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Resume for Massoubre M. for Engineer / Mining & Metals in Aurillac, France

Occupation: Engineer Industry: Mining & Metals
Country: France City: Aurillac
State: Auvergne ZIP: 15000

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Tel. : +..... F
Tel. : +.... Ni
Arpajon sur Cère
E mail :
Skype : M.
Date of Birth: April ,
Nationality: French
Marital status: divorced, two children
GEOLOGIST and Logger
Since //
Freelance Geologist and Geophysical Logging Specialist
Setup and supervision of a geophysical logging department for Goviex in northern Niger. The department comprises four
logging units and a staff of people.
Responsibilities including personnel training, equipment maintenance, QA/QC, data processing and well correlation.
From // to //
Senior Geologist SEMM Logging
Operations supervision on petroleum, gas, mining, geotechnical and hydrogeological projects in France and abroad.
From // to //
Freelance Geologist and Geophysical Logging Specialist
Various missions for: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas in Tenerife, SEMM France and abroad, EGS France
and abroad, BoreLog Spain, RCT, ENEL et ALT in Italy. Borehole video inspections ANTEA, various Municipalities.
Full range of geological services: drilling supervision, geophysical log data processing including borehole acoustic and optical
imaging, fullwave sonic, dipmeter … core orientation and description.
From // to //
Marketing for water well regeneration and WWTP
From // to //
Geologist for NAPA Group
Responsible for client liaison and contract negotiations : ANDRA, NSC Algeria, NSC Italia, Petroleum industry Perenco,
Anadarko, Morel Eprom.
Organisation and supervision of field jobs water exploration, geotechnics, tunnel projects, ….
Data processing and interpretation – in particular casing thickness evaluation.
From // to //
General Manager, EGS France
Company formation and development in association with EGS S.A. Marketing, preparation and management of field operations
Europe and abroad. Data processing and reporting.
Geological supervision of wells for CGG/Anadarko on a seismic crew in south Tunisia and training of CGG team for
logging acquisition and processing month mission.
Description and core orientation on deviated well Alpes Tunnel project with CORIAS.
From // to //
Geologist /LogAnalyst OYO RGS
Field operations organisation and log analysis, quick look and site interpretation of classical logs, data processing,
interpretation and presentation of logs.
BHTV and dipmeter processing, analysis and interpretation. Core orientation based on BHTV or Bips data, structural,
litological and sedimentological interpretation from these different information.
Sonic log analysis, compression and shear wave processing, calculation of rock mechanical properties from Vp, Vs and density.
Overall responsibility for southern France sector February onwards.
From // to //
Geologist, Logging Engineer and Log Analyst Simon Diasol
Log acquisition, quick look and site interpretation of classical logs, data processing and interpretation.
Sonic log analysis.
From // to //
Geologist Palais de la Découverte Paris France
Lecturer for French National Education Board.
From // to //
Geologist B.R.G.M. Boissy Saint Léger France
Drilling field supervision during geotechnical investigation for future high speed rail project T.G.V..
Geological and civil engineering studies in relation to TGV project.
Pumping test and water level calculation.
From // to //
Geologist Institut d’Art et d’Archéologie Paris France
Geological supervision on three archaeological missions in the Sultanate of Oman
Geological and geomorphological mapping, stratigraphical surveys on excavation sites.
Prospecting on site and by aerial photography.
From // to //
Geologist C.O.G.E.M.A. Coutras France
Geological and radiometric mapping of a uranium ore deposit with interpretation in environmental context Mining dept.,
mission GMP Nord Aquitaine.
Formation : IGAL
: Graduate geologist after upper cycle years at IGAL Geological Institute Albert de Lapparent, including months
of field exploration and mapping.
– : Upper cycle of IGAL years, including months of field exploration. Specialist subject thesis on open hole
log interpretation, dipmeter and BHTV analysis.
Assistant of T.D. Van Golf Racht Trondheim university, Norway for reservoir engineering research project
Structural geomorphology and remote sensing, IGAL research projects
French: mothertongue.
English: fluent.
Spanish and Italian: notions.
: IGAL graduation memoir : Sedimentological and structural study of Limagne Bourbonnaise France.
: D. Vachard et M. Massoubre : Sequence of Oligocene lacustrine limestone from Limagne France and traces of various
microcodiaces, bacterial constructions.
: IGAL report n° : “ Sedimentology of lacustrine limestone from Limagne France ”.
Member of UFG and FEG.
Hobbies: cooking, reading, music, photography.
Sports: riding, swimming life guard, diving, cave exploration.
Travels professional & personal: Taiwan, Canada, Oman, French Guyana, England, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Benelux,
Italia, Switzerland, Spain, Israel, Niger.

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