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Resume for Jaanus S. for Server / Host / Bartender / Restaurant & Food Services in Tallinna, Estonia

Occupation: Server / Host / Bartender Industry: Restaurant & Food Services
Country: Estonia City: Tallinna
State: Harjumaa ZIP: 13515

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Jaanus Sœrmus
Longterm sales experience in different areas
Age years
Marital status
Tallinn and Laulasmaa
+ Ê
+ Ê
I wish to apply my experience and knowledge in the field of sales. To become a recognised,
reliable and professional consultant in the field I deal with.
First choice Category: sales / Level: specialist
Title: representative, consultant, sales representative, sales manager, advisor
Second choice Category: sales / Level: customer service employee
Title: representative
Type of work employee, contractual
Working time
fulltime, parttime
Possibility for business trips yes
Size of company
medium employees
Desired company
An ideal company would be: for customers a flagship and opinion
leader of its field, environmentsaving, thinking green, with ethical values, valuing people, caring
about family, having honest, friendly, helpful, committed, professional, direct and sincere team
members, sharing a common vision.
Desired location
whole Estonia
Higher education:
Tallinn Pedagogical University, Open University Estonia
specialisation: advertising and media
I paid for courses in the fields I was more interested in. I didn’t take the
exams, as I didn’t need a document.
Vocational education:
Tallinn School of Economics, incomplete Estonia, specialisation: law
I quit the studies in the nd year for family reasons.
Secondary education:
Tallinn Polytechnic School Estonia
Radio communication and broadcasting specialisation.
may Barprof Bartender courses A Excellent coctails and A excellent teoretical.
months Haabersti Maja real estate school Estonia basic course for real estate
The course aimed at teaching the principles of the work of a real estate
broker and giving the general information necessary for a person working in the field of real
months Uus Maa real estate school Estonia from assistant to broker of business
Practical work and continuous development through different trainings.
Finally three exams and a new position as a broker specialising in business premises.
Uus Maa real estate school Estonia sales guru training
How to achieve the conclusion of the cooperation agreement when
communicating with the clients.
Uus Maa real estate school Estonia identifying yourself with the client
Mentor Lee McKroskey a person, who trains thousands of booksellers in
the USA each year.
Uus Maa real estate school Estonia how to be successful, when the
market isn’t at its best.
An excellent training by the Australian real estate guru Peter J. Daniels.
He is a world famous authority in management, personal development and
establishment of goals. During the training Mr Peter Daniels gave advice on how to be successful
in negotiations, how to fund real estate projects, he also demonstrated quickly and easily on the
audience, how to reach the right mindset and how to create a successful plan for the future.
Vain SMD Estonia establishment of teamwork goals
Toyota Baltic AS Estonia the new sales concept of Toyota
Vain SMD Estonia how to motivate oneself, etc
Mercuri International Estonia the development of the sales of
accessories in Toyota
Vain SMD Estonia how to be able to sell more
months Helvetia Balti Partnerid Estonia marketing
AS MLP Baltic Estonia Ziglar Training System sales training: "Sales is
not a chance"
GregScott Training Estonia sales strategy development programme
TeleMedia Eesti AS Estonia training in the field of media sales
month Hotel "Viru" Estonia catering service of a restaurant
month Piccolo Estonia bartender training
months Hotel "Viru" Estonia waiter training
.… Major O printmedia project “Maasikas”. This time the project is Frozen.
. ... Venta Publica O Estonia owner and consultant
Work description: activity aimed at concluding customer contracts of a FB
Lookingforajob portal and .
. . Uus Maa Kinnisvarakonsultantide O Estonia broker of business
Reason for leaving: I decided to become an entrepreneur by myself.
Work description: mapping the region, collecting information, questioning
potential clients as regards their real estate plans, market analysis, consultation,
recommendations, mediation activity of business premises, searching for properties for the
clients, cooperation with the developers and other brokers as well as real estate owners, etc.
. . Fakto Auto AS Estonia car sales consultant
Reason for leaving: new challenge
Work description: the sales of new Nissan cars.
. . Amserv Auto AS Estonia new car sales consultant
Reason for leaving: change of job.
Work description: the sales of new Toyota and Lexus cars.
. . EnterNet Providers AS Estonia consultant in advertising sales
Reason for leaving: it wasn’t the time for this service yet. There were
around % Internet users from the whole populations and there were more efficient advertising
Work description: sales of advertising to Mega Internet portal. I believed in
the future of this media outlet.
. . hinenud Meiereid AS Estonia sales representative representative of the
Reason for leaving: rehabilitation of the company.
Work description: representing Meieri and Milla trademarks in Tallinn and
. . AS Pubnest/Pub "Hell Hunt" Estonia bartender
Reason for leaving: continuous stay in the rooms full of smoke, while not
being a smoker. New challenges.
Work description: introducing, recommending and selling the goods offered
at the Irish pub "Hell Hunt" to the client, excellent service, inventory and material responsibility.
. . AS Teabeliin Estonia information sales consultant
Reason for leaving: the salary was unsatisfactory.
Work description: sales of addresses, fields of activities, phone numbers
and other information of companies as well as advertising for the development of information line
database. Visiting customers for presenting the abovementioned sales offers and
conclusion of sales contracts, preparation of customer register and presentation of sales reports.
. . Hotel "Viru" Estonia waiter
Reason for leaving: new challenges
Work description: excellent service to the customers of the restaurant and
variety theatre of hotel "Viru".
. . Hotel "Viru" Estonia forwarding agent
Reason for leaving: new challenges
Work description: supplying the hotel with office equipment etc. Good
customer relations and a lot of practical work experience and training.
Language Writing Speaking Understanding
Estonian native language
English good average average
Russian average average good
Finnish average average good

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