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Resume for Vivian L. for Programmer / Software Developer / Retail in Seattle, Washington

Occupation: Programmer / Software Developer Industry: Retail
Country: United States City: Seattle
State: Washington ZIP: 98144

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Vivian L.
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Professional Summary
Over years of experience utilizing sixsigma manufacturing in a measurably streamlined, qualitydriven manner and kaizen continuous process improvement to eL.inate wasted resources to drive technological solutions in program management, development, testing and web marketing across multiple product lifecycles.

Known best for abilities to strategize, innovate, motivate and execute while leveraging preexisting tools / APIs to maximize development time, preventing effort duplication and mitigating risks to stay on schedule.

Employment History
Technology Strategist UrbanVine — present
UrbanVine LLC Seattle, WA is a tech startup that aspires to bring together small businesses to enforce selfsustaining local microeconomies through an online solution done in HTML, PHP, MySQL and other opensource frameworks. 
  • Formulated business plan through detailed data analysis of industry trends with respect to product planning, development and marketing.
  • Created fundamental software architecture and business requirements through user behavioural analysis, customer research and marketing trending to produce an extensible system.
  • Screened and recruited staff based on core competencies, potential for future growth and autonomous yet datadriven decisionmaking.
  • Evangelized and promoted product to generate buzz and familiarize potential customers with next release.
  • Secured, outlined details and milestones for contracts with customers to provide additional working capital to facilitate company growth.
  • Leveraged open source code including Google, Yahoo, Live and Facebook APIs, Drupal and to quickly deploy/implement desirable already existing functionality in a timely manner.
  • Produced streamlined and prioritized software specifications and test plans unit, functional, state, endtoend for handoff to development based on milestones and release dates.
  • Program Manager for Microsoft Office Communicator
    Office Communicator Redmond, WA is one of many unified communications C++ clientserver product family that brings together instant messaging, voice over IP, video conferencing and rich collaboration tools including desktop, application and data sharing. OC also integrates with many other Microsoft products including SharePoint and Exchange.
  • Increased visibility and utility of a platformlevel data collaboration service by % through integration with other Microsoft products, powering other OC features and mitigating underlying interrelease capability detection flaws.
  • Designed and managed the implementation of features to utilize % less userinterface UI real estate while being significantly more intuitive to use as proven by independent user research laboratory experiments with live users, customer feedback and forum feedback.
  • Defined a business process to for requesting, tracking, utilizing and deprecating creative asset usage across multiple product releases in the hopes of reducing overhead by %
  • Completed technical software specifications for different features with the mutual agreement of over different team members in vendor, internal crossfeature and external product teams to take all identifiable dependencies into account prior to initiating development.
  • Managed different field specializations per feature to optimize performance, operation, compliance and serviceability of a feature resulting in highquality, stable and efficient code as well as robust, scalable, secure, highbusiness valued and globalized features.
  • Ensured that proposed design, process and feature optimizations would enable significant improvements in performance, scalability, security, and/or reliability while yielding sufficient business benefit and improving the customer/partner/client value proposition
  • Drove daily meetings as SCRUM master to ensure work items for development and testing would be met on schedule, prevent blockages and to quickly identify potential risks and slippages requiring escalation.
  • .NET Software Architect / Developer / Tester for Mobile ERP Helper
    Tavis Software DollardDesOrmeaux, Canada is a VB/.NET/SQL enterprise resource planning ERP system that specializing in managing workflows for the metallurgy industry.
  • Designed software using suitable architectural and C design patterns to best address performance, crossplatform, data retrieval, scalability, security and usability requirements for Windows Mobile and Windows CE.
  • Interviewed customers to gather business requirements for developing a handheld mobile barcode scanner requiring little to no training, that was robust, intuitive and transmitted data in realtime while giving meaningful warning and error messages.
  • Facilitated the team’s testdriven design and development effort by diagrammatically creating a robust finite state machine to describe the overall behavior of the system.
  • Increased customer’s inventory and manufacturing productivity by % due to decreased dependence on upper management, increased speed of data entry and convenience of use.
  • Java Software Developer for CitySpeak
    Hexagram / OBX Labs Montreal, Canada is an organization that specializes in experimental creative visual art projects related to text, voice and SMS. CitySpeak was developed in Java Swing and other opensource languages/scripts over a proprietary library.
  • Resolved a fatal memory leak that would cause the system to either stall or crash within minutes or GB of leakage due to over circular dependencies, hundreds of improperly destroyed objects & countless anonymous inner classes from poor programming techniques.
  • Mapped out all software object dependencies in a proprietary library with over classes using UML & class diagrams in order to determine that over % of all bugs logged were related to faults discovered in the library.
  • Proved inefficiencies of the existing product by designing and implementing a prototype of the exact same system that used less than % of typical resource usage by creating a more refined library and obeying proper engineering practices including GRASP, Gang of Four, and design patterns.
  • Used several design/architectural patterns e.g. SubjectObserver, Strategy, Factory, Singleton, ClientServer, Controller, Ntiered Layering to improve and refactor legacy code in a more readable and extensible manner.
  • Demonstrated products at various art venues and exhibitions to promote buzz and wordofmouth marketing.
  • Java Quality Assurance Specialist for Nuance
    Nuance Communications Montreal, Canada is a company that specializes in voice recognition software and is the result of several merger/acquisitions including ScanSoft, SpeechWorks, Locus Dialog, Dictaphone and Dragon.
  • Increased test case coverage from % to % using UI test automation, white/black box testing, functional and endtoend EE testing using Java and Eclipse
  • Rendered the received plan from % to % complete to include test cases from two independent development branches.
  • Assisted in localization testing via multilingual input, i.e. French Canada & France, Chinese Taiwan, Spanish Chile
  • Trained the new test lead using a compilation of selfdiscovered information distributed across the company outlining installation procedures, documentation / testing standard & deployment techniques.
  • SharePoint Software Developer
    Penson Financial Services Canada Montreal, Canada is one of international branches of a worldwide securities trading and investment company originally based in Texas, USA.
  • Embedded multiple nonMicrosoft data sources e.g. AS/, PostGres SQL, MySQL, proprietary applications  and programming languages e.g. Perl into SharePoint through development of customized ASP.NET drivers resulting in superior user experience, soft realtime data procurement, authenticated login and leveraging of SharePoint functionality.
  • Resolved a troubled project in days that senior developers were unable to fix, was $, overbudget, was months overdue and would have resulted in losing a customer that represented % of all revenue for a particular branch.
  • Personally visited & thanked by the company’s chief financial officer who flew in from London in celebration of retaining the primary customer because of the prototype which eventually became the baseline model for the project which was sent back to the senior developers
  • Learned new programming languages in months to facilitate SharePoint development.
  • Developed web scraper tool to grab, parse and output snippets of information to SharePoint wiki from rd party websites.
  • Web Designer & Developer — present
    The following websites were taken as temporary freelance contracts for various individuals and small businesses.

