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Resume for Arunas V. for Manager / Supervisor / Team Leader / Retail in Vilnius, Lithuania

Occupation: Manager / Supervisor / Team Leader Industry: Retail
Country: Lithuania City: Vilnius
State: Vilniaus Apskritis ZIP: 01108

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Curriculum Vitae CV 

Name, surname:   Arunas V.

Address:    J.TumoVaižganto str. /, , Vilnius


Telephone number: mobile  +

Date of birth:    October th,

Citizenship:    Lithuanian 


 Vilnius Gedimino Technical University

      Business Management Faculty

      Master’s Degree in Financial Management

 Vilnius Technical University

      Construction Faculty

      Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Technology and Management

 Vilnius Secondary School No

      Graduated with a Gold Medal 

Professional Background 

 “Alma littera“ Group – the leading Lithuanian publishing group consisting of „Alma littera“ and „Šviesa“ publishing houses, distribution and retail channels “Baltos lankos” and "Pegasas" bookshop retail chain and eshop "Knygų klubas".



      CEO, UAB “Baltų lankų“ knygynas

      Director, "Pegasas" bookshop retail chain

     Responsibilities: planning and management of budget execution, human resources, establishment of operational department, establishment of commercial department, establishment of reporting system, marketing strategy & tactics development, integration of bookshops „Baltos lankos“ into the „Alma littera“ Group, category management, space management in stores’ and shelves’ levels, costs optimization,  locations / relocations of bookshops program, enterprise resource planning ERP system integration.

     Number of subordinates – employees, number of bookshops “Baltos lankos” and "Pegasas" . 

  “SEB bankas” stock company, member of the SEB Group – a leading Northern European financial group – SEB Bank is the major commercial bank in Lithuania.


     Head of sales channels development department

     Head of network development department

           Responsibilities: locations of branches strategy and tactics, formats of branches development, sales through partners channel creation and implementation.

     Number of subordinates – employees. 

 “DK investicijos” LTD – private investment company, shareholder of IT consultancy company “Veritana”, car rental company “” LTD, , entertainment bowling center “Boulingo Centras Švyturys” LTD, recycling plant “Gumos technologijos” and etc. “DK investicijos” at the same time owns and actively manages an investment Portfolio in the Baltic, Russian and East Europe Stock Exchange Markets.


           Responsibilities: investment possibilities’ examination, analysis, negotiation, coordination of due diligence process, closing transactions, development of acquired companies.

     Number of employees – . 

  • “VEGIDA” LTD – real estate company, owner of shopping center “Molas” and supermarkets.
  • .

          Commercial Director

               Responsibilities: real estate development, human resources, budget, marketing strategy, tenants’ portfolio administration, negotiation, investments calculation, property insurance administration.

         Number of subordinates – employees.

         The most important partners: “RIMI LIETUVA”, “VP Market”, “Baltische Huas”, “Palink”, “Senukai”, “JYSK Baltic”, “Danbalt”, “Čilija”, “Sport line”, “Drogas”, “Sarma”, "BPT Asset Management". 

  • “RIMI LIETUVA” LTD – “HYPER RIMI” and “RIMI” retail chain.
  • .

          Commercial Director

               Responsibilities: budget, marketing strategy, human resources, formats hypermarkets and supermarkets development, category management, PanEuropean and PanBaltic agreements, space management in stores’ and shelves’ levels, pricing policy, private labels, quality control department, logistic department centralized local distribution and import, outsourcing services department, market research expansion department.

         Number of subordinates – employees.

         The most important partners: “BBHCalsberg”, “Philip Morris”, “Kraft”, “Stumbras”, “Alita”, “Procter & Gamble”, “ColgatePalmolive”, “Unilever”, “Nestle”, “Cocacola”, “Philips”, “Gillette”.

         Head of Strategic Development Department and Manager of Information System  Responsibilities : expansion possibilities’ examination, analysis, negotiation, watching of competitor’s activities.

               Responsibilities : development of information flow between departments, preparation of information for administration and board.

         The biggest partners – “ANRAMER” Nielsen Research Baltica, REA “Ober Haus”, REA “Centro Kubas”, REA “Latmas” and REA “Vestus”.

          Head of Sales and Purchasing Department

         Responsibilities: budget, human resources, format supermarkets development, category management, space management in stores’ and shelves’ levels, pricing policy, stores’ supervision.

          Number of subordinates employees.

          The most important suppliers: “BBHCalsberg”, “Philip Morris”, “Kraft”, “Procter & Gamble”, “ColgatePalmolive”, “Unilever”, “Nestle”, “Cocacola”, “Philips”, “Gillette”.

          Economist of Financial Management Department

          Responsibilities: organizing financial accounting, analysis and planning the enterprise’s activities jointly, in various levels and sublevels, cash flow administration, loans and financial leases documentation preparation, investments calculation and new shops budgeting process, property insurance administration, maintaining relationships with banks, shortterm investments of profits administration.

          The biggest partners – “Vilniaus Bankas”, “VB Lizingas” LTD, “Hansa Lizingas” LTD, “Lietuvos Zemes Ukio Bankas”, “Lietuvos Taupomasis Bankas”, “LTB Lizingas” LTD, “Drauda” LTD, “Lietuvos Draudimas”.

          Category Manager of Sales and Purchasing Department

          Responsibilities: category management, space management shelves’ levels, pricing policy, stores’ supervision.

          The biggest suppliers: “Kraft”, “Unilever”, “Nestle”, “Malsena”, “Galinta”. 

     Lithuanian Norwegian Joint Stock Company “NELTE”. “NELTE” Telecommunications company providing paging services all over Lithuania.

          Sales Consultant

          Responsibilities: direct sales, telemarketing, company representation at International Exhibitions “Infobalt ”, “InfoKaunas ”.

          The biggest clients Lithuanian Bank, Lithuanian Finance Ministry, Lithuanian Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

     Lithuanian German Joint Stock Company “VBHMegrame”. “Megrame” one of the biggest Lithuanian plastic windows manufacturers.

    , .

          Sales Manager

          Duties: technical consultation and sales of bindings for plastic, aluminum and wooden windows. Relations with suppliers, assortment regulation, delivery arrangement, price calculations, search for new markets and clients, company representation at International Exhibitions “Building ”, “Building and Renovation ”.

          The biggest clients “Ranga IV” LTD, “Fauga” LTD, “Plasmeta” LTD, “Sabonio klubas ir partneriai” LTD, “Alytaus stalių gaminiai” LTD. 

    Languages: Fluent in Lithuanian, English and Russian. 

    Courses:  Real Estate Forum “Time of Challenges:   at “Verslo Žinios“

          Insight and Solutions”

           Merge and Acquisitions of Enterprises:   at “Verslo Žinios“

          “Business Development and Value Realisation”

           – English language    at “Stanton School of English”


                                                    “Institute of English Language

                                                    Studies” Malta

          “Soros International House”

                                                    “Užsienio Kalbų Mokymo Centras“

           Techniques of strong psychological influence  at Organisations Consulting Group

           Strategies and Tactics of Business Negotiations  at Organisations Consulting Group

           Public relations PR    at “Lukrecijos reklama”


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