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Resume for Janibal V. for Manager / Supervisor / Team Leader / Security & Surveillance in Miami, Florida

Occupation: Manager / Supervisor / Team Leader Industry: Security & Surveillance
Country: United States City: Miami
State: Florida ZIP: 33143

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Janibal V. Camino circle, Apt , Miami Fl.
Active Secret Security Clearance Home Phone:
Goal oriented individual with experience in the US Army, exhibiting outstanding security,
communications, and leadership abilities. Exceptional skill in working in demanding
situations and consistently delivers excellence in meeting objectives and exceeding
expectations. Interact well with people from various backgrounds, cultures, and
professional levels.
Summary of Qualifications
< Extensive knowledge in advance security operations, equipment, tactics, communication, lawful
search/seizures, rules of engagement and reasonable use of force.
Weapons expert with years of military combat arms experience
Oversaw the security of $ million in sensitive military equipment
Managed equipment and vehicles valued at more than $ million+
Possess excellent ability for conceptual thinking, good listening, problem resolution, and planning
Completed and provided instruction in BNCOC and PLDC. Instructed more than , students
Skills in researching, analyzing, identifying, and disseminating tactical information
Expertise in maintaining and troubleshooting computer hardware and software issues
Bilingual English and Spanish; speak, read and write on college level
SOC: Deputy Site Security Manger, Al Asad, Iraq
Deputy Site Security Manager to
Professional force protection Deputy Site Manager and leader of +force protection guard force on Al
Asad Air Base, Iraq including hour protection of USIF, State Department assets and the largest Entry
Control Point in Iraq. Managed . million dollar payroll for site personnel and monthly site operating fund
of $,+ with % accuracy. Planned, outlined, implemented and monitored guard force training
plans, standard operating procedures and operations improvement processes to cut operating costs.
Provided physical security assessments for client assets and terrain assessments to include access points,
ingress, egress, fire support, barrier plans, vehicle/personnel search and all force protection contingency
plans in support of US Military and coalition forces operations. Work closely with the client DOD and
USFI to identify their needs and challenges and provide solutionsoriented force protection input
regarding all aspects of ingress and egress control to high occupancy facilities, vehicle entry control points
and high security areas.
Logistics management:
Ensured that all machinery and equipment used met and exceeded the acceptable client standard. Interacted
with the employees, prepared reports on the current condition of logistics, and decided on the next course
of action. Duties included vehicle procurement, receiving, shipping, maintenance scheduling/tracking,
repairs scheduling/tracking, serviceability, fuel logs, dispatch records, transfer of vehicles, and maintained
an active and accurate record of all vehicles. Assisted in the planning, development, and administration of
a comprehensive administrative program to serve the needs of the military and security coworkers assigned
to protective operations. Coordinated administration, payroll, and time sheets. Maintained an active and
accurate record of all assigned equipment to include, weapons, ammunition, radios, ballistic vests, ancillary
protective equipment, and vehicle equipment. Coordinated the shipment and receipt of equipment and
materials with the base and host country; documenting, as necessary, that the proper customs, procedures
and standards are adhered to. Maintained strict accountability of equipment, supplies, spare parts, etc.
through a computerized file and accounting system. Arranged and confirmed air transport schedule,
following Post guidelines for various optional travel routings.Ê
Budget management:
Obtained the requirements for logistics and coordinated with the finance department to obtain the
necessary approval for the budget. Ensured that quality equipment was procured within the budget.
Prepared daily reports.
Operational strategizing:
Played a key role in chalking out the overall operational policy. Determined the type of equipment needed
to fulfill the organizational quality policy. Formulated suggestions on how to make an optimum use of the
resources of the organization.
Manage support services:
Played a vital role in maximizing the output of the various support services such as, IT, finance and HR.
Ensured that standard procedures are followed when third parties are hired. Ensured that the necessary
administrative and legal formalities are completed. Ensured that the contractor provided personnel selected
for protective security leadership positions / labor categories were executing their responsibilities
