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Resume for Mohd Afindi B. for Engineer / Telecommunications Services in Kuantan, Malaysia

Occupation: Engineer Industry: Telecommunications Services
Country: Malaysia City: Kuantan
State: Pahang ZIP: 25200

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Name: Mohd Afindi B.
Nationality: Malaysian
Education: Certificate in Instrumentation Electronic.
Summary of working experience: Years experiences in communication industry especially
in microwave transmission and RBS BTS
TSS Engineer for transmission and RF, Operator: Vietnam Mobile, Department:
Transmission network design and Radio network design. Technology: EGSM, Vendor:
Ericsson, Nov – Aug
. Doing the RF, TX survey and site hunting for the new nominal plan in the north region.
Decided the antenna height and direction for antennas sector according to the data to the
nominal plan
. Survey the Line of SightLOS for the microwave PDH links and doing the LOS confirmation
where is the site was proposed and make a confirmation for the site coordinate Latitude and
. Working closely with the civil work department as a team for the tower loading and antenna
height issue and deal with the site acquisition staff for the site hunting issue.
. Produce a daily TSS report to TND , RND back office coordinator and to the zone manager
. May –July : Temporary attached to the SDH Microwave department as an
implementation and integration engineer for the SDH MDRS EC and OMS series
equipment Long Haul project.
. Responsible to supervise the contractor during the site installation of the equipment new site
and swap project up to standard of the Ericsson and customer quality requirement.
. Doing the E BER testing end to end for the existing SDH backbone site to confirm the
availability of the network before proceed to the swap project.
TSS LOS Engineer, Operator: Packet one, Department: Transmission Network planning
and design, Technology: Wimax Broadband G, Vendor: AlcatelLucent, June –
October .
. Survey for microwave Line Of Sight LOS for WiMax G operator Packet One.
. Doing LOS confirmation where the site was proposed and find the alternatives if the LOS is
blocked. Proposing the connectivity solution.
. Participate in the site hunting for a new site PreTSS for a new candidate.
. Working closely with the transmission designer for planning issues and with civil work contractor for the
technical plan for the antenna location/height on the structure.
. Validating the Civil work drawing and the site candidates from the contractor.
. Produce a daily report of the LOS progress to the project manager.
Transmission Engineer, Operator: EtisalatEgypt, Department: Operation & maintenance,
Technology: SDH MDRS EC LH Vendor: Ericsson, SEPT – FEB
. Working specifically with Marconi MDRS EC SDH long haul in operation and
maintenance department.
. To carry out on job training and knowledge transfer to local engineers how to troubleshooting
on Marconi MDRS EC equipment and how to use the test gear such as the RF power
meter and SDH digital transmission analyzer.
. Doing a routine preventive maintenance and troubleshooting for the Marconi MDRS EC.
Analyze the receive level and transmit power of the radio on every site by using the test gear.
. Involved in the interview program for the expatriate candidates after short listed for the Marconi
MDRS EC operation and maintenance work.
. To assist local engineers in Operation and maintenance for troubleshooting and preventive
maintenance for the Ericsson minilink Hicap, traffic node and RBS
Network Engineer, Operator: Warid TelecomBangladesh, Department: Implementation and
integration, Technology: SDH MDRS EC & S. Vendor: Ericsson, Contractor: South
Pacific Com. Resources Sdn.Bhd, SEPT APRIL .
. Interview and recruit the subcontractors for this roll out project.
. Manage three subcontractors to do the installation on time according the Ericsson dateline
smoothly. Brief the subcontractors how to do a quality work through the Ericsson guideline.
. Supervise the installation of the Marconi SDH radio MDRS EC and MDRS S done by
the subcontractors.
. Rectifier installation Emerson PBC .
. Perform testing and commissioning for the SDH radio includes power, return loss, fade
margin, XPIC and Bit Error Rate measurement. Extensive use of test gear such as SDH
analyzer, Site master, Spectrum analyzer, spectrum analyzer and RF power meter during
. Performed final touch quality for the installation of the equipment.
. Prepare the report and testing sheet document before hand over.
Network Supervisor, Operator: Grameen PhoneBangladesh, Department: RAN
implementation and integration, Technology: RBS GSM and microwave Minilink. Vendor:
Ericsson, June Sept
. As a supervisor for the installation of BTS , , Minilink E and Delta rectifier.
. To perform testing and commissioning for BTS and microwave Minilink E.
. Perform final touchquality for the installation of the equipment
. Perform acceptance test after installation up to customer standard and prepare the report and
testing sheet document before handover
Technical Executive Tester and Supervisor, Employer: South Pacific Communications
Resource Sdn.Bhd. Department: RAN implementation and testing, Technology: RBS and
Microwave Minilink, Vendor: Ericsson, Jan Aug
. Doing hot swap project for Celcom operator for central region from RBS to RBS
. Supervise the installation for the RBS , , , and i.
. To perform the testing and commissioning for Ericsson equipment Microwave and BTS and
acceptance test after installation up to customer standard.
. Perform a final touch up quality for microwave Minilink E and BTS equipment up to
customer and Ericsson standard.
. Troubleshooting for Minilink E and BTS.
. Doing refurbishment project for Digi operator Minilink E and BTS family. Performing
a bench test for Minilink E.
. Involved in trial with Digi Telecommunications operator as a supervisor and tester for
Marconi MDRS EC project.succeed
. Involved in pilot project with TM operator for Minilink HiCap from the mainland the island
. Managed the installation team and coordination.
Senior Technician, Operator: Celcom Malaysia, Department: Technical support, Technology:
Microwave transmission/GSM/ART , Vendor: Multivendor, March April .
. Doing a second level corrective maintenance for BTS and microwave system.
. Provide technical support to operation maintenance of Celcom microwave linksSM, ATI,
Nera, DMC, MTI, Mitec, Siemens, Ericsson, SST and high capacity NEC/Siemens SDH and
PDH GSM system.
. To perform test and commissioning for all microwave link and BTS, connect the system to
multiplex up to Celcom standard.
. Trained field operation groups a correct procedure on corrective and preventive maintenance
for microwave links and BTS.
. Achieved network availability above .% for microwave system as set by Celcom.
Received and appreciation letter from General Manager of eastern region for achieving the
network availability target.
. Control and distribute microwave and BTS spare part and test gears for eastern region.
. Able to perform bench test for microwave link and troubleshoot up to component level and
able to operate the test gears such as Marconi RF power meter , HP power meter, spectrum
analyzer, HP frequency counter, HP BER tester and

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