, NY
Desire a Challenging Position as Paralegal to Help Lawyers Prepare Legal Documents, Maintain
Records and Files, and Conduct Research.
A highly talented, knowledgeable and experience consular management with proven track record of giving
top assistance to Visa officers, visa staff and attorneys including all facets of management of visa section
at the Chennai Consulate General; independently worked client files relative to advise visa officers and
attorneys on case status, selftaught and trained on computer applications.
Summary of Qualifications
• Over years of visas process both nonimmigrant and immigrant visas.
• Proven ability to work independently in all aspects of visa process in all categories.
• Can research with ease both the Immigration and Nationality Act INA and Consular
Affairs Manual for pertinent regulations in order to conform to the applications.
• Independently prepared HB, L, B, Adoption cases and B for attorney presentation to USCIS
and consular offices.
• Strong computer skills and knowledge of many software and ÊÊÊonline applications,
including Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Outlook.
Professional Experience
Pass International, New York Êand Stanley J. Kalahara Attorney at LawÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ –
Immigration and Visas and
• Prepare cases for firm attorney.
• Conduct legal research.
• Market legal service.
• Maintain complex dockets and files.
• Perform office procedures in the everyday running of a legal office.
• Prepare and interpret legal documents.
• Prepare and compile all the required forms, documents for visa petitions like HB, L and
other applications for submission to the Immigration office.
American Consulate General, ChennaiÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ
Chief of Visa Section Foreign Service EmployeeFSN
• NonImmigrant Visas: Receive and process all documents from HB applicants review
them for accuracy and advice the consular officer of any discrepancy. Oversee and
implement the changes made by the Department. Programs like. HB, L, Student and
Exchange Visitor Information System SEVIS formerly ISEAS, National Security
EntryExit Registration System NSSERS. In the NSSERS program had to initiate
several security related clearance for applicants born in certain countries from the
Department and other government agencies, understood the requirement, used the
Department computer program, and developed templates for easy transmitting of these
telegrams. Advised applicants to complete J Visa Waiver Review Application DS
on the twoyear rule as required by section e of the Immigration and
Nationality Act INA based on the skills list requirement for J applicants. Advise
applicants both immigrant and nonimmigrant, if they are eligible for a waiver of their
refusal grounds like a c, misrepresentation of material facts on their
• Immigration Visas: Involved in the complete processing of all immigrant visa petitions
Immediate relative, Family preference, Employment, Adoption, and all other special
immigrant visa petition. Was key member of the team, which implemented several
important changes in the Immigration rules like the IMACT, Child Status Protection
Act CSPA. Closely worked with the member of consular staff on changes made in the
affidavit of support format to I, migration of filing the information packet and I
for review by the National Visa Center NVC paying the immigrant visa fee to NVC.
Processing K status for an alien spouse, a U.S. citizen petitioner, and “V” visa, Legal
permanent residents who filed a FA petition and as per the regulation.
Manage the incoming of all petitions from the National Visa Center; oversee the following
aspects of the daily operations:
Create and dispatch of the information packet to the applicants
Receive the DS part I, make sure all the clearance are initiated for police clearance
On receipt of confirmation DS formerly OF from applicant that all documents
are assembled and ready for process, report to visa office for a visa number.
On receipt of the visa, number once the case becomes current based on the priority date,
schedule appointment based on the Department computer system.
On the appointment date, advice junior officers, and other local staff on complex cases on
various subjects like marriage, employment eligibility based on the department of labor
and departmental guidelines.
• Adoption:
As adoption application is very sensitive, it was independently handled by me. Dealt with
adoption cases from receipt of IA, I until the interview process. Conducted I
, consular investigation on adoption cases.
Was the lead person in confirming fraud in few major immigration cases, developed a
database of these cases from , which assisted the Department of State and the USCIS
to burst one of the major illegal immigration fraud from South India. Also was involved
investigating the adoption fraud in South India and assisted in suspending the adoption
agencies in Hyderabad.
• Consular Documents: Understand and are familiar with documents from South India like
the marriage certificate, divorce documents, birth certificates, adoption deed, guardianship
documents from the court, Degree certificates, Diplomas. Understand the documents
required by the Foreign Affairs Manual FAM, CFR, Appendix B/C/E for other places
in India and other countries.
• SKILLS AND ABILITIES I am knowledgeable of the Immigration and Nationality Act
INA, CFR, and can interpret the Immigration rules and regulation at ease. Have good
working knowledge with word, excel, and access database. I was responsible in creating
schedules and managing the consular database in the computer system.
• Education and Professional Certification
• HONORS: Successfully completed with honors the Visa Correspondence Course
conducted by the Foreign Service Institute FSI, Washington DC. Received three
meritorious honor awards with cash from the Department of State, Washington DC
Madras University
Bachelor of Science
Computer Skills:ÊÊWindows, WordPerfect, PowerPoint, Word,Êand Excel

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