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Resume for abdelkader B. for Consultant / Telecommunications Services in Borj Louzir, Tunisia

Occupation: Consultant Industry: Telecommunications Services
Country: Tunisia City: Borj Louzir
State: Ariana ZIP: 2073

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Telecom consultant Abdelkader B. Date of birth: MARS

Farhat Hashed Street ARIANA TUNIS TUNISIA   Tunisian nationality

Mobil: +

      Married LANGUAGES

Arab Mother Tongue

French Solid working knowledge

English Bilingual



Seeking a challenging position that fulfills my ambitious to make success, and get more experience. 

  • Aware of the Rollout Responsibilities, Processes, milestones and Procedures which are relevant to the Rollout department and the departments that closely support the Rollout Processes: RF – Planning, RF – Transmission, O&M, Legal and Finance departments
  • familiar with operator organization and have experience of document and  Workflow related to the Milestones from nominal plane and  marketing requirements  passing through network planning , site acquisition and implementation of CW & TI  till site FAT and its certificate
  • Professional experiences:

    Since st May :

    Technical director AlissarTunisie:

    Management, Coordinating, monitoring and controlling Site acquisition, CW, BSS and transmission resources through Projects managers including:

  • Site selection and acquisition, preparation of engineering drawings, approval of drawings from client.
  • Planning and scheduling the project activities.
  • Attending progress review meetings.
  • Installation and commissioning of Environmental i.e. Air conditioning units, DC/AC sets, and Fire fighting systems.
  • Construction, fabrication, sites erection and commissioning of Towers.
  • Set objectives, structure, organize and plan activities with project managers.
  • Manage day to day activities.
  • Interface with the customer for approving model sites, defining key performance indicators, inspection schedules and updating on project progress.
  • Ensure quality assurance during Rollout process.
  • Ensuring that all project process and documentation is up to date and generate new documents when needed.
  • Control the budget lines and resource costs, organize and setup internal process with logistics and procurement according to the rollout Targets.

    From // until //:

    Technical Project Manager International Telecom Services, ITSCOM

    Coordination, implementation, execution, control and completion of G/G rollout project ensuring consistency within ITSCOM clients Orange Telecom Tunisia and Huawei Tunisia, company strategy, commitments and goals.

  • lead the planning and implementation of project
  • define project tasks and resource requirements
  • assemble and coordinate project staff
  • plan and Schedule project timelines
  • track project deliverables using appropriate tools
  • quality assurance
  • present reports defining rollout progress, problems and solutions
  • Subcontract management routinely
  • From // until //:

    Aircom International consultant: TI coordinator Millicom DRC Project

    Type: Contract

  • Execute all technical and administrative tasks related to technical installation management in the operation
  • Ensure implementation of BSS BSC + BTS Roll Out plan, I am the responsible for Electrical Installations and BSS System Installation in my region.
  • Coordination and Management of supervision and verification of RF sites telecoms installation including all BSS subsystem including electrical and backup systems, air conditioning and other auxiliary systems in sites assigned
  • Follow entirely and without exception the stated guidelines for the correct supervision of BTS installations including but not limited to antenna installation, feeder installation, pairing and terminating. Including also DDF patch panels are connected as per the required standards.
  • Coordinate and management people under my command do the respective acceptance test and number of visits required to guarantee the quality of the installations on place.
  • Update BSS Network Topology documents will be updated monthly.
  • Production/acquisition of acceptance, commissioning and verification documentation
  • Coordinate and management all required Acceptance Test will be done in my sites assigned, to guarantee network quality in the operation.
  • Coordinate updating monthly DDF's information in sites assigned.
  • Management of updating monthly transmission network topology in my region.
  • Follow up assigned HUAWEI/ERICSSON subcontractors or outsourcings in Tigo network:
  • Manage Huawei teams during optimisation project in the sites in order to Install and adjust radio GSM Antennas.
  • Participate in site antenna and cable until acceptance.
  • Detects and records the problems of cables and antennas and makes the necessary corrections.
  • Proposes and carries out the corrective actions to remediate to the identified failure concerning the antennas and cables of the sites in service. Implement recommendations requested by the optimization team Azimuth, tilts, etc.
  • Performs spectrum field measurements to identify and locate external sources of interference
  • Follow up TI data updates on Ericsson site handler.
  • Training sessions for local staff about the RF site installation including BSS subsystem, transmission network and antennas and feeder installation following international standards.

