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Resume for Kuntadi S. for Inspector / Restaurant & Food Services in Malang, Indonesia

Occupation: Inspector Industry: Restaurant & Food Services
Country: Indonesia City: Malang
State: Jawa Timur ZIP: 65167

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Full Name: : Kuntadi S.
Place/Date of Birth : Surabaya, July ,
Height/Weight : cm/ kg.
Sex : Male
Religious : Rhome Katholic.
Marital Status : Married
Nationality : Indonesian
Passport No.
: V
Address : Desa Tempursari RT / RW , Donomulyo, Kab.Malang
Cell Phone
: +
Educational background:
SMA Negeri III High school, Surabaya.
Akademi Perhotelan & Pariwisata Aperta, Surabaya..
National Hotel Institute, Basic level Kitchen Course, Bandung.
Balai Pendidikan Perhotelan &Pariwisata, Middle level, Kitchen Course,
Seminar on Entrepenuership, Primagama, Malang
Management Courses, Pizza Hut International, Jakarta
Higiene&Sanitation Course, Protekindo Sanita, Surabaya
Seminar on US Meat, Jakarta.
Food&Beverage Management Course, Tafe University, Malang
. Seminar on US Food Buyer, Surabaya.
. Seminar on Purchasing by Pangansari Utama Catering
HACCP Certificate by Neville Clarke
Employment Record:
Oct. Oct : Camp Catering Inspector, Landscaping under Logistic Dept. Tangguh LNG,
Nov., : Camp/Catering Inspector/Administration, KBR/JGC/Pertafeniki
Consortium, Tangguh LNG, Papua, Indonesia.
Job Discription:
. Ensures all required documentation are established, agreed and implemented.
. Monitor the performances of day to day operation of caterer.
. Work with caterer to close out non conformances raised by caterer or food hygiene
inspection result
. Ensure that all relevant legal requirements are met.
Asst. Purchasing Mgr, PT Pangansari Utama Food Distribution, Surabaya
Job Description:
. Assist the General Mgr to select, decide the registered Vendors according to the company
. Guarantee the purchasing/providing of qualified, in time, reasonable priced goods according to
Purchase Request.
. Assure the discharging of imported goods from port in time.
. List the registered Vendor and evaluate the performance quarterly.
. Sign the Purchase orders according to the Purchase Req. and to the company’s Standard
Operating Procedure
Executive Chef PT Pangansari Utama Catering, Soroako
Job Description:
. Supervise and monitor day to day operation of the production kitchen according to the
. standard performance agreed with PT Inco.
. Compile the weekly/monthly regular menus for Dining room, Restaurant, Bar.
. Compile the irregular menus for Banquet/private parties/outside catering.
. Monitor the work rooster of kitchen/stewarding/cleaning Staff
. Assist Site Manager to create and implement SOP of the production kitchen, Bar, Restaurant.
. Develop/innovate new system in reporting the sales.
. In charge of the outsorcing/purchasing/receiving of raw materials.
. Manage the weekly/monthly cost reconciliation/inventory report.
. Implement the projected cost performance according to the agreement with PT Inco.
. Represent/relieve the job in the absence of Site Manager.
Own Business, General Trading
Job Description:
. Act as Sub Distributor of consumer goods, beverages, snacks from Principles
. Monitor the purchasing and warehousing and sales of the goods
. Administer the weekly/monthly report of sales.
. Develop sales/new customer by zoning the area and classify the market.
. Manage the staffing/sales forces toward the sales projected.
, PT Pasaraya Nusakaya, Representative Officer, Freeport Transit Whse, Surabaya.
Job Description:
. Responsible of executing Purchase orders to Suppliers.
. Monitor the purchasing, receiving and quality of goods purchased.
. Represent the company in the field of Sourcing of new Suppliers.
. Monitor the transporting of goods received to job site.
. Liaise the company to Third parties.
. Administer all goods purchased and serve as Account Payable.
, PT Mandiri Reksa Abadi Sentosa, Assistant to General Manager, Malang.
Job Description:
. Manage the day to day operation of the production kitchen. Report to General Manager.
. Supervise the purchasing/receiving of raw materials according to Purchase order from
. Supervise the quality control of raw material purchased.
. Monitor the work rooster, the pay roll of the production kitchen.
. Monitor the standard operating procedure of the production kitchen.
. Prepare production report according to the purchase order.
, PT Alatief Jasakarya Corp., Representative, Freeport Transit Warehouse,
Job Description:
. Assist PT Freeport in the Purchasing Quality control of the Food & Beverages received.
. Assist PT Freeport in the Sourcing/Purchasing/Receiving/warehousing/transporting of goods
to Tembagapura.
. Submit operational as well as administration report to the head office in Tembagapura re. day
to day operation.
PT Alatief Jasakarya Corp., Senior Administration Spv, Freeport LIP Warehouse, Timika.
Job Description:
. Supervise day to day receiving of goods arriving at F & B warehouse.
. Monitor the receiving of all goods physically and electronically.
. Administer and expedite the receiving of goods arrived from Transit warehouse.
, PT Alatief Jasakarya Crp. Represent. Officer, Petrosea Camp Freeport Project, Timika
Job Description:
. Represent the company AFFICin the production kitchen, camp and mess hall area.
. Liaise the company to the Third party/Contractor in the whole performance of the executed
. Responsible of the purchasing of Food & Beverages, Non food items used in the camp.
. Monitor and implement the day to day operation in the camp toward projected goals.
PT Alatief Jasakarya Corp.,Housekeeping Spv, Base Camp Freeport Project, Timika
Job Description:
. Assist the Camp Boss to implement the SOM/SOP of the House keeping for new camp facility
at Base Camp.
. Monitor and implement day to day operation of the house keeping toward budgeted goals.
PT Alatief Jasakarya Corp., HRD Staff, Freeport Project, Tembagapura.
Job Description:
. Manage the day to day operation during the absence of HRD Staff, such as process the crew
change, regular/emergency leave, Staff promotion/demotion etc.
. Liaise the company to third party such as the Travel agent, the Hospital, the transportation
contractor etc.
, Food & Beverage Manager, Songgoriti Resort Hotel, Malang.
Job Description:
. Assist in installing the system of the whole F&B cost control system, including menu costing.
. Assist in improving standard of Purchasing/Receiving procedure in F&B Dept.
. Assist in training program for F&B personnel for menu knowledge and standard recipes.
. Assist in improving the SOP/SOM in F&B service and F&B cashier.
. Assist the Project Dept. to design the main kitchen lay out and kitchen equipment according
to the existing menu.
, Operation Manager, Pizza Grand Family Restaurant, Malang.
Job Description:
. Responsible of handling day to day restaurant operation included daily Purchasing/Receiving,
Cashier/Sales and Cost report .
. Responsible of managing the budget/forecast of restaurant revenue and cost to the Owner.
. Responsible of leading the Subordinates toward positive working
. Create the concept of sales force and cost effective management.
. Innovate the variation of pizza recipes and menus for future development.
. Responsible of the in/out flow of cash money from Bank.
. Responsible of the pay roll and new hire of Staff.
, Operation Manager Pizza Express Family Restaurant, Surabaya/Malang.
Job Description:
. Responsible of handling day to day restaurant operation included daily Purchasing/Receiving,
Cashier/Sales and Cost report .
. Responsible of managing the budget/forecast of resta

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