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Resume for Rahul S. for Business Analyst / Professional & Consulting Services in Noida, India

Occupation: Business Analyst Industry: Professional & Consulting Services
Country: India City: Noida
State: Delhi ZIP: 201301

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M.Tech & B.Tech, Electrical/Instrumentation, IIT Kharagpur, CGPA: ., IITJEE
Senior Patent Analyst, CPA Global, Noida Dec’ – Till Date
< Provided support to multinational clients with R&D strategy, IP management strategy, M&A, IP Licensing and
Monetizing, based on Intellectual Property portfolio, market/client information
< Developed useful insights and interactive charts from raw data, Market research, Trend Analysis
< Mentored new members on operations and databases like Thomson Innovation, One Source.
< Led a team of analysts, generated revenue of £. million
< Proposed and developed flash based interactive analytical tool/dashboard. Increased revenue by % and
reduced report generation time by % hrs> hrs
< Complex automations in Excel VBA/Formula; cost savings of $/project;
< Finalist of the “Business Innovation Award” chosen among employees worldwide.
Research Engineer, Siemens, Bangalore Aug’ –Nov’
< Developed laser triangulation and image processing based automation for multinational client in biscuit industry; resulted
in reduced operation costs, quality improvements, % improvement in product output
< Research and Development of Algorithms for a Machine Vision Optical Character Recognition System MVOCR
Digital Image Processing, Digital Signal Processing, Statistical Inference, Pattern Recognition, Algorithms,
Artificial Intelligence, Soft Computing
|MS Excel |: Dashboards, Nested formulas, Array formulas, Pivot tables, Data validation |
|MS Access |: Queries, User Interface and Macros |
|Programming |: C, C++, Open CV,, Flex, Matlab, Java Core, MySQL, VBA Excel, Access|
< Self and Mutual Learning in Robotic Arm, International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists,
< Hybrid SVM Random Forest classification system for oral cancer screening, International Conference on Pattern
Recognition ICPR
Coordinator, DSP Workshop, IIT Kharagpur
< Organized a workshop, attended by academicians and professionals across industries
< Demonstrated latest digital filtering techniques, setup lab and provided technical assistance to the participants
Captain, Robotics Team, Nehru Hall, IIT Kharagpur
< Won the “Best Industrially Feasible Design” award for “Intelligent Robotic Hand” at Techkriti, IIT Kanpur
< Won the “Best Hardware Model” award for “Intelligent Robotic Hand” at Kshitij, IIT Kharagpur
< Developed Step Climber Robot , Snake robot and Single Motor Controlled multi legged navigator ,
Intelligent Robotic Hand for Interhall hardware modeling event held at IIT Kharagpur and secured two gold
and a silver medal.
< Developed a learning based cognitive human inspired robot having ability to learn in a supervised manner and to
use past experiences.
B. Tech. Project
< Conceptualized and developed a framework to ensure safety critical performance of railway interlocking
M. Tech. Project
< Implemented dimension measurement system using structured line laser and image processing for products on a
conveyor line
Signal Processing
< Organized workshop of Real Time Signal Processing Using Code Composer Studio, Matlab/Simulink and DSK
TMS/TMS attended by academicians and professionals across the industry
< Frequency analysis of Speech signal for voice recognition by a bank of FIR filters implemented using linear
programming in Matlab.
Pattern Classification and Image Processing
< Designed and implemented technique for foreground recognition in images useful for face identification and tracking
for fatigue detection in Matlab.
< Handwritten DEVNAGARI Character Recognition using neural network, fuzzy logic and SVM using java and Matlab.
< Classification of Breast Cancer data with for detection of Malignancy in patients.
< Small applications such as Palm recognition, Gesture recognition, and Signature recognition using image
processing in Matlab.
Embedded Systems
< Implemented an Infrared Data communication System using Microcontroller during the Workshop
“Microcontroller Based Embedded Systems”.
< Implemented complete Autonomous Robot to identify the patterns in its environment using Image Processing &
move the blocks of similar patterns to those locations implemented in Java.

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