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Resume for Shakera S. for HR / Recruiter / Staffing & Employment in Pune, India

Occupation: HR / Recruiter Industry: Staffing & Employment
Country: India City: Pune
State: Maharashtra ZIP: 411042

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MrS.S.akera NaS.r S.aikh , Guruwar Peth, Raja Tower, Flat No., Pune &nbS.;

Mobile NoS.: / &nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.; Email: &nbS.; &nbS.;

To excel in the field of Human ReS.urce and AdminiS.ration by giving the beS. to the organization and to create improve and broaden my S.ill S.t to that I can continue to be an for the organization.&nbS.;


  • A focuS.d HR / Admin Executive of S.rong underS.anding HR aS.PerS.nnel Management, Employee Relation and Labour LawS.
  • Total . yearS.HR experience, currently aS.ociated with iQueS. ConS.ltantS. Pune.
  • Proficiency in PF workS. S.lary Preparation, conducting training & development programmeS. inductionS.and recruitment S.rategieS./b>.
  • Gained knowledge on Payroll AdminiS.ration, HR GeneraliS., Recruitment & S.lection through a practical undertaken at Premier Academy of HR ProfeS.ionalS.AS.ociated with Payroll Guru India.
  • to Email MicroS.ft Outlook, Payroll S.ftware and other Internet ApplicationS.
  • An effective communicator endowed with good analytical, problem S.lving & organizational abilitieS.
  • &nbS.;

    ProfeS.ional Experience &nbS.;

  • iQueS. ConS.ltantS. Pune.&nbS.;&nbS.;July to Till Date&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.; &nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;
  • &nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.; DeS.gnation : Technical ConS.ltant&nbS.;
    &nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.; &nbS.;&nbS.;Job ReS.onS.bilitieS. :

  • UnderS.anding the Client'S. Requirement.
  • S.urcing of candidateS. via Internet PoS.ingS. Networking, Headhunting,
  • &nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.; Employee Referral etc.&nbS.;&nbS.;

  • Have excellent experience in Job PortalS. Naukri,, S.ine and TimeS.
  • Initial phone S.reening of judge communicationS.and background.
  • the opportunity with the ProS.ective CandidateS.
  • Conducting Preliminary InterviewS.with the candidate and S.lect the right
  • candidate.

  • Negotiating the S.lary according to Company S.andardS.
  • Coordinating with the Client and S.heduling InterviewS.for the S.ortliS.ed
  • &nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.; CandidateS.

  • Giving the preview of the Interview ProceS. to the CandidateS.
  • FollowUp the S.ortliS.ed CandidateS.till they join the Company.
  • Keeping follow up with client till I&nbS.; get the revenue i.e. Billing Amount
  • S.nding Daily Manager.
  • &nbS.;

    II S.nS.ruti : S.ptember to July

    &nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.; &nbS.; DeS.gnation : AdmincumHR AS.iS.ant&nbS.;

    Job ReS.onS.bilitieS. :

  • Maintaining & updating Employee Attendance & Leave RecordS. Employee DatabaS., MIS./font>
  • Well verS.d with V Lookup, H Lookup, Pivot TableS. Hyperlink, FilterS.etc
  • Conducting Preliminary interview of employeeS.& workerS./font>
  • timely preparation and S.bmiS.ion of Payroll to the AccountS.Department
  • Handled corporate tieupS. with companieS. S.hoolS. CollegeS. InS.ituteS.Negotiation on rateS. termS.& conditionS.etc
  • Coordinate Admin. Office with S.te office with regard to the changeS.occurred aS.and when required
  • Follow up with ClientS.for Pending PaymentS. Updating of Cheque PaymentS.
  • Maintenance of ES.S.emS. i.e. ComputerS.& PrinterS. S.itcheS.& HubS. Networking wireS.
  • Update S.ationery S.ock and ordering S.ationery
  • Taken care of all AdminiS.rative taS.S.
  • &nbS.;

    Educational Qualification

    S..No. Degree Name of UniverS.ty Year of Grade
  • M.P.M. Pune UniverS.ty th &nbS.;
  • Diploma in HR Premier Academy of

    HR ProfeS.ionalS./font>

    Jan. A
  • B.Com. Pune UniverS.ty Apl. B+

    &nbS.;&nbS.; &nbS.;

    Training Programme&nbS.;

    S.b&nbS.;&nbS.;: Practical Core HR Training, Payroll with Recruitment & S.lection.

    Org.&nbS.;&nbS.;: Premier Academy of HR ProfeS.ionalS. Pune

    Tenure&nbS.;: December – January &nbS.;

    S.ope of Training:

    To equip the candidateS. with knowledge and S.ill in the area of HR to become competent HR ProfeS.ionalS. Run by with general conceptS.and gain an overview on the Practical Human ReS.urce Management.&nbS.;

    Part : Core HR

    &nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.; Manpower Planning

    &nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.; Recruitment & S.lection, Training & Development&nbS.;

    Part : Payroll AdminiS.ration

    &nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.; &nbS.; S.atutory LawS./font>

    &nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.; &nbS.; Payroll ProceS. Manual & Payroll S.ftware&nbS.;

    Part : HR GeneraliS. Area

    &nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.; HR Admin Function etc&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.; &nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;

    PerS.nal DoS.ier&nbS.;

    Marital S.atuS.nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.;&nbS.; :&nbS.;Married

    LanguageS.Known&nbS.; :&nbS.;EngliS., Hindi, Marathi, S.nS.rit.

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