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Resume for sarthak A. for Operator in saharanpur, India

Occupation: Operator Industry:
Country: India City: saharanpur
State: Uttar Pradesh ZIP: 247001

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Curriculum Vitae
Phone no: +
Mob: +
Position in an open and professional organization, which provides motivation,
growth and learning Seeking a challenging opportunities. In which I can utilize my
experience ,skills ,strengths ,oil field and knowledge experience in the
organizatation and learn something new from others experienced professional in
that organizatation.
> Safety is the prime concern while working in oil industry and being in oil
industry for . years, I am aware of safety standards followed in upstream
oil industry.
> Explosive and RA Sources Handling & safety, Driving, Basic Safety,
General, Shop, Well site, Pressure, Fire, HS, First Aid Safety and
yrs ongoing experience in offshore and onshore in field operation
Mitchell Energy Services.
May TO Present..
Recentelly visited offshore rig for perforation for three months from jan to april for
cairn energy.
Last visited in kakinada for logging and perforation for days in oct for HOEC.
• Responsible of all type of perforation jobs done on time and in safe manner.
• Maintaining all the records of wells which are given by client.
• Responsible for maintenance of equipment are ready and up to date prior to jobs.
• Ordering of auxiliary materials which are consumed in the jobs.
• Filling Job Safety Analysis reports.
• Conduct safety meetings with clients and co workers.
• Complete all the paper work related to perforation jobs.
Halliburton Logging Services Asia Ltd.
Nov TO May .
Posted in offshore rigs for two years contract for GSPC in indian ocean from to
. Complete checklist of unit prior to jobs.
. All ready boxes up to date after job was completed.
. Assist Sr.Operators in maintaining paper works relating jobs.
. Label all equipment as their working capacities.
. Completing and ordering inventory of the basic materials.
. Responsible for Local Purchase Orders.
. Monthly update of First Aid Boxes, Safety Sign Boards, Fire Extinguishers.
Responsible to remind crew chief for service due dates of all downhole and
uphole equipments
V Open Hole, Cased Hole and Under Pressure up to psi Winch
V All type of rig ups and rigs downs fishing, side rig up, work over, pressure
jobs etc
V All perforation systems loading and assembly procedures of Scallop, HSC,
Pivot,Swing jets, Capsule type guns from JRC, OWEN, TITAN, RAPTER,
V All types of Severing tools, Cutters, String Shot, Split Shot, Puncture jobs
such as Drill Pipe Cutters, Casing Cutters and Tubing Cutters. Tubing
Puncher. Sidewinder, go winder.
V All types of Cable Heads and Weak Points redressing Monocable,
Slammer, Cammessa and Rochester Cables and super slammer and weak
point calculations.
V Tubing Conveyed Perforation systems with mechanical, pressurized
detonation using mechanical tubing release MTR and pressurized actuated
tubing release PATR.
V Cased Hole and Open Hole Fishing Operations using Bowen and
Series. using side door entry sub ,drill pipe, tubing of all type of sizes
V Depth Measuring Equipment operating system using all type of system
such as LLM, KERR Measurement system, Straight line system and Martin
Decker System, Dillon System.
V Coring Gun Loading, Assemblies & PM using Gear heart system.
V Plug, Packer Assembly of all Standard Sizes.BAKER,JRC,OWEN .
V Well Head Equipment doing perforation while well is in under pressure up
to psi.
V Material Management and Ordering & Requisition.
V PM and Calibration setups of Open Hole Tools such as resistivity,
density, neutron, porosity, inclinometer, magnetic resolution, sidewall coring,
reservoir description tool, and reservoir monitoring tool of Gear heart,
Halliburton, Century Geologging and Robertson Geologging.
V PM of all Cased Hole Equipment casing collar locater, firing head,
sinker bar, teardrop, male to male. female to female, contact subs, magnetic
decentralize, shock spring, subs, junk basket of all slandered sizes.
V PM of Slip Rings.
V Basic Engine Servicing.
* Cement Bond logging by using exell system and insight IQ
* Sonic logging by using full wave sonic tool having couple of transmitters and recivers.
* Gamm ray and CCL correlation logging by using SONDEX tools.
* Depth correlation by using century system.
* Blasting operations by using CSP panels.
* Calibratioms of cased hole tools.
. Mathematical calculations knowledge such as Torque, Tensions, Stuck
points, Weak points, Maximum Safe Pulls.
. Good knowledge of Lengths, Weights, Temperatures, Powers, Velocity,
Area, Volume, Capacity, Energy, Pressure.
. Basic knowledge of fluids and mud’s used in oil industries in
drillings,logging,open hole and cased hole wells
. Intermediate knowledge of Analog and Digital Multimeters, Meggers,
Blaster and Safety meters, Mud meters.
. Good communication skills at any level of management.
. Excellent and Safe experience of H.M.V and L.M.V driving.
. Good knowledge of electronics and electrical such as diode, resistance,
capaciters, coils, circuits, motors, pumps, currents, voltage etc.
. Intermediate knowledge of Resistivity, Density, Porosity, Permeability,
Nuetron, Sonic, Sampling.
. Expert knowledge in BLASTING OPERATIONS
* PST Personal Surviving Training @ Suraksha marine from .. – ...
* HUET @ Suraksha marine on ...
* day’s H.M.V training @ Ashok Leyland Delhi from .. ..
* Successfully completed basic field requirements for perforating operator on October ,
by Ronald E Bothner Certifying Instructor.
* Five days training from .... in operating RG logging tools and data
* CPR and first aid certified training.
|Standard |Institute |Board/University |Division |
| | | | |
|th |GTB Public School |C.B.S.E. |IInd Division |
| | | | |
|th |GTB Public School |C.B.S.E. |IInd Division |
| | | | |
|B.ComI |J V Jain College |Meerut University |IInd DIVISION |
• Windows XP, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, General PC Knowledge.
• Having valid passport G valid up to: //
• L.M.V, HMVc

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