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Resume for giovanni D. for Project Manager / Waste Management in Rome, Italy

Occupation: Project Manager Industry: Waste Management
Country: Italy City: Rome
State: Lazio ZIP: 00188

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Ing. Giovanni D., M.S.C.E.

Via Tiberina


ph./fax / / – /




July : Laurea degree in Civil Engineering, specialized in Idraulic and Sanitary, achieved at Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy. 

December : Master of Science in Civil Engineering, specialized in Environmental Health and Safety Engineering from University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida.

Master thesis concerning the elaboration of a mathematical model on the water quality of the Tiber River, Rome, Italy developed at the Water Research Institute I.R.S.A. of the National Research Council C.N.R. – Rome, Italy. 

June : B.S. Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida. 

July : College degree from ITIS GL. Bernini, Rome, Italy, for small structural and architectural design; 

June : High School Diploma from South Broward High School, Hollywood, Florida. 


March . IRI Management, short review course on health and safety procedures for workers, in accordance to Italian Laws n. . 

June : passed state abilitation exam according to Italian laws for professional practice, but not registered. 

March/June : review course on Environmental Engineering supported by the Faculty of Idraulic Engineering of Rome University. 

April/May : completed short course on water resources at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida; principal interest in groundwater and contaminant transport modelling. 


// to date: returned to Italy and assigned to Purchasing Department, with specific reference to contracts for important assignements. 

March – //: Assigned to the RAF A desalination building project plant in Doha, Qatar. Based on various previous experiences acquired on management contracts, personeel, vendors, ect. assigned to supervision activities in support to site manager; 

September – February – Prof. Baruchello – Rome University. Construction and management for environmental recovery of the Massimina site Aurelia – Roma, with material coming form the excavation of the Metro line n. of Rome, in compliance with the approved project. Activities: On site activities supervion, assistance to the external site engineer nominated by the Contractor METRO C, definition, approval, implementation of the various procedures.


September – February – Prof. Baruchello – Rome University. Construction and management of the landfill for industrial waste located in Porta Medaglia Laurentino – Rome, with material coming form the excavation of TBM presence of surfactant for the Metro line n. of Rome, in compliance with the approved project which comprises also an inertization plant. Activities: On site activities supervion, assistance to the external site engineer nominated by the Contractor METRO C, definition, approval, implementation of the various procedures. 

June – January : at company disposal for new projects 

March – May : returned in the Campania Region with duties related to supervion and management of landfill sites and stocking of materials coming from urban waste mechanical separation;  

June – February : Castalia Ecolmar ScpA, with duties of project manangement and operation activities dealing with operation of marine pollution prevention. The company is a joint venture between Fisia It. which is owned by IMPREGILO and various shipowners. Such activities are regulated by a contract with the Italian Ministry of Environment. 

March – May : the company Castalia S.p.A. has been absorbed by Fisia Italimpianti S.p.A. All other conditions remain the same.

Site manager and consultant for the development of the executive design, contruction and management of a landfill for toxic waste, on behalf of SE.CO.SV.IM. branch of FIATAVIO, land owner, in Colleferro RM. Landfill classification for Italian Law: II° cat. Type C work still in progress.

Assigned to work in the Campania Region for remediation activities on old urban waste dumps, management and operation of mobile waste grinder machines utilized to fulfil the Region in dealing with the emergency in urban waste management.

Subsequently JULY moved on to a major project for the management of urban solid waste in the area of Naples, dealing with production of RDF and construction of inceneration plants of:

  • Caivano NA from // – treatment capacity . t/y, n. of employees units
  • Tufino NA from // – treatment capacity . t/y, n. of employees units
  • Battipaglia SA from // – treatment capacity . t/y, n. of employees units.
  • The activities relate to employees selection from plant manager to helper, duty assignement and instruction, plant start up to full capacity treatment, critical spare parts recognition and storage, maintenance programs, general management relating to production, cost and profit. Also dealt with compliance of effluent gas and waste water to national regulations. In appointed by company as thecnical director of the incineration plant of Acerra NA. 

    – : Consultant activities regarding the design of waste clean up areas Consortium S.r.l. – Frosinone, Nalco – Cisterna di Latina, Metaleurop/Italinvest – Pertusola, Crotone on behalf of Prof. G.M. Baruchello, IIIrd University of Rome, Sanitary Department. 

    – : Project manager and technical responsible for a clean up project in Asola Mantua Italy, involving the installation and management of a portable incenerator capacity – t/hr and a water plant for soil washing main contaminants: volatile organics, such as benzene, toluene, xilene, all to be carried out on site. 

    August – March : employed by CASTALIA S.p.A. for the duties below described. Carried out management activities on behalf of the company, relations with pubblic offices, either as contract holder or as controller; coordination of consultants; field of prevalent experience: management.

