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Resume for Alexander M. for Programmer / Software Developer in Kyiv, Ukraine

Occupation: Programmer / Software Developer Industry:
Country: Ukraine City: Kyiv
State: Kyyiv ZIP: 03151

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Alexander M. Vasilchenko street, apt.
Kyiv , Ukraine
Home: + Cell: +
Software Development Life Cycle definition and implementation.
Project Management Requirements Analysis, System Design, Programming,
Quality assurance and Maintenance of Client/Server Systems, Weboriented,
mbedded and System Applications.
Technical Summary
years of C/C++ programming with:
Tornado .., .;
Watcom C++ ./.;
Borland C++ .;
Borland C++ Builder ./.;
Microsoft Visual Studoi . ,
Microsoft Embedded C++ .,
GCC .,.,.,
Code Warrior .,
Project Builder for MacOS.
VCL, MFC, ATL/WTL, MacOS Carbon, Win API, OWL, Turbo Vision, Zinc, QT,
years Delphi/Pascal VCL, OWL, Turbo Vision
years ObjectOriented technologies COM, ActiveX, UML, Rational Rose.
years Assembler for x. for processors TASM
year of Java programming with Visual Age for Java . and JBuilder ..
year TCL/TK
GNAT Ada ..
year FoxPro/Visual FoxPro.
year Modula/Oberon
year Forth.
for platforms:
Pocket PC
Apple Macintosh
Harman/Becker Cascade Super Hitachi and PCM
for OS:
vxWorks ..
QNX ..
Windows .x, x, NT ., , XP, Server etc.
WinCE .
PalmOS .
MacOS , MacOS X
Additional skills
TCP/IP stack
Bluetooth V, core and SIM access, handsfree, GAP, OBEX profiles
RDBMS: Informix
CASE: Rational Rose.
ObjectOriented, Internet Technologies.
Strong fundamental knowledge in Object oriented design, systems analysis,
Quality Assurance and algorithms theory.
Experience, Kyiv
September Present
Senior Software Developer
Projects for "HARMAN BECKER Automotive Systems GmbH"
Participated in support bug fixing, feature adding and component test
development of all software for
the "Cascade" and PCM devices.
Used technologies and tools: Tornado .., VxWorks .., MMI; MOST Bus;
Polytec SL, Kyiv
March September
Software Developer
Projects for "Polytec Software Labs" company:
I have developed the following parts of "HewlettPackard Storage Works File
Migration Agent"
project for GRAU Data Storage :
Prototype of minifilter driver for new version of
"HewlettPackard Storage Works File Migration Agent"
Tools: MSVC ., Windows Server SP DDK, plain C.
File Migration Agent commandline interface.
Tools: MSVC . plain C.
A few kernel units for processing of files on the managed volumes
corresponding to rules named "filepolicies".
Tools: MSVC . plain C.
A few kernel units for the filepolicies management and XML
utility function set.
Tools: MSVC ., C++, MSXML, COM.
Participated in the "Infinistore Virtual Drive GUI client" project.
Customer: GRAU Data Storage
Tools: MSVC.NET, QT.
Redeveloped "Infinistore Virtual Drive console user interface" project.
Customer: GRAU Data Storage
Tools: MSVC.NET.
Developed prototype of the Testing framework utility for consolidation
of the testing routines used for the testing process management.
Tools: TCL/TK.
Protec, Kyiv
January May
Software Developer
Developed "Stock charts" library for "ProTec" company
"Stock charts" library is the part of the big Forex trading system.
tools: Microsoft Visual C++, Rational Suite.
Enran Telecom, Kyiv
April April
Software developer
Developed for "EnranTelecom" company and participate
in development of
following projects:
In the project of billing system "ETBill" for "Ukrtelecom" company
I developed and provide support for following components:
. Editor of technological processes.
. System of mass printing of reports.
. File transfer system through TCP/UDP.
. Licence manager.
. Licence generator and changer.
In the project of common libraries and components I developed and
provided support for following components:
. Version information library for version management of the internal
. Library of basic classes such as specific containers, arrays, strings etc.
. Library of standard procedures for enduser programs login/logout, access
control etc..
. Errors diagnostic system.
. Mail sender system for sending clientreports and bugreports through
email and library for implementation of extended SMTP protocols and MIME.
tools: Borland C++ Builder and Rational Rose, Informix Connect.
June April
Software developer
Developed for ELDOS corporation and supported following
. Internet dialer "EldoS Connect".
. Library of Delphi components "EldoS ElPack".
. Ported password keeper system "EldoS KeyLord" from PalmOS to WinCE.
. COM addin for Microsoft Office.
tools: Borland Delphi .., Code Warrior ., Borland C++ Builder ..,
Microsoft Embedded C++ ., Microsoft Visual C++ .
Donetsk technical university

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