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Resume for Mahdi K. for Manager / Supervisor / Team Leader / Mining & Metals in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Occupation: Manager / Supervisor / Team Leader Industry: Mining & Metals
Country: United Arab Emirates City: Sharjah
State: Sharjah ZIP: 150489

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Mahdi K. 
P.O.Box:, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates 



  • Manufacturing of nonferrous alloy by recycling of related scrap, recycling aluminum beverage canUBC and other light gauge aluminum scrap, continuous manufacturing of aluminum coil , trade of metal and scrap
  • Expertise in manufacturing of aviation body parts along with related heat treatments ,production of industrial ,car and motorcycle  metal part and components, metallurgical and mechanical testdistractive and non distractive, quality control management and attain of ISO certificate
  • Familiarity with heat treatments, metal corrosion prevention, metal surface engineering, stainless steel kitchen equipment manufacturing
  • Proficiency in providing feasibility study for metal manufacturing plants ,production cost calculation, maintenance plan for furnaces, casting machine,…, pollution control and safety plan

    ZUAMA GROUP, July, Now

    Production Manager, Production/Operation; R&D

    Abu Dhabi, UAE  

  • Led a team of approximately , including Supervisor, for a shift facility, with Production areas: Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipments with full machineries, Quality, Laboratory, and Safety.
  • Supported new product tests, test markets, intermediate scale production and equipment development.
  • Improved Customer Service metric compare to previous year, measured across hundreds of tests.
  • Reduced overall facility downtime and achieved aggressive Production downtime goal.
  • Zero injuries or lost time , a corporate Safety Audit record.
  • Designed feasibility, evaluation and startup plan for new manufacturing facility.

    Production Manager

    Sharjah, UAE

  • Sorting & Recycling of aluminum scrap.
  • Reviewing all areas of manufactured products and services to best determine opportunities for short and long term savings against the spend.
  • UBC Aluminum Beverage Can.
  • Designed feasibility, evaluation and startup plan for new manufacturing facility.
  • Launched new facility for UBC recycling same as sorting system, magnet separator, baler, crusher, shredder, delaquerin, screening and charging.
  • Upgrade of safety of the factory, pollution control.
  • Improving recycling rate, making suitable UBC ingot alloy, professional research market.
  • Manufacturing secondary aluminum alloy.
  • Prepared procedures for alloy making, provided melting, casting and molding technical supports for supervisors and operators during daily activities.
  • Supervised welding procedures, mechanical and metallurgy tests, Supported QC and production line supervisors and troubleshooting of casting defects.
  • Initiated in develop and implementing process and techniques improvements for reducing production cost and raising product quality, prepared manufacturing procedure for new products, modeling, molding, casting, welding and finishing, with respect to Quality and economic concerns. 
  • RHF PROFILES CO, Jun, May,

    Rolling Mill Factory Manager

    Sharjah, UAE

  • Production of aluminum coil and sheet , and series also aluminum sheets for construction, cladding, rolled sections, coil powder coating, and cold room panels.
  • Reduction of production cost by increase of using related aluminum scrap, the quality was controlled by chemical composition inspection along with quality segregation as a required raw material from local market and abroad.
  • Development of raw material and product lay out, upgrade of safety of the factory and pollution control according to UAE environmental rules.
  • Improving of annealing furnace function through step by step metallurgical quality investigation.
  • Improving of machineries function by reduction of vibration, upgrade of quality of patterns surface in cast roll, rolling mill,….
  • Created a 'Production Control/Factory Management & Reporting system’, Key persons continual meetings,..
  • Executed improvements in Manufacturing, Lab, Purchasing and Returned Materials.
  • Improving of product scrap sorting for reuse in production.
  • Reducing production cost by reducing stock of baby coil and better maintenance plan.
  • Supervised Metallurgy Laboratory technician and tests procedures 
    , prepared procedures for Metallurgical LAB tests and provided technical supports for customer satisfaction.
  • Checked daily reports of QC personnel, advised them for troubleshooting and prepared final reports to QC head, Controlled quality of mill finish, set up and maintain preventative QC programs.
  • Re achievement of ISO certificate by following the required procedures.
  • Designed feasibility, evaluation and startup plan for new manufacturing facility.

