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Resume for Li J. for Engineer / Telecommunications Services in Fürth, Germany

Occupation: Engineer Industry: Telecommunications Services
Country: Germany City: Fürth
State: Bayern ZIP: 90765

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Dellair Li J.
Date of Birth: //
Tel: +
Objective: A challenging career as a Build Architect & SCM administrator
Core skills summary
+ years working experience on Linux / Unix system;
+ years experience in software configuration management;
+ years experience in build architecture and automating area;
+ years working experience as online system support;
Sharp eye in finding and solving problems;
Strong team work and customer focused spirit;
Responsible, selfmotivated with good analytical and communication skills;
Strong knowledge on build optimization and migration;
Fluent in English, Mandarin.
Elektrobit Wireless IM Manager & Software Specialist
Jun. Mar. Beijing, China
Providing build & SCM support for global projects: Finland wireless projects, Beijing wireless projects
and India wireless project;
Delivering reliable load build for customers;
Writing build automation scripts: shelllike, perl;
Analyzing & optimizing build times on Linux system: Parallel build etc;
Collaborating with Finland specialists to make integrated plan on development environment;
Administrating SCM tools Synergy projects, Clearcase VOBs, Subversion repositories, Error
Management tools Synergy Change, Jira and Requirement Management tool DOORS, Continuous
Integration toolsHudson;
Integrating Cpptest/purify/Doxygen into build scripts for projects;
Leveraging Open Source SW: Maven, GCC, GNU make etc;
Providing timely support & training on development tools and build steps for projects;
Working with designers on build errors troubleshooting;
Deploying Symbian development environment;
Maintaining build mechanism.
//: Responsible for WiMax migration project planning and implementation to Nokia
siemens, including VOBs replication, build script migration, other rd party tools migration and shipping
rules reconfiguration. Project was finished ahead of deadline.
/Now: In charge of supporting software development environment for Nokia project.
/: Provided Subversion / Trac / Jira configuration implementation and training for senior specialist in
Elektrobit Finland, participated in software configuration plan for EB global company.
Nortel Networks Build Architect & SDE
Nov. May. Guangzhou, China
Providing build & SCM support for global projects: Nortel projects, GDNT projects and Korean project;
Maintaining build report system which was written in perl;
Working closely with designers, collecting build requirements, enhanced/optimized build from architect
point of view;
Maximizing designer productivity through simplified build system interfaces, fast designer builds
incremental builds and high quality build system support;
Improving product quality by increasing of builds per design cycle, simplifying component integrations
and ensuring build correctness;
Enabling new products to start more quickly through rapid introduction of highquality build systems
EARLY in the development cycle;
Providing prompt support on configuration management issues and other related software development
environment issues for projects;
Administrating Clearcase/UCM/SirCC/NEU, IDCE, Quality Center, Clarify and other development tools
on multiple platforms UNIX, LINUX and Windows.
/: Optimized Wimax ASG loadbuild mechanism, a series of actions were taken to reduce loadbuild
time from hours to > hour.
/: Deployed source automation in GDNT, including lost+found/branch/view/stream/DOs clean
mechanism, VOB reformat mechanism and formal/daily loadbuild mechanism. I was praised by my
manager for excellent work.
/: Won GDNT “Most Effective Employee” award.
/: Be nominated for “Most Contribution” award on Nortel YearEnd GIS Global Information
Sharing meeting.
/: Migrated WiMax BTS build engine to NTMK in weeks, which is two weeks ahead of project
deadline; I was highly commended by Ottawa release manager.
/: Introduced TPS Third Party Software winkin concept into GDNT WiMax BTS loadbuild,
shortened loadbuild time from hours to . hours.
/: Consummated WiMax BTS/ASG loadbuild setup project for LG Nortel.
/: Constructed LBU loadbuild server pool environment for multiple platforms in GDNT. Balanced
loads among servers and desktops, integrated loadbuilds into queues.
/: Be transferred from GDNT CM engineer to Global Nortel loadbuild architecture team for my
outstanding performance.
/: Optimized MG Media Gateway loadbuild architecture; MG loadbuild time decreases from
hours to hours.
/: Successfully localized WiMax BTS/ASG project from Ottawa to GDNT, won a highly prize from
WiMax Level manager.
/: Provided C shell programming training for whole CMN design team designers, received a
good feedback from CMN senior manager and other level managers.
Viewtoo Broadband Oracle Administrator & Support Engineer
Feb. – Nov. Shanghai, China
Administrated G* online Oracle databases’ architecture, responsible for PLSQL programming for
Viewtoo systems: authorization, authentication and accounting system, Media system;
Provided Oracle/MYSQL/SQL SERVER installation on multiple platforms UNIX, LINUX, and
Created maintenance plan for databases based on project requirements: backup/restore automation scripts.
Prepared logical/physical data models for new projects;
Performed database tuning for databases;
Performed change management of database models;
Provided technical support for developers.
/: The online database failure rate is under .% in . years.
/: Introduced table partition technology into CP system, and the query time is times quicker.
/: Won “Yearly Most Effective Employee” award.
/: Finished HA & data guard project. The risk of single node is reduced after this project is finished.
/: Consummated secondary development project for Media . system and VAS system.
Education: Sep. Sep B.Sc., Computer Science And Technology
University for science & Technology Beijing, China
Sep. – Jun Associate, Public Security
Hunan Judicial Law college, Hunan, China
Technical Training
Advanced training of Elektrobit system: SCM & Build Finland
Nortel build architecture training Canada
Clearcase multisite training China
SQL programming training China

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