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Resume for Marc G. for IT / Technical Support / Telecommunications Services in Meise, Belgium

Occupation: IT / Technical Support Industry: Telecommunications Services
Country: Belgium City: Meise
State: Vlaams-Brabant ZIP: 1860

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Marc G. 


Over twenty years experience in data communications, LAN, WAN and OAM administration, configuration, support, integration and acceptance. Nortel Networks Certified Support Specialist – Passport NNCSS with superior skills in network protocols, communications hardware, packet switching and network management.  Currently at Ericsson Belgium providing rd level support for Mobistar and Base core networks while developing new procedures to more efficiently manage the Nortel ATM, Nortel SDH and Alacatel/RAD DSL networks in a proactive rather than reactive manner. 







                  English – mother tongue

                  French – fluent

Others German, Italian, Dutch – some understanding from time living in that country but nothing formal 

Contact Information:

                  Phone +

                  email –  

Date of Birth:


Place of Birth:

                  Hull, Quebec, Canada 

Marital Status:

                  Married, children and years old 


                  Canadian – soon to hold French EU passport as dual citizen 


Network Management Tools:

CiscoWorks, Tandem, HP Openview, Netmetrix, Network Node Manager, Operations Center, Netcool, Concord CA eHealth and Spectrum, Dorado, SNIC, IBM Netview, Strataview, CheckPoint FireWall Suite, Next Generation CheckPoint FireWall Suite, Nortel Preside suite of products incl. PPS, MDM, Radius, DNS, etc., Nortel PWI, Nortel OMCR, Nortel IWS, Nortel NMS, Nortel WNMS, OS/ Communications Manager, Optivity, Sun Net Manager, Sun Management Centre, DEC Hub, DEC MCC, XWindows, CVXView, XCEL, XAMINER, XPLORER, SCS server and SCS client for Shasta BSN, Citrix Metaframe, Vodafone/Nortel UMTS cell availability tool, Nortel TML, Nortel TIL, Nortel OCAN, Nortel SRS, Nortel HFB, Nortel CEM, Nortel NSP, Nortel WNMS, Tektronix K, Tektronix K, Mycom, Aircom, Oracle, Huawei M, Huawei T, others. 

Networking Equipment:

Cisco Routers, Cisco Switches, Nortel DPN switches, Nortel Passport switches , series, series, series, , , Nortel GGSN, Nortel SGSN, Nortel/Bay routers, Nortel BSN , Nortel Contivity, Nortel Optera products, Motorola Muxs and modems, Alteon Load Balancer, Newbridge muxs, IBM switches, Stratacom BPX and MGX, Juniper routers, Aastra CVX, Fore ASX, Nortel SIG, Nortel iBTS, Nortel POC, Nortel RNC_AN, Nortel RNC_IN, Nortel_CN, Sun Ultra, Sun , Sun V, Sun , IBM servers, Cisco PIX, Nortel Wireless Gateway, Ericsson SGSN, Ericsson GGSN, Starent GGSN, Nortel IPC Nortel GGSN content based billing and Redknee OAM server, Ericsson BSC, Ericsson BTS, Ericsson WG, Ericsson CS core, Vodafone IN HLR, SCCP relay, PAM, PCM, SAP, SEP..., Ericsson IN, Ericsson switches, Redback BRAS, Thomson xdsl modems, Livebox modems, Alcatel DSLAMs, Alcatel Omni switch, Alcatel ISAM, Alcatel ASAM, Airvana FemtoAP, Thomson Femto GW, Huawei routers, Nokia SGSN, Nokia Flexi node, ECI SDH, RAD modems, Tellabs DXX, Crocus modems CV and TT, Zenitel FH microwave node, Huawei OSN, others. 

Standards and Protocols:

X., X., ATM, Frame Relay, Ethernet M, M, Ge, FDDI, Token Ring, TCP/IP OSPF, BPG RIP, etc., firewalls, UDP/IP, RMI, TI, T, SDLC, HDLC, HSRP, SNA, SNMP, MIB, ISDN, BTDS, BOP, GPRS, UMTS, G, AAA, DNS, Sonet, SDH, DWDM, PDH, VLAN, IPVPN, VoIP, MPLS, IMA, SS, HTML, GPP, IPC, unix, linux, IT security, encryption, Data warehousing, Data Mining, adsl, vdsl, sdsl, femto, C++, scripting, QoS, Sigtran, SS, others. 

General Skills:

Network operations, Network deployment, Network implementation and configuration, Acceptance testing, Interoperability testing, Standards conformation testing, Network engineering, Network auditing, Network planning, Network design, Network analysis, Trend analysis, Traffic analysis, Network security, System management, Security management, Presales support, Postsales support, Tender management, Project management, Product management, Program management, Skills transfer, Technical training, Technical documentation, team lead, people management, process development, Disaster recovery design and implementation, vendor management, service management, KPI/SLA measuring and reporting, End to End problem management, customer general and expectation management, escalation management, others. 