    Below are indicated the principal field of experience:

    WASTE DISPOSAL design from feasibility to construction on waste dump and industrial plant clean up; design and construction of landfill sites according to Italian and EEC laws and specifications; activities related to the executional phase or set up of work site, completed with the management phase; planning of incenerators procesees on small/medium scale; knowledge of procedures for authorization of disposal plants and export of waste, as permitted by law.

    Waste water plant management on behalf of Aereporti di Roma and Alitalia as Castalia Sistemi Idrici.

    HYDRAULIC AND HYDROGEOLOGY programming and application of mathematical modelling related to hydraulic, hydrogeology and water resources management; planning of well fields selection of sites, monitoring, piping; canal planning, storm drainage and sewers for industrial and residential areas.

    MANAGEMENT – this is the field of principal interest developed in the last four years, interposed with design activities. In this field achieved experience in production cost, accounting for Pubblic Works, organization and management of site, either applied top the single site as well as to coordination of more site at one site maximum: n. . Qualification required by law: “Technical Director of site”. 

    Appointed by the company member of a commission created to evaluate and select the best technicaleconomical solution for an urban solid waste recycling plant in the Province of Benevento, Italy. 

    Construction supervisor for the development of waste sludge treatment plant, realized by A.L.L.E.S. S.r.l., Venice, Italy, on behalf of a state owned company, “Consorzio Venezia Nuova”. 

    Consultant for the “World Bank” on the project “Shanghai Environmental Project”, in the period . Project Coordinator: Mr. Geoffery Read, Washington, U.S.A. Dealt with selection and approval of projects presented by Chinese Authorities for financial aid, with particolar interest to industrial waste dangerous and nondangerous, hospital and urban waste. 

    – : Project manager and techinal director on behalf of Castalia S.p.A. for a research project financed by the European Comunity for the study of microbiological tracers for industrial waste. Other participants: University of Rome – Engineering Department, Grondmechanica Delft Dutch company owned by the University of Delft, the Dutch government and privat capitals, University of Milan – Microbiology Department, Idrogeo S.r.l. 

    May December : Università Bocconi, School of Energy resources, Environmental Division, Milano, Italy. Member of the scientific committee “OPTICA”, research group on policies, technologies and information in the environmental field. 

    November : Politecnico di Torino, Italia. Professor on short course for specialization in “Recycling and waste disposal techniques”. Coordinator: Prof. Giuseppe Genon. 

    September July : transferred by ITALECO S.p.A. to CASTALIA S.p.A., Rome, Italy. Functions: planning, design and supervision of landfill and industrial site cleanup. Dealt with duties regarding technical site supervisor and management; responsible for planning of a mobile and steady laboratory unit for chemical analysis. 

    October August : ITALECO S.p.A., Rome, Italy. Employed by the company and involved in study groups dealing with environmental recovery and conservation, also with other european countries. 

    June August : “Office of the Minister of Environment”, Rome, Italy. Functions: consultant for ITALECO in the field of technical and economical evaluation of plans presented for financial support FIO . 

    May : requested and obtained leave of absence for months and returned to Italy. 

    September May : “Broward County Water Resources Management Division”, Ft. Lauderdale, FLA, U.S.A. Functions: part of the design section of the division in the field of canal construction and manteinance; operation and control of satisfactory water levels within county’s boundary; also particpated in a wellfield protection program related to computer modelling; drafting experience classif.: Engineer I Section Supervisor: Mr. Al Norika.

    Later, with increase in level of employment, in charge of modelling raw water wellfield throughout Broward County. Involved in the revision of contracts between County and private enterprises for water supply/site selection study. Responsible for the compilation of monitoring wells and secondary containment basins contruction requirements for compliance with County Ordinance no. ; responsible for the employment of new personnel for the Division in the field of hydrology and modelling classif.: Hydrologist Section Supervisor: Mr. Thomas Walker. 

    September : “Southeast Environmental Consultants”, Pembroke Pines, Fla., U.S.A. Functions: design of wastewater collection systems and treatment units for industrial and combined waste on small and medium scale. 

    August May : “University of Miami”, Coral Gables, Fla, U.S.A. Functions: teaching assistant and grader for the subject of ‘Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic’.



    January : “American Water Resources Associations”, Bethesda, Maryland. Accepted article for pubblication on such journal for January . 

    March : “Istituto di ricerca sulle Acque”, National Research Council, Water Research Institute, Rome, Italy. Subject of Master’s Thesis accepted as an official pubblication of the Institute. 

    May : “Italian University for Foreigners”, Perugia, Italy. Presented seminar on mathematical modelling for water quality control. Thesis used to develop course notes. 

    June : “International Conference on Agricolture and Environment, ”, Venice, Italy. Presented a seminar on mathematical of water quality control. Thesis used in the compilation of article presented at the conference. 


    Born in Rome, Italy, March th, ; married in May . 

    Languages spoken: Italian and English at university level, Spanish readible.

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