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Resume for Aravind A. for Other / Telecommunications Services in Oulu, Finland

Occupation: Other Industry: Telecommunications Services
Country: Finland City: Oulu
State: Oulu ZIP: 90570

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|Career Objective: |
| |
|To obtain a longterm career with an organization, that gives me the opportunity for professional and |
|technological advancement, and where I can contribute using my existing abilities, to mutual benefits |
|and satisfaction. |
|Educational Profile: |
| |
|Currently pursuing masters of science in technology in wireless communication at the university of Oulu |
|Finland. |
|Completed Electronics and Communication Engineering in Sri Lakshmi Ammal Engg. College |
|Affiliated to Anna University Chennai India aggregate %, Department Topper |
|Area of Interest: |
| |
|Wireless networks, Networking , Digital Signal Processing |
|Courses Completed : |
| |
|Completed WIFI with FOSS course conducted by AUKBC Research Centre on .. in M.I.T College |
|Chennai |
| |
|Attended a day Embedded workshop conducted by Renesas technologies and Frontline electronics in Anna |
|university Chennai |
|Academic Projects |
| |
| |
|Home Area Network HAN Jan to |
|Mar |
|Aim To control Electrical Appliances/devices using different ways of communication |
|Landline Telephone |
|Internet |
|Computer |
| |
|Team Size : |
| |
|Role : |
|Preparing presentations for the reviews |
|Done documentation and analysis of findings. |
|Done various other duties as assigned under the direction of project guide |
| |
|Description: |
| |
|The Control of electrical appliances is becoming a major aspect ,as machines are ruling our lives. We |
|need machines to assist many functions which we perform in day to day life. In our project we |
|implemented three technologies to control different electrical appliances in our home .The project is a |
|module of Home Area Network .we controlled the operation of devices using DTMF, Internet, and Computer. |
| |
| |
|Telephone Module : |
|This module basically consist of DTMFDual Tone Multiple Frequency IC MT and a two pairs of Dflip |
|flops for controlling four devices . In DTMF there are distinct tones. Each tone is the sum of two |
|frequencies: one from a low and one from a high frequency group. There are four different frequencies in|
|each group. our phone only uses of the possible tones. Using the above group of frequencies the |
|selected button is deciphered and the corresponding device is switched on or off. Using this concept the|
|device speed can be altered by placing a stepper motor .The telephone cable is connected the computer |
|and the signal is transferred to the Ethernet gateway. |
|Computer Module : |
|This module constitutes the control of the appliances using the computer . The computer is connected |
|with the devices using the Parallel Port DB and the status of the devices can be monitored. The |
|digital, electrical appliances which are present can be switched on or off using the computer. |
|Internet Module : |
|This module connects all the devices to the internet and it acts as a gateway to the broadband internet |
|access. Entertainment peripherals an increasing number of devices can be connected to the home |
|network, including DVRs like TiVo, digital audio players, games machines, stereo system, and IPsettop |
|box . |
|In future home network standard for speeds up to Gbit/s are being developed |
| Internships: |
| |
|Attended one week Implant Training in Chennai Harbor port trust during .. to .. |
|Strengths : |
|Hardworking, Diligent, good in handling people. |
|Eagerness to learn new things. |
|Positive approach to problems. |
|Good Command over English IELTS : Overall Band Score :. |
|Good Analytical SkillsGRE Score: |
| Computer Skills: |
| |
|Operating Systems Windowsx/XP, UNIX. |
|Packages MSOffice, Matlab, Xilinx VLSI. |
|Languages C, C++ |
|Achievements: |
| |
|Leo Club |
|As Leo Club Treasurer for Sri Lakshmi Ammal Engineering College for A Leo Club Division during the |
|first year of engineering . |
|Worked as a Vice President of Sri Lakshmi Ammal Engg College for A club division during my final |
|year. |
| |
|Paper Presentation |
|Got third place in the national level technical symposium conducted by Rajiv Gandhi engineering college |
|for presenting a paper in WiFi communication |
| |
|College first in paper presentation during the year conducted by sri lakshmi ammal engineering |
|college for presenting a paper on Email functionality |
| |
|College second in paper presentation during the year lakshya for presenting a paper in WiFi |
|communication |
| |
|College level |
|Scored first mark in circuit analysis |
|Scored first mark in signals and systems |
| |
|Scored first mark in Digital Signal Processing in the Anna university semester examinations . |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
|Personal Details |
|Name Aravind A. |

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