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Resume for Laurence E. for HR / Recruiter / Manufacturing in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

Occupation: HR / Recruiter Industry: Manufacturing
Country: United States City: Shippensburg
State: Pennsylvania ZIP: 17257

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Laurence R. E.
South Queen Street
Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
Home: .. Personal Cell: .. Email:
“The Bullet” Experienced, enthusiastic, and effective human resources leader with proven results in all
aspects of human resources including; employee work habit development,
employee and labor relations, leadership training and development, collective
bargaining agreement negotiations and administration, continuous improvement
LEAN, TPM, S and cost reductions, recruitment and staffing, safety and
regulatory compliance, and workers’ compensation claims management within
union and nonunion heavy and light manufacturing, assembly, food and beverage
production, distribution, and industrial service.
/ – / Director of Human Resources, ESAB Welding and Cutting
Products, North American Consumables Division Multiple
Plants and R&D Facility
Shareholder owned, recently acquired Colfax Corporation, manufacturer of
welding consumables with responsibilities for a total of Å Exempt, NonExempt
and UAW Represented Associates.
Responsible for all human resource related activities and initiatives with emphasis on establishing sound
leadership practices, employee work habit development, maximum employee effectiveness, effective labor
relations, leadership training and development, lost time safety incident reduction, workers’ compensation
& sickness and accident benefit claims management, recruitment and staffing, and overall labor cost
> Exceeded all Strategic Leadership expectations in serving as the Lead Negotiator of a first ever five
year ESABHanover & UAW Collective Bargaining Agreement CBA with a verified .% total labor
cost increase over the entire CBA period saving Å $,, as compared to USBLS ECEC data.
> Negotiated ESABHanover & UAW CBA with zero wage increases and lump sum distributions
during providing > $, in budgeted working capital savings.
> Strengthened ESABHanover & UAW CBA operational effectiveness language including; Attendance
Policy, Sickness and Accident Benefit, Overtime, and Conduct and Working Rules revisions.
> Spearheaded Associate work habit development actions resulting in significant and verifiable
attendance, work performance and work behavior improvements.
> Completed fourteen UAW Represented Associate end of employment actions for unsatisfactory
attendance, work performance or work behavior without challenge, grievance or arbitration.
> Established firm, fair and consistent employee and labor relations practices including chairing
a “Weekly Working Meeting” with our Associates that also served as Elected UAW
> Addressed differences in CBA interpretations and practices through forthright labor relations
> Instituted Weekly HR “OnTheFloor” KPI’s focusing on behavior safety and Associate work habit
> Facilitated SelfDeveloped, BiWeekly “Power Half Hour” Leadership Training Program focusing on
Associate work habit development training, coaching and accountability and effective labor relations
firm, fair and consistent.
> Reduced workers’ compensation costs from $. / hour to $. / hour through effective claims
management and Associate accountability practices saving $, in .
> Partnered with Safety and Operational Leadership in reducing Lost Time incidents by over %.
> Recruited and Staffed Lead Fabricators and numerous other Associates for the new ESABMidway
> Maintained effective labor relations and human resources support including sitespecific
leadership training and labor relations meetings for ESABAshtabula following the April , official
plant closure announcement.
> Collaborating with the ESABAshtabula HR Manager, successfully negotiated numerous zero cost
Letters of Agreement with the UAW providing effective operational performance during reduction in
workforce actions.
> Partnered in driving the implementation of LEAN, TPM and S manufacturing practices.
> Improved Salaried and Hourly Associate recruitment and staffing processes and completed scores of
placements with verifiable success.
> Received an “Above Expectations” Annual Performance Review and a five digit performance
> Directed a maximum HR Team size of five salaried professionals and one temporary member.
> Reason for leaving: April restructuring of ESAB North American organizational structure
following the January Colfax acquisition resulting in position elimination. Provided with a two
month severance package.
Laurence R. E.
Page of
/ – / Director of Human Resources & Safety, American Welding &
Tank AWT LLC Four Plants and Taylor Wharton, Cylinders
LLC, One Plant & Director of Employee and Labor Relations
for Taylor Wharton International
Equity owned manufacturer of propane tanks and highpressure cylinders with
Å Employees.
Responsible for all human resource and safety related activities and initiatives with an initial emphasis on
reestablishing sound leadership, labor relations, human resources and safety within previously
mismanaged and faltering divisions.
> Lead negotiator of American Welding and Tank, Fremont Plant & USW Collective Bargaining
> Lead contributor in the development and implementation of a progressive Harrisburg Plant “Rescue
> Revision and implementation of effective work rules focusing on attendance, work performance and
work behavior.
> Spearheaded leadership development training addressing and correcting previous mismanagement
> Established firm, fair and consistent employee and labor relations practices with our employees.
> Partnered in driving the implementation of LEAN, TPM and S manufacturing practices.
> Directed the Leadership Team through comprehensive safety analysis and correction of serious /
critical failures.
> Addressed grievances and agreement interpretations through forthright labor relations actions.
> Improved Hourly Employee recruitment and reduced turnover using an innovative staffing process.
> Developed and implemented effective payroll and human resources policies, procedures, and
> Received unexpected award, bonus, and two promotions for superior human resources leadership
> Reason for leaving: Originally headquartered in Mechanicsburg, PA, continued service with AWT
would have required relocation to new operational headquarters in Fremont, Ohio. Relocation was
not desirable at that time.
/ – / Plant Human Resources Manager – Shippensburg Plant
Oshkosh, JLG Industries, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
Shareholder owned, /+, heavy assembly plant declining from + to
Team Members.
Responsible for all human resource and safety related activities and initiatives with an emphasis on non
exempt and exempt staffing, management of staffing partner activities, employee relations, turnover
reduction activities, incident investigation and resolution, progressive disciplinary actions, team member
training and development, leadership training and development, performance management, payroll and
benefits oversight, new hire orientation, FMLA, EEOC, corporate wide human resources initiatives and
projects, behavior safety training, OSHA compliance training, OSHA site compliance, safety meetings,
safety incident investigation/reporting, workers’ compensation, and cost containment/reduction.
> Implemented sound staffing partner management strategies which first resulted in overcoming an
inherited % Team Member shortfall and then full attainment of dramatically increased approximately
% Team Member staffing goals for FY without raising entrylevel wages.
> Successfully filled twelve leadership/professional support openings all under budget
created by an inherited shortfall, operational growth, internal promotions or attrition.
> Dramatically reduced Team Member turnover by over % through; staffing partner
accountability measures, improved leadership coaching and communications, revitalized
Orientation and Tech Training programs.

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