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Resume for Donald B. for Quality Assurance / Control in Kingsland, Georgia

Occupation: Quality Assurance / Control Industry:
Country: United States City: Kingsland
State: Georgia ZIP: 31548-6493

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DONALD RAY B. JR. __________________________________________________________________________________________

Hydrangea Rd., Kingsland, GA

Residence: / Cellular:





Current Secret Clearance, Previous TS ESI

Personnel Reliability Program, Maintains high integrity

Twenty years' professional experience as a first line supervisor with specific expertise in Nuclear weapons maintenance, safety, and security.

Superior technical and interpersonal communications, building strong relationships and alliances. Excellent written, verbal, and presentation skills. Thoroughly enjoy challenges and creative problem resolution.

Manages, maintenances and administers requirements for personnel supporting hundreds of tasks.

Quickly assesses operations and initiate improvements in staffing, scheduling, and procedures. Manages multiple, simultaneous and complex projects and programs.

Assembles, motivates, trains, and inspires talented working teams/staff are consistently produce quality.


U.S. Navy, Trident Refit Facility Kings Bay June Present

Weapons Repair Supervisor. First line manager that coordinates and oversees all maintenance related tasks associated with the Strategic Weapons system onboard seven submarines in Kings Bay, Georgia.

Safety Department Representative, ensuring shops comply with the LEAN standards by conducting random inspections and reporting feedback and finds to senior supervisors.

U.S. Navy, USS Wyoming Gold April May

In charge of a man division which conducted four reconfigurations, twentyeight logistic movements, seventyeight motor inspections, and countless other technical operations. Also trained, mentored, and supervised the troubleshooting and repairs of digital, electrical, and electronic systems; troubleshooting and repairs cooling and heating systems as well as control systems using electromechanical devices, hydraulics, and pneumatics; the uses standard electronic test equipment such as meters, oscilloscopes, logic probes, and logic analyzers; the uses DOSbased computers for word processing as well as other administrative record keeping tasks ensuring % mission readiness.

As Calibration Coordinator, Coordinated and scheduled offship calibration or repair services for ships within their geographic area of responsibility. Maintained close liaison with shipboard calibration coordinators and the Immediate Superior in Command ISIC to prevent or resolve calibration scheduling and readiness problems. Reviewed ship's calibration work requests to ensure that TMDE within the calibration capability of the ship's FCA are not sent to a higherlevel calibration laboratory. Assist calibration laboratories in obtaining calibration or repair services for laboratory standards. Identified calibration requirements beyond the technical capability of the ship.  Coordinated the scheduling of those TMDE to an approved calibration laboratory.  Notify by message, the overflow laboratory selected to receive the calibration assignment. Coordinated with ISIC to confirm SISCAL dates and promulgate in SISCAL scheduling messages. Recognized by Defense Nuclear Surity Team for revamping the program and having one of the top programs in the fleet.

As Work Center Supervisor, ensured prompt documentation of all noted material deficiencies in the workcenter work list. Reviewed all M documentation leaving the work center to make sure it is correct, legible, and prepared and submitted promptly.  Ensured maximum use of PMS as a maintenance training aid for workcenter personnel. Reviewed maintenance requirement cards and submitting a PMS feedback report when maintenance requirements are not fully understood; errors are believed to exist; maintenance requirements are believed to be inadequate or excessive or when performance would cause a hazardous condition to exist; or replacement documents are required.  Maintained an accurate and current list of effective pages by comparing documentation to actual work center equipment  configuration. Ensured  periodic maintenance requirements scheduled for the work center are completed and reported as  stated.  Ensured proper tests and inspections prior to acceptance of work done by outside activities.  Ensured delivery  of  test,  measurement,  or other portable equipment to testing and calibration  work  centers  as  indicated  on scheduling  reports.

As the Drug and Alcohol Program Administrator, served as a coordinator concerning all drug and alcohol education,   rehabilitation, identification, and enforcement efforts within the command. Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselors also provide a point of contact for commands and individuals seeking assistance concerning alcohol or drug abuse programs.

Qualified Diving Officer of the Watch, which is in charge of keeping the boat at neutrally buoyant while submerged.

U.S. Navy, Strategic Weapons Facility Atlantic April April

  Weapons Accountability Assistant and Explosive Handling Wharf Supervisor. Over weapons logistic movements and asset exchanges, Department of Energy shipments and % error free maintenance of the nation's stockpile accountability system. Assisted in proofing technical publications and equipment. 

Low Level Radioactive Waste / Hazardous Material Waste Monitor Coordinator, received, stored, and disposed of hazardous material waste for the work area; in addition, ensured positive identification and monitoring of expiration date of shelflife or service life items

Directed technicians in the performance of Standard Operating Procedures to handle and transfer missiles, missile components, reentry bodies, launcher system components, and submarine support equipment.

Completed Microsoft Word Sept , , PowerPoint Enhanced Presentations Aug , , and Microsoft Access July , training courses given by ExecuTrain

Navy and Marine Corps Relief Fund drive coordinator, raised funds in the support of sailors with financial and personal emergencies.

U.S. Navy, USS West Virginia Gold August March

First Lieutenant, supervised the preservation and upkeep of the ship as a whole, and of all parts thereof, except spaces for which the engineer officer is responsible. Made frequent inspections of all mess gear of the crew and of all mess tables, chests, and lockers, managed over personnel in completion of over , manhours of maintenance, significantly improving the material condition of the ship and % retention rate. Also in charge of paint, sail, and boatswain's locker, and inspect and maintain survival equipment.

Assistant Radiological Controls Officer, Coordinated and directed the command's efforts in reducing personnel radiation exposure from nuclear weapons to as low as reasonably achievable. Kept the Commanding Officer informed on the status of the command's efforts in manrem reduction. Reviewed each radiation exposure report from the Navy Dosimetry Center before the exposures are transcribed into individual health records. Supervised all training associated with the Nuclear Weapons Radiological Controls Program. Supervised the process authorizing command personnel, visiting nuclear weapons workers, and visitors other than nuclear weapons workers to receive exposure from nuclear weapons.

  Educational Services Officer, coordinated officer and enlisted training and onduty educational programs with department heads, division officers, and the planning board for training.  Also worked with the Navy College Program educational adviser to encourage personnel to take part in the Voluntary Education Programs.  Ensured all personnel had all requirements for advancement and resources for personal educational goals. Overseen personnel in the Navy Apprenticeship program.

Quality Assurance inspector, verified all work inspected meets the minimum requirements set forth in latest applicable plans, specifications and directives of higher authority as stated in the Formal Work Package.  Ensured all inspections beyond the capability of the QAI are performed by FMA inspectors prior to final acceptance/installation of the product by the ship.  Reported all work and testing discrepancies/deficiencies to the department head and the QAO via chain of command.  Ensured the deficiency is resolved before work continues.  Witnessed controlled assemblies, as a second party not involved in the actual work.  Also reviewed certification testing as part of Controlled Work Package preparation. 

Education, Training & Awards

A.A., Management and Supervision,  completed August,

Coastline Community College of California, Fountain Valley, CA

Drug and Alcohol Program Administrator SEP, Radiological Controls Officer JUL, Marine Electronics Systems JUN, Naval Safety Supervisor SEP, Educational Services Officer OCT, Sub Quality Assurance Inspector JAN, Shipboard Gage Calibrator JAN, Navy Instructional Theory JAN

Electronics Mechanic Apprenticeship June ,

Electronics Tester Apprenticeship December ,

Ordnance Artificer Apprenticeship April ,

Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal awards, Military Outstanding Voluntary Service Medal, Good Conduct awards 

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