    From // until //:

    Expert maintenance engineer/team leader ORASCOM TELECOM TUNISIA:

    Type: permanent

    Lead team of maintenance engineers to carry out preventive and curative maintenance of GSM network topology in ORASCOM network

    Leadership skills:

  • Solid leadership experience for maintenance engineers to carry out preventive and curative maintenance of GSM network topology in Orascom network.
  • Ability to drive maintenance engineers engagements in their regions.
  • Ability to drive internal meetings with other departments and external Orascom subcontractors.
  • Strong strategic and negotiations skills with Orascom subcontractors as well.
  • Participate in building a regional department strategy and play a key role is identifying new challenges.
  • Providing Technical support and working closely with other departments and Product Development teams.
  • Manage network faults, close and forward Trouble Tickets and call out the team of subcontractors with a Work Order when physical intervention in the equipment needed.
  • Establishing testing procedures and documentation and perform User Acceptance Test:
  • Consistent and to supervise all steps of installation of GSM sites with international standard infrastructure, civil work, energy, transmission….
  • Scope analysis and definition for PDH/SDH Implementation.
  • Follow up the preventive and curative maintenance of the GSM sites.
  • Follow up and perform all kind of Operation and Maintenance on BSC, BTS, MW and SDH links once everything has been installed
  • Familiar with Alcatel BSS/transmission equipments, hardware and software releases such as:
  • Alcatel B, B, B.

    Alcatel BSC, BTS Evolium.

    Alcatel TC, MFS.

    Alcatel UX, LX, Away

    Alcatel ,, , . LSY /ADM,

  • Familiar with NEC MW/SDH releases such as:
  • NEC pasolink/pasolink+
  • NEC pasolink NEO
  • NEC S

  • Familiar with all kind of Siemens BSS equipments throughout software’s evolutions, such as:

  • Strong Knowledge’s on software release upgrades: from BR to BR, from BR to BR
  • Siemens BSC /eBSC High Capacity.
  • Siemens TRAU/eTRAU

    Siemens BTS i/i/i, BTSe

    Familiar with Siemens MW releases such as SRAL/SRAL XD/SRA

  • Follow up, perform Sweep Test, and generally go through verification with the OMC.
  • Handling of Trouble Tickets received from other departments.
  • Follow the routing of the cells through the transmission links: PDH and SDH.
  • Operation and Maintenance before handover to Managed Services Department
  • Checking and doing verification of BSC database parameter with TRAU, MSC, SGSN, BTS integrators during pre integration

    From // until //:

    Telecom Field engineer SASCOM TUNISIA:

    Type: permanent

  • Site survey and preparation of site installation materials
  • Installation of the GSM sites and Microwave links
  • Installation cable runways, feeder/Jumper, transmission cables; mounting of Panel Antenna's; carry out azimuth changes; installing of BTS and BSC and TRAU
  • Implementation and site engineering of PDH & SDH transmission equipment, including installation, commissioning, testing and integration of sites for the project network.
  • Obtain, compile and manage all documentation relevant to the Implementation process.
  • Control the scope, quality, risk, and value for PDH/SDH Implementation.

  • Supervise team making sure all job are done according to SIEMENS/NEC standards 
    Installation, Commissioning and integrating of BTSE BSetBS, BSC and PDH links SRAL and SRALXD of SIEMENS equipment following the operator's deals
  • Installation, Commissioning and integrating of BTS EVOLIUM, BSC and PDH links UX, LX and Awy of ALCATEL equipment following the operator's deals
  • Installation of TC and MFS ALCATEL
  • Installation, Commissioning and integrating of RBS and PDH links  MINILINK ERRICSON equipment
  • Have Experience and knowledge of SRAL and SRAL XD installation procedures.
  • Knowledge of transmission protocol Understanding of BTS site design manual.
  • Have a very good theory background of PDH & SDH.
  • Have a very good theory background how to synchronization in the network. >
  • From // until //:

    Telecom Field engineer CITEM TUNISIA:

    Type: permanent

  • Solid MW transmission experience together with strong experience on SDH NEC
  • Ensure capacity upgrades are implemented in the design to support network growth.
  • Provide design support to radio operations as part of fault investigation.
  • Provide expertise for technical matters relating to the microwave transmission network. 
    Practical expérience of microwave Link design.
  • Understanding of installation and commissioning procedures for microwave transmission systems.
  • Involved in installation and commissioning  
    Installation and Commissioning of PDH links PASOLINK.
  • Installation of SDH links PASOLINK+ and S 

    Professional training:

    SIEMENS BR SBS MN system specialist for GSM: From the // until //. 

    SIEMENS BR SBS MN commissioning BSS: From the // to the //.

    BSS SIEMENS MN operations and maintenance: From the // to the //.

    NEC PASO NEO operations and maintenance: From the // to the //.

    Works in Height & Security: December and /.

    Electric risks: Electrification of the GS

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