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Resume for Alfonso A. for Consultant / Telecommunications Services in Tultitlá de Mariano, Mexico

Occupation: Consultant Industry: Telecommunications Services
Country: Mexico City: Tultitlá de Mariano
State: Mexico ZIP: 54910

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Alfonso A.
Telecom & Business Specialist. Age:
Mobile + Home +
Skype ID alfonso_cav E
A professional Telecom Engineer offering years of extensive knowledge and experience
within Telco environment, working in technical and business areas. Highly
experienced in wireless core, landline and convergent networks leading solution
design and services implementation, such as, SS network, SIP, integration of IN
VPN, VMS, SMSC and Online Charging system for CDMA operator and MVNO
with presence in Mexico and U.S.A.
Exhaustive expertise and knowledge in the design, diagnostic and troubleshooting
of SS networks, including TDM and SIGTRAN.
During last years leading technical and business activities focused to provide
convergent solutions to be integrated in mobile, IMS and fix line operators.
Working with operators in Mexico and Latin America, such as Telcel, Axtel,
Telefonica Movistar, Claro Peru, Claro & Entel Chile, COMCEL, ETB, Oi & TIM
Brazil, Telecom Argentina, CODETEL.
Personal attributes Highly motivated, always willingness to learn, capable of working on own
initiative and work in a team, with the ability to work under pressure and with
frustration tolerance. Excellent communications skills in English and Spanish to
lead technical and business meetings, creating reports and requirements
documentation, including complex call flows and network diagrams. Excellent
interpersonal skills, improving relationship among coworkers and customers into
multi cultural environment. Currently learning French language.
Technical skills.
> Strong Telco knowledge working with STP, MSC, HLR, VLR, SMSC, Authentication Centre,
NGIN, Prepaid, SS, SIGTRAN, TDM circuits, PSTN interconnection, MTP, SCCP TCAP, MAP,
ISUP, WIN, IS, INAP, CAMEL, Diameter, Telephony over IP, PTT, Service Delivery Platform
> Services implementation between local and international wireless and landline networks such
as, PSTN circuits, international roaming, Online Charging, VPN, SMS, NGIN
> Experience with different telecommunication equipment such as Nortel, DMSMTX, DMSSTP,
Sonus SoftSwitch including Gateway, Policy and Signaling modules GSX, PSX, SGX,
Comverse Voice Mail Systems, Newbridge Bandwidth Manager, Signaling Gateways,
Nortel Passport, Ulticom cards and Signalware, jNetX Nx platform.
> Hardware, circuits, traffic and SS links forecast analysis
> Experience of setting up SS protocol and Telephony over IP analyzers on signaling and
Ethernet networks to perform tests and troubleshooting. Design of IN solutions for wireline and
wireless networks
> Knowledge on JAIN SLEE, SIP, VoIP and class features and Unix environment
AmdocsjNetX, Solutions for OSSBSS & Telecom applications.
Technical Manager, Presales
March – Date Mexico and Latin America
> jNetX was acquired by Amdocs in October
> Belonging to a technical and business specialist group spread in different locations to identify
and propose solutions to wireless and wireline operators. Project plan analysis to define and
identify milestones and gaps.
> Responsible for some commercial activities, providing competitive proposals and P&L
preparation, revenue and margin targets.
> Leading presales & technical presentations with customer to demonstrate system capacities
and present solution designed to cover their necessities. Providing support to answer RFI, RFP
and RFQ, creating all relevant technical documentation to support solution offered to customer,
traveling when requires to perform a presentation which can be in English or Spanish.
> Responsible for lead and design solutions for Mexican and Latin American telecom market, all
based in a platform named Nx able to interact with different kind of protocols and network
> Providing some advice to Mobile Operators to move towards Service Delivery Platform.
Focusing on their necessities to begin this process in a graceful way
> Working on technical proposals and planning strategies to succeed with different projects in
Mexico and South America, working jointly with Nokia Siemens Networks. Some examples are,
TEMM GW de Cobro & LCR, Telcel HUB, NGIN for ETB & EPM, VPN for COMCEL, VPN for
Soluciones Moviles Global, Telecom consultancy.
NGIN, SS and Switching Consultant
April – February Mexico and U.S.A.
> Responsible for design and implementation of voice and Online Chaging System services for
the MVNO Azteca Mobile with presence in U.S.A Sprint and Mexico IusacellUnefon. In
charge to design a solution to offer Prepaid and topup services to their customers traveling to
> Liaising with different vendors to install, integrate and test different equipments, ensuring that
all resources were coordinated to meet the needs of the client
> Responsible to design call flows into the Protocol Converter to provide communication between
Sprint network and IusacellUnefon
> In charge of STP and Signaling Gateways and routing to connect several platforms such as
> Testing and troubleshooting of all related with PSTN circuits, signaling links,
Softswitch, IVR and prepaid system
> Providing support on site and remotely, performing troubleshooting to keep in service voice
Operadora UNEFON, owns and operates a wireless network in several cities of Mexico.
SS & Switching Manager
August – March Mexico City.
> Responsible for SS and Mobile Switching Center MSC network, coordinating installation, of
physical wiring cross connects, testing and troubleshooting of PSTN interconnection services,
Es and voice trunks with Sonus Softswitch, LD and local carriers
> Assessing capacities and new technologies in order to make decisions to purchase new
equipment or optimize the use of current
> Responsible for keeping updated National Dialing Plan in the whole MSC network
> Coordinating integration of new cities and collaborates closely with marketing area implementing
new services according with Unefon’s goals, always performing an impact evaluation on the
> Collaborating with several areas, such as, Network Operation Center, and Field Operations to
keep working properly the whole network in order to offer the best service to our customers
Engineer of Intelligent Network and Signaling
Sep – August Mexico City.
> Responsible for SS routing, GTT, PCSSN and hardware administration on Nortel DMSSTPs
> Responsible for coordination and implementation of services, such as, Pre
Paid, SMS, Authentication Center, VMS, Sonus SoftSwitch, Location Services, International
> Member of the engineering team in charge of the implementation and complying tests
performed over Unefon’s fixed telephony network based on Sonus SoftSwitch involving ASX
class five ATP with the Mexican national carrier TELMEX.
> Responsible for create technical documentation and keeping updated.
> High level SS Troubleshooting assistance to the Network Operation Center, on site and
remotely, being available /. Performing MTP tests for signaling links between own switches
and Signaling Transfer Point
> Integration of Voice Mail Service in Unefon’s network
> Nortel Networks. Mexico City:
CDMA Technology
IS Networking for CDMA
Passport / Operations and Maintenance
Passport ATM
> Comverse Technology. Wakefield, Massachusetts, U.S.A:
Trilogue Voice Mail System Administration, Provisioning and Service Creation
Trilogue Voice Mail System Basic Maintenance
> Tecnologico NYCE. Mexico City:
TCP/IP Seminary
IP Telephony
> jNetX Nx system, Moscow, Russia:
Nx Platform Configuration & Installation
Nx Development, Upgrade and OA&M

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