  • Acted as team lead for rd level support transmission team
  • Provided rd level support for Mobistar Belgium Transmission, GSS and IP core network
  • Provided rd level support for BASE IP core network
  • Technical prime for Mobistar’s Nortel Passport, Alcatel DSLAM, RAD modems and Nortel SDH equipment
  • Responsible for returning Mobistar’s ATM, DSL and SDH networks to a level to allow proactive network management instead of reactive
  • Develop inhouse procedures at Ericsson to allow proper handover between production and operations
  • Develop inhouse procedures at Ericsson to allow st, nd and rd level support to continuing proactive support



  • Develop low level functionality test plans verifying conformance to industry standards for new functionality for the equipment including multilink ppp and femto cell.
  • Setup and maintain lab test environment for the functionality and IOT of new products and features
  • Provide rd level support, skills transfer for new engineers and training for nd level support teams worldwide
  • Develop technical documentation for use by support and sales teams


                      ON SITE FOR VODAFONE UK

  • Develop high level network capacity monitoring, functionality and QoS report director level audience against all core and transport network elements including but not limited to Nortel, Ericsson and Starent packet core, Cisco, Nortel and Checkpoint common hosting environment, Ericsson and Sycamore transport network, Vodafone and Ericsson circuit switched core as well as the Vodafone and Ericsson intelligent network environment. Reporting done using Mycom, Oracle, Infovista and other Data Warehousing and Mining tools.
  • Develop and test network Disaster Recovery plans
  • Maintain and evolve the high level management report described above.
  • Identify action plans to address all outstanding issues found in the management report
  • Ensure action plans are implemented in a timely fashion to resolve all outstanding issues identified prior to them becoming outages or customer impacting
  • Evaluate and recommend data warehouse and mining tools including but not limited to Mycom, Oracle and Aircom offered tools.
  • Evaluate and recommend network modelling tools including Wandel, Count and Cartman.
  • Manage C network capacity levels during upgrade and migration process from C to SIGTRAN
  • Develop and maintain long term project plan to upgrade legacy  
    HLRs, switches and SCCP relays to enable SIGTRAN functionality
  • Develop and maintain long term project plan GGSN evolution.
  • Ensure the above project plans deliver on time and on budget
  • Perform high level management of several projects, project managers and network domain/environments to ensure feature, resiliency and capacity delivery dates and to also ensure no negative impact across all of core and transport network environments resulting from new project work.
  • Assist in the day to day management of outsourced resource team of
  • Assist domain configuration teams in the implementation of changes when lack of resources could result in cancelled work.


                      ON SITE FOR VODAFONE UK

  • Provide nd and rd level support of Vodafone’s UMTS and GPRS Packet Core Network comprising of Ericsson and Nortel GSNs
  • Provide nd and rd level support of Vodafone’s IP network consisting of Cisco and Nortel routers and switches
  • Provide nd and rd level support of Vodafone’s OAM platforms including Nortel WNMS, CiscoWorks, HP Openvew, PrOptima, TeMIP and Concord ehealth
  • Provide nd and rd level support of Vodafone’s service platforms such as IPC
  • Tech prime for packet core network consisting of Nortel SGSN/GGSN, Ericsson SGSN and Starent GGSN
  • As tech prime, participated in network design for my area of responsibility and strategy planning
  • Provide nd and rd level support of Vodafone’s UTRAN platforms comprising of Nortel and Ericsson equipment
  • Perform installation and configuration activities on above networks
  • Perform IOT activities on above networks
  • Perform VO tests and acceptance on Nortel platforms above.


                      ON SITE FOR NORTEL UK 

  • Team lead for the I&C team deploying and testing the Nortel Packet Switch and RAN equipment at Vodafone UK
  • Installation and acceptance testing of Nortel PWI and associated tools for Vodafone UK’s new G deployment
  • Integration, configuration and acceptance testing of Vodafone UK’s OAM, UTRAN Passport /k, RNC_CN, BTS and Packet Core solution Passport /k, SIG, Shasta based on Nortel Networks UMTS
  • Provided troubleshooting of Vodafone UK’s IP network and firewalls
  • Administered Vodafone UKs Citrix and PWI solution
  • Provided maintenance, troubleshooting and upgrades for Nortel’s PWI, UTRAN and Packet Core equipment

    / – /  SIAC

  • Provided on site service and operations support for SFTI network
  • Configured and deployed multiple new financial customers onto SFTI network
  • Configured and monitored core network consisting of Nortel Optera Sonet ring, Cisco routers and Juniper Me routers running Gb ethernet running MPLS to the Sonet ring and T, T or Fast Ethernet to the end customers running rip or bgp
  • Maintained customer, network and daily documentation for SFTI network

    /  – /  Canada Inc

     / – /  On contract for Nortel Spain

  • Provided on site service for Nortel Customer ONI WAY OAM Group.
  • Documented Nortel GGSN, SGSN, Passport and , Juniper and Cisco routers, Aastra CVX, CheckPoint NG and Alteon equipment to customer requirements.
  • Assisted with the migration of multiple GPRS and UMTS products.
  • Developed and provided CVX and Preside Policy Server Radius and DNS oriented training and other product skills transfer.
  • Provided nd level operations support using netcool management platform and monitored network trends and variations from baseline using Concord eHealth Network.

    / – /  NextiraOne LLC

                      On assignment to Nortel Europe

  • Served as Nortel’s client escalation point for multiple global international clients inclu

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