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Resume for rodrigo P. for Project Manager / Other / Not Classified in Porto, Portugal

Occupation: Project Manager Industry: Other / Not Classified
Country: Portugal City: Porto
State: Porto ZIP: 4150-147

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Dear Sir/Madam, 

My name is Rodrigo P. and I am writing this presentation letter as complementary information regarding my CV. 

Having always worked in the private sector and considered a respected member by my coworkers, I was in the situation to possess enough confidence and freedom from my superiors, to decide and suggest specific diagnostic and therapeutic programs. I managed to introduce alterations in important cornerstones at these centres by demonstrating improvements of new techniques, sometimes not even published at the time, and to change the usual protocols that were in place historically.  

To attain this I designed internal studies at the veterinary hospital in Barcelona based on clinical trial programs, being responsible for the design, application, monitorization and interpretation of the results. In all these approaches I: 

  • Defined the application of the process
  • Designed the study
  • Selected criteria for monitoring
  • Specified the population to be studied
  • Selection, measurement and response
  • Managed the procedures
  • Monitored for safety and benefit

    Although I am the first to admit that these confirmatory analyses programs lacked the necessary cornerstones of blindness to the treatment implemented, sample randomization and statistical analyzes, they were in accordance with the objectives and the expectations of my superiors and originated data that was relevant for conferences/roundtables. 

    Some programs were victims of their initial success. The improvements in the variables were so remarkable that the completion of the endpoints were not necessary, for economic or ethical reason, such was the favourable outcome that the patients in the treatment group experienced. These programs were the introduction of a new diagnostic modality with fluoroscopy versus traditional bronchoscopy and the use of aggressive diuretic treatment for patients with pulmonary edema. 

    Other programs included the application of vasodilators for cardiac patients, antiarrhythmic agents and sedation protocols. Other programs were also initiated but were abandoned due to their inherent complexity of patient selection and multidrug dependencies. 

    Loosely speaking, these studies could be considered Class II clinical studies although they did not follow all the requirements for a Class II since the structure and protocols of a private veterinary hospital are focused more in a medicalbusiness approach and not so much in research. Despite this aspect, these were extremely interesting and enriching projects that exposed me to areas that were not of my expertise and that in my normal work life I would have never encountered. These allowed me to evolve my communication skills, the ability to convey information and to mobilize partners from the different classes of the hospital veterinarians, nurses, students and pet owners. I also had to resolve conflicts and create an open mind environment, accept critics or suggestions and make the most of some bad situations where the protocols were not being followed. External factors also presented a challenge when dealing with the economic limitations of the owners. Finally I had opportunity to represent the hospital outside its grounds. 

    As a consequence of my dedication and results I was given more freedom and responsibilities. This led to a more structured research work with programs with the support of the University research departments:

    My Master Science thesis that consisted in the compilation of data from various centres in Spain regarding the characteristics, diagnosis, prevalence, presentation and outcome of endocarditis,

    My PhD thesis that evaluates an alternative diagnostic protocol for mitral insufficiency with data collected from large private centres.

    The participation in colleague’s PhD thesis regarding the evaluation of the response to bronchodilator therapy in cats by whole body plethysmography. 

    My evolution then allowed me to apply for an internship in a specialized veterinary clinic in Milan with world wide renowned. This was an opportunity that put me in direct contact with ECVIM Diplomats one of which was Dr Claudio Bussadori, a world renowned researcher in the veterinarian and human medicine fields. Dr Bussadori holds a degree in both veterinary medicine and human medicine and is responsible for research programs at the local human medicine hospital. During this period I accompanied the clinical veterinary work and some research programs of Dr Bussadori. 

    I latter came in contact again with some research programs when I visited the CardioThoracic Surgery department of a human hospital in Oporto with the objective to obtain feedback regarding my PhD thesis possible applications in the human medicine field. 

    Currently I am working in a private veterinary clinic as Clinical Director supervising the veterinary team, organizing the workload and implementing productivity programs. I also maintain contact with a veterinary hospital in Barcelona where I visit sporadically and advice in strategies to maintain the high scientific level. 

    Thank you very much,

    Rodrigo P. 


    Curriculum Vitae

    Personal information  
    First names / Surnames Rodrigo Morais Prezia P.
    Address Rua do Bom Sucesso, ºdto, Oporto Portugal
    Telephones Mobile
    Nationality Portuguese

    LinkedIn profile


    Desired employment / Occupational field 

    Significant achievements 

    Clinical work/trials; Research; Academic; Representation; Organization/Management of departments/projects; Representation of departments/projects; Conferences; Link between multidisciplinary team/projects; Clinical Studies; Clinical Research 
  • Worked in very demanding, state of the art, international veterinary reference centres PortoBarcelonaMilan.
  • Experience in organizing and managing intercentres cooperation.
  • Contributed significantly to the evolution, internally and externally, of the teams and projects that was involved.
  • Management of teams, projects internal research.
  • Excellent communication skills with strong pedagogic abilities.
  • Has always worked towards increasing his base of knowledge and influence in his field.
  • Degree in Veterinary Medicine with years o clinical experience.
  • ESAVS Veterinary Cardiology diploma – University of Luxembourg
  • Currently finished PhD thesis in new techniques in Veterinary Cardiology – Awaiting publication of papers for Bologna purposes validation.
    Work experience  
    Occupation or position held Clinical Director
    Main activities and responsibilities Clinical director at Clinica Veterinaria Monte dos Burgos.

    Management of the clinic's personal, protocols and procedures.

    Representation of the clinic in conferences.

    Preparation and implementation of the quality of life and medicine program.

    Name and address of employer Clinica Veterinaria Monte dos Burgos

    , Oporto Oporto

    Type of business or sector Private Veterinary Clinic
    Occupation or position held European Internship in Internal Medicine and Cardiology. ECVIMCA European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine
    Main activities and responsibilities Internship in cardiology and internal medicine fro the ECVIMCA European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine.

    Was also in charge in training of students, visiting veterinarians and interns from the university.

    Participated in studies of new imaging techniques, interventionist cardiology and drug studies.

    Name and address of employer Clinica Veterinaria Gran Sasso

    , Milan Italy

    Type of business or sector Private Referral Veterinary Clinic
    Occupation or position held Author
    Main activities and responsibilities Author of several publications and poster presentation nationally and internationally.
    Type of business or sector Veterinary
    Occupation or position held Conference Lecturer
    Main activities and responsibilities Presented several conferences nationally and internationally.
    Type of business or sector Veterinary
    Occupation or position held

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