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Resume for Pavel K. for Engineer / Mining & Metals in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Occupation: Engineer Industry: Mining & Metals
Country: Ukraine City: Dnipropetrovsk
State: Dnipropetrovs'ka Oblast' ZIP: 49002

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Age:  years July

Address:  Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Phones: + mobile


Skype:   pvk_digger



Mechanical and control engineer with many successfully fulfilled and managed industrial and academic projects related to heavy machinery failures diagnostics, dynamics analysis, modernization planning and maintenance scheduling. Wide area of expertise covers metallurgical technologies, especially rolling mills of all types, partly ore and wood processing. Previous own business experience helps to see commercial benefits and bottlenecks in projects. Staff management and customer communication skill allow solving many organizational problems and speed up the time to market of technical and business ideas.


– Present Researcher and since Sr. Researcher of the Rolling Mills Department, Iron and Steel Institute, National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk.

Project manager of the large scale industrial and theoretical R&D projects related to the rolling mills and other heavy mechanical equipment structural dynamics analysis, control, optimal design, vibration and loads field measurements, diagnostics, and maintenance.  

–  Director and founder of the R&D Company EXEL Ltd., Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

Mechanical equipment design, maintenance, sensors and control systems development for the different industries.  

–  Lecturer and Teaching Assistant, Informatics and Automated Control Systems Department, Dnepropetrovsk National University, Ukraine.


–  PhD study course in Mathematical Simulation, Informatics and Automated Systems Department, Dnepropetrovsk National University, Ukraine.

Rolling mills chatter vibrations phenomena was theorized and experimentally investigated in the industrial skin pass mill.  

–  Study course in Control Systems Engineering, Physics and Technical Department, Dnepropetrovsk National University, Ukraine. 

–  Optional course of English Technical Translators, Philological Department, Dnepropetrovsk National University, Ukraine. It was graduated with excellence.

  •  Process identification and model based control of the ore grinding mills.
  •  Monitoring system design for ore grinding technology and equipment.
  •  Design and construction of a wood drying chamber.
  •  The dynamic loads research in the main drivelines of slabbing mill and methods development for its reduction.
  •  Technical condition estimation of the universal spindles and gearboxes in the roughing stands of the continuous hot rolling mill, based on vibration and dynamical analysis.
  •  Research and industrial application of the methods for backlashes influence reduction in the roughing stands of the hot rolling mill.
  •  Methods and algorithms development for mechanical loads monitoring in the main drivelines of the roughing stands in the hot rolling mill.
  •  Improving technology and increasing operational speed of the continuous cold rolling of strips in the mill with the aid of vibration monitoring system.
  •  Research and development of the new technical approaches for resonance vibration reduction in the mill and strip surface quality improving by the vibration control system and diagnostics of stands roll stacks and drivelines.
  •  Research and application of the new technology and rolling speed schedule based on methods of the chatter vibration control and periodic defects diagnostics for productivity increasing of tandem mill.
  •       Research and optimal modernization plan development of the rolling mills division in the nonferrous metallurgical plant.
  •       Analysis of tender propositions for reversing cold rolling mill supply.
  •  Theoretical research and development methods for the rolling mills equipment vibration diagnostics using the transient processes.
  •       Development the methods for rolling mills structural dynamics analysis and stochastic loads calculation in the nonlinear mechanical systems.
  •       Development methods for early recognition and prevention of chatter vibration in the rolling mills.
  •  Development a telemetry torque measuring device and methods for rolling mills wear diagnostics.
  •  Development of the diagnostic model of a multiratio gear transmission system of the high speed wire and rod Reducing Sizing Mill RSM.
  •  Investigation of the steel severe plastic deformation SPD and its improvement for the strip rolling technology.
  • Machines design, modernization, and predictive maintenance based on diagnostics
  • Modal analysis of structures and rotating machines for dynamical loads reduction
  • Rolling technology optimization for highest available productivity and equipment safety operation
  • Vibration, torques and any other parameters measurement with special sensors and tools
  • Multichannel monitoring and control systems development and implementation in the rolling mills
  • Signals analysis and stochastic loads simulation for durability and strength capacity calculation
  • Active and passive vibration damping design in the highly loaded machines and structures

       ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control

       IEEE Conference on Decision and Control CDC

       International Conference on Electrical, Control and Computer Engineering InECCE

  • Strong motivation to obtain both practical and scientific results ASAP
  • Accustomed to working under time limits and heavy workloads
  • Easy accommodation to new objects and any environment
  • Tolerance with colleagues and administrative staff
  • Easy communication with the industrial customers’ personnel at all levels
  • Ready to work as a project manager so as a member of team
  • Quite ready for long traveling and further learning
  • Without harmful habits alcohol, drugs, smoking, sportive

    Operation systems:  Windows XP, DOS.

    Programming:  FORTRAN, Pascal, DBASE, MS Visual Basic, Borland C++ Builder.

    PC software:  MS Office, MathCAD, MATLAB, AutoCAD, and FEM software.

    Measurements:  Measuring devices: accelerometers, torque telemetry, optical sensors.

    Methods of research: Modal analysis, dynamic objects identification, numerical simulation, nonlinear differential equations, spectral and correlation analysis, statistics, design of experiments technique, control systems theory, signal processing.

    Languages: English fluent, Russian and Ukrainian native.


    Mr. Peter Brandenfels  Project Manager, Computations and Structural Analysis. 
    SMS Siemag AG. Wiesenstrasse D Hilchenbach, Germany.

    Phone:  +  EMail:   

    Dr. Stefan Fuchshumer  Project manager, Research and Development. 
    Voestalpine Mechatronics GmbH
    . Voestalpine str. , a Linz, Austria.

         Phone:  +  . Email: 

  • Homogeneous computing structure for processing of threedimensional matrices 
    Patent SU A. USSR. A.L. Belous, P.V. K..  ...
  • Diagnosis methods of wear of elements of transmissions of rolling stands. 
    Patent UA. Ukraine. P.V. K. et al. ...
  • Method for diagnosing the bearings of the drive mechanism shaft of a rolling mill. 
    Patent UA. Ukraine. P.V. K. et al. ...
  • Method for monitoring fluctuations of load on the drive mechanism of a rolling mill. 
    Patent UA. Ukraine. P.V. K. et al. ...
  • Method of diagnosing of sympathetic vibration and control of multistand cold rolling mill and device for implementation of diagnosing. Patent RU. Russia. P.V. K. et al. ...

       Full list of publications and reports in international conferences is available on demand.

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