    Sharjah, UAE

  • Production of secondary aluminum alloys.
  • Selection and purchasing of raw materials according to the type of alloy production.
  • Marketing and sale of the alloy products.
  • Establishing the organization of secondary aluminum alloy plant.
  • Training of the staff for operation of the alloy plant.
  • Sorting of raw material and controlling the quality of raw materials and finished products.
  • Designed feasibility, evaluation and startup plan for new manufacturing facility.
  • Selection and purchase of machineries for upgrading secondary alloy plant with considering the quality and cost.
  • Cost calculation of the finished products.


    Member of the board, and manager of the commercial and R&D department of the company

    Tehran, Iran

  • Producer of the aluminum alloy in shape of ingots and billets, zinc alloy, zinc ingot according to the customers’ requirements
  • Aluminum dross recycling.
  • Aluminum extrusion along with electro plating.
  • Die cast parts.
  • Trader of all kind of nonferrous metals and scrap
  • Marketing and sales of the products
  • Making decision about organization, and expansion of company, costing, sales price of the products.

    Sales manger

    Tehran, Iran 

  • Producer of all kinds of automobile radiators and industrial heat exchangers.
  • Production of the automobile radiators and heat exchangers by means of reverse engineering.
  • Marketing and sale of products, sales planning for retail sales and company agents along with professional quality investigation and better marketing against the competitors.
  • Marketing and sale of heat exchangers for the potential industries.
  • Making decision about costing and sale price of the products.
  • Planning for professional engineering customer service and planning for periodical continues meeting with key persons in the factory.
  • Planning for avoiding defects same as corrosion pitting after packing the product.


    Managing Director

    Tehran, Iran

  • Set up of manufacturing plant along with full details feasibility study for Market and share holders companies Manufacturer of food, Industrial machineries, Industrial Parts, kitchen equipments, Food and meat machineries.
  • Engineering services for Share holder companies and local market.
  • Producing industrial parts according to clients need by reverse engineering for Share holder companies and local market.
  • Design of production line for industrial parts.
  • Technical proposal for increase of production and reduce of cost production.
  • The only producer of temperature uniformity testing machine in the country for evaluation of safety of the gas heaters products which are manufactured by home appliances factories in the country.
  • Manufacturing Stainless Steel Kitchen equipments.

    Head Of Reverse Engineering Department

    Tehran, Iran

  • Production of motorcycles and engines licensed by Piaggio Company of Italy Piaggio based in , encompasses seven brands of scooters and motorcycles. As the fourth largest producer of scooters and motorcycles in the world.
  • Production of Motor bike bravo, motor cycles CG, Vespa
  • Production of small size engines used for pesticide control in agriculture
  • Production of some motorcycle parts by reverse engineering and other purpose
  • Production of car parts and components for car
  • Manufacturer companies.
  • Manufacturing special machineries.
  • Professional planning and financing the subcontractor in the country who have capability and ability for manufacturing parts and components.
  • Making the subcontractor familiar with reverse engineering, quality control and update them about new production process.
  • Problem solving or development of products using the engineering disciplines of materials science and metallurgy for the company and subcontractors.
  • Supported QC and production line supervisors and troubleshooting of casting defects. 

    Head of Metallurgical Laboratory

    Tehran, Iran 

  • Producer of the helicopters body and maintenance of helicopters according to American standards.
  • Quality assurance and quality control of the raw materials.
  • Quality control in production line of helicopter body parts.
  • Design and control of solution and ageing heat treatment of wrought aluminum alloy specially , and aluminum alloys series.
  • Quality control of the products in respect to corrosion and mechanical properties according to American or international standards.
  • Teacher of quality control in training department.
  • Heading the metallurgical laboratory.
  • leading following project which reduced the production cost, avoided human bin accident and set upped the professional technical investigation
  • Finding the reasons of stress crack inter granular corrosion SCC which broke the body parts during age hardening, HTOHigh temperature oxidation investigation on the nominated helicopters blade by manufacturer, fracture failure analysis with reference of Metals handbook and aviation reference books and other metal test facility same as Optical microscopy ,NDT,.. to identify the cause and mode of failure.

  • Familiarity with all kind of nondestructive and distractive tests same as , Nondestructive testing, Mechanical Testing including: Tensile, Charpy and Izod, Hardness Testing, Macroscopic examination and analysis of fracture surfaces, surface cracks ,Microscopic examination and analysis ,Metallographic ,Determination of failure mechanism ,ductile, brittle, fatigue, corrosion, wear, cree

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