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Resume for Pin L. for Editor / Writer / Publisher / Printing & Publishing in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Occupation: Editor / Writer / Publisher Industry: Printing & Publishing
Country: United Kingdom City: Edinburgh
State: Edinburgh, City of ZIP: EH11 2JG

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Dear sir/madam, 

I am writing you to express my interest in working as a medical writer in your company. I’m a highly motivated, selfstarting scientistturned writer and editor.  

I had a PhD in cell and developmental biology. After having some postdoctoral research experiences in the UK, I moved on to develop my writing and editing skills. I joined one of the UK’s national newspapers, the Guardian, as an editor. I’m now a UKbased writer and commentator for several media outlets of China. 

I have a good understanding of cell and molecular biology in general, and first hand experiences in research. The several research projects I involved covered a wide area of life science, from cell culture, living cell assay, biochemistry, to molecular biology. Making sense of new materials quickly and expressing the core message with clarity have become a necessity from my research days to my current writing assignments.  

Besides conducting research, I did some supervision when I was a postdoctoral research associate. I supervised an MSc student for two of his research projects with excellent results, who later received a full scholarship to enrol into a PhD programme in a leading UK university. 

When I worked as an editor for the Guardian, frequent verbal and written communication was essential part of the job. One of my responsibilities as part of the Guardian’s online comments section team involves contacting and communicating with contributors, commissioning articles then reviewing and suggesting revisions, copyediting and sometimes translating the pieces.  

As a scientist and a writer, in both environments, my work demand critical thinking, problemsolving skills and attention to details. The role of editor in a news organisation also requires me to comprehend large amount of materials and come up with simple outlines within tight deadline. Part of my daily work in the Guardian was to write short pieces to summarize that day’s headline news for the Chinese readers.  

Before I joined the Guardian, I started and then ran an online project for the young generation of Chinese in the UK. With shoestring budget, I had to create contents and maintain the databasedriven website myself, while at the same time promoting and marketing the project to the targeted audiences through email campaigns and media contacts. 

I’m looking for an opportunity to combine my knowledge and experiences in life science research with my passion for science and medicine in general. Thank you for your time.  


Pin L., PhD



Personal Details 

Date of Birth


Pin L.



Contact Address 



F, Dalry Road




CurricuL.m Vitae

I have multiple skills and experiences in life science research and in media/journalism. Trained as a biologist, I have also developed my writer skills and joined a UK national newspaper as an editor. I am looking for a job which requires scientific research background and writing/editing experiences, in the area of science reporting, medical communication, or specialist publishing. 

Career history and experiences

May – present Special Correspondent in the UK for Economic Observer, Beijing.

UKbased writer and commentator for several other media outlets of China, incL.ding Beijing News, Nandu Daily News, and Fanfengchuang Magazine. 

Aug – Apr  Editor of Weibao

The Guardian


* Commissioning, translating, revising and copyediting commentaries about China for the Guardian website Comment Is Free Cif.

* Editing a Chinese version of the Guardian website Weibao. Supervising and copyediting translation. 

Jan – July  Founder and director of First Platform International, specialising in bilingual online media that connect Eastern and Western audiences.


* LinkChinese UK 

* Chinese Movie Database

* Sichuan Earthquake Update  

Aug – Dec  Postdoctoral Research Associate

 Pathology Division

 School of Molecular and Clinical Medicine

 University of Edinburgh


* Using Affymetrix microarray to determine genes associated with hepatic polyploidisation.

* Using realtime PCR to validate microarray results, and to examine expression level after gene knockout through CRElox system, antisense RNA or siRNA.

* Using microarray to analyse gene expression level after knockout.

* Chromatin Immunoprecipitation, western blot and other biochemical analysis. 

Apr – July  Postdoctoral Research Associate

 Department of Physiological Sciences

 University of NewcastleuponTyne Medical School



* Developing GFPPCNA as a fL.orescent marker of DNA synthesis in sea urchin and Drosophila embryos.

* Using fL.orescent or confocal microscopy to study cell cycle in sea urchin embryos. 


Dec – July  Ph.D in Cell and Developmental Biology

 Department of Biology

 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

 Hong Kong, China

 Thesis title: Calcium signalling in cell division


* Using calciumsensitive fL.orescent probes to study the roles of calcium in cell division.

* Using GFPtagged proteins to study living cultured cells and zebrafish embryos under fL.orescent microscope and confocal microscope. 

Sep – Oct  Postgraduate study

Biophysics Institute

 Chinese Academy of Science

 Beijing, China 

Sep – June  BSc in Biochemistry

 Department of Biology

 Xiamen University

 Xiamen, China 

Publications in biological research

L. P, Prost S, Caldwell H, Tugwood J, Beran G. Harrison DJ. Microarray analysis of gene expression of mouse hepatocytes of different ploidy. Mammalian Genome : Aug . 

Prost S, L. P, Caldwell H. Harrison DJ. EF regulates mouse DDB: consequences for DNA repair in Rb deficient cells. Oncogene : , . 

Kisielewska J, L. P, Whitaker M. GFPPCNA as an Sphase marker in embryos during the first and subsequent cell cycles. Biology of the Cell. : Mar . 

Philipova R, Kisielewska J, L. P, Larman M, Huang JY, Whitaker M. ERK activation is required for Sphase onset and cell cycle progression after fertilization in sea urchin embryos. Development : Feb . 


upon request

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