efficiently and effectively.Ê Items of primary concern include assessing performance of the protective
security details and ensuring proper behavior of all contractorprovided personnel, whether on or off duty.
Ensured that all necessary contractor support of protective security details is planned, provided, and
maintained to allow the details to perform without a decrease in required performance. Ontime delivery of
protective security detail support personnel and equipment Provision of adequate offduty needs of
protective security personnel housing, meals, activities.
Rapid Response Team Leader, Baghdad Iraq to
Team leader and fullcycle manager of Rapid Response Team members at Camp Slayer, Victory Base
Camp, Iraq. Responsible for operational efficiency of all personnel and rapid response team missions to
include vulnerability / threat assessment and quick reaction support and augmentation for US Army Quick
Reaction Force. Operationally responsible for accountability, supervision of maintenance and training of
employees on all individual and crew served weapon systems and communication equipment.
Administratively responsible for Human Resource staffing needs for the team, new hire records, disability
claims, weekly pay time sheets, coordination for pay and benefits audits and in country monthly
operational petty cash fund of $,. Managerially responsible for assessment, creation and
implementation of contingency reaction plans. Responsible for liaison with Base Defense Operation Cell
and continuous exchange intelligence information to ensure operational efficiency.
United States Army to
Instructor –
Instructed more than , students in preparation of deployment or for professional advancement.
Designed and developed training material, lesson plans, student handouts, and examination for the PLDC.
Served as subject matter expert in the analysis, design, development, and evaluation of training. Prepared
learning objectives, developed lesson plans, developed training sessions, conducted after actionreviews
AARs, conducted counseling sessions, and applied intervention techniques. Held field and technology
training, both in a classroom setting as well as in the field. Gave four to eight exams on topics that included
Navigation, Survival, Safety, Inspect. Personnel/Equipment, Analyzing Terrain, Risk Management, Army
Writing, Leadership, Ethical Decision making, and Counseling. Reviewed Standard Operating Procedures
and provided assessments to facilitate training and safety. Assisted supervisors and senior level
administration with counseling, monitoring, and evaluating academic status, and made recommendations
for remedial training, new starts, and dismissals. Presented briefings, presentations, practical exercises, and
seminars to civilian and military personnel. Mentored two Soldiers to winning the Commandant’s
Leadership Award, highest award capable. Constantly improved classroom and barracks condition.
Operation Manager –
Oversaw gathering, review and analysis of sensitive information critical to strategic planning. Aligned staff
resources with workflow requirement; provided teams with up to date operation information in highly
dynamic environment. Implemented plans to optimized staff training in support of organization goals for
domestic and international initiatives. Directed operation in collaboration with senior management from
multiple departments. Assessed daily activities and process; created and presented weekly report with
recommendation to senior management. Administered, coordinated, supervised or performed inspection,
investigative, analytical, or advisory work to ensure understanding of and compliance with Federal laws,
regulations, or other mandatory guidelines. Effectively oversaw team in managing $M in equipment,
consistently meeting all critical deadlines. Authored numerous policy changes and implemented by
executive management.
Assistant Operation Manager –
Managed remote staff activities involving operation, planning and scheduling; oversaw logistics,
transportation, and equipment distribution critical to team success. Orchestrated full range of security
activities, from safeguarding staff and equipment to gathering sensitive information and developing reports
for executive level decision makers. Served as subject matter regarding computer automation and security
program. Counseled evaluated and mentored staff. Commended for managing teams that surpassed
comprehensive inspection required by %.
Operations Director Managed resources to include uniforms and other equipment issued to
members. Used automated data processing systems, and performed administrative information data entry to
support the documentation, referrals, and followup for deploying/redeploying soldiers. Assisted with
setup and teardown of computers, printers, scanners, and other hardware. Assisted with computer and

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