    UrbanVine Seattle, WA


    ResumeGuru Seattle, WA


    Wedding Redmond, WA


    Avikai Spa Issaquah, WA


    MLCN Solutions Blog Pierrefonds, Canada


    AutoEco Montreal, Canada


    Tina HaL. NotreDamedeGrace, Canada


    Vivian L. MontRoyal, Canada


    Restaurant Indian Curry Montreal, Canada


  • Used the latest web technologies JavaScript, AJAX, XHTML, CSS, PHP to build or modernize websites.
  • Introduced databases, blogs, other content managers, shopping carts, sitemaps and/or indexing for sites requiring heavy updating.
  • Provided search engine optimization through meta tags, competitive analysis, social bookmarking, blogging and content rewriting to increase both payperclick, organic keyword hits, optimized keyword density and page ranking
  • Worked with customers to determine site’s look and feel via metaphor, color and directed content while achieving a balance in design graphical and development functional.
  • Created and edited digital art / multilingual content to ensure consistency and to avoid copyright infringement.
  • Produced an organized backup folder of all creative assets, code or scripts for easy handoff and resets.
  • Skills Profile
  • Languages/Scripts:  C++, Java, JavaScript, Mason, Perl, PHP, XML, DHTML, HTML, XHTML, ASP.NET, C.NET, XSL
  • IDEs:   Visual Studio, Nedit, Eclipse, NetBeans, Rational Functional Tester
  • Platforms:  Windows ., , , , ME, NT, XP, CE, Mobile, Vista, Beta, Linux, Unix
  • Servers:   MS Exchange , MS SharePoint / Portal MOSS, MS Groove
  • Database:   MS SQL Server, MySQL, SQL, PostGres SQL, Oracle, MS Access, AS/, ODBC, OLEDB, FQL
  • Imaging:   Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, DreamWeaver
  • Principles:   AJAX, UML, SCRUM / XP agile development, software engineering, systems engineering, functional   analysis, business process analysis, sales and marketing, project management, data modeling,    service oriented architecture SOA, software as a service SaaS, Web ., electronic document    management EDM, network protocols, sigma, kaizen, software development cycle, viral    marketing, pair programming, VoIP, search engine optimization, multitiered systems, architectural   patterns, design patterns, objectoriented programming OOP, GRASP, relational state transfer       REST, artificial intelligence, heuristic search, machine learning, sorting algorithms, runtime    analysis / optimization, social bookmarking, social networking, blogs, content management,    keyword density analysis / clouds, page ranking, site mapping, multithreading
  • Other:   Active Directory LDAP, MS Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InfoPath, Visio, Outlook, Product    Studio, TFS, Office Communicator, Communicator Web Access, Samara, Communicator Mobile,    LiveMeeting, GoToMeeting, Parlano Group Ch

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