Resume Rules and Guidelines

By uploading your resume and registering with you agree to the following Rules and Guidelines.

1.1 Resume File Restrictions

All valid resume file uploads to must meet the following requirements: 

  1. The file must be a common word processing format, such as Microsoft™ Word™ (.doc), Plain Text (.txt), Adobe™ Document (.pdf) format. See the complete list of supported formats. No compressed (zipped), archived, encrypted or executable file formats are allowed. 
  2. The file must not exceed a maximum size of 400Kb, 5 pages, or 12,000 characters, whichever is greater.
  3. The file must not contain any executable code, including but not limited to macros or scripts.
  4. The file must not contain any viruses, Trojans, worms, or other disruptive mal-ware or spy-ware.
  5. The resume file must contain one continuous resume for one individual. Only one resume (one resume file) is allowed per individual.

1.2 Resume Guidelines

  1. The uploaded resume must an accurate and truthful representation of YOUR qualifications, skills, and background that represents your own education and professional experiences in terms relevant to the employment marketplace. You may not post someone else’s resume or a resume that is misleading, impersonating, inaccurate or deceptive.
  2. The resume must contain your accurate and up-to-date name and contact information (including but not limited to your mailing address, your e-mail, and phone number(s).
  3. The resume must contain you full legal name which matches the name you use for registering with
  4. The resume must be a work of your own (unless you hired a professional resume writing service). The resume may not contain any copyrighted material or material produced by any third parties.
  5. The resume may not contain any excessive repetitions, keywords, descriptions or formatting that is false, inaccurate, irrelevant, misleading or deceptive.
  6. Use of any tactics, methods or techniques to affect resume search results or its visibility is strictly prohibited.
  7. The resume may not contain any illegal, vulgar, obscene or profane content or language that may be considered offensive.
  8. The resume may not contain any links which lead to illegal or offensive material.
  9. The resume may not contain any information for any competitor of or hyperlinks or URLs to any sites competitive with The resume may not contain any hyperlinks or URLs other than the individual’s personal site(s) or sites relevant to the Content of the Owner’s Resume (such as websites for employer, educational institutions or individual’s portfolio)
  10. The resume may not contain any media materials other than text, including but not limited to photographs, animation, video, etc.

1.3 Violations of Guidelines and Restrictions

We reserve the right to examine any uploaded material (including resume files), and delete or block any which we, in our absolute discretion, deem unsuitable for the purpose of this website. Any violation of Rules and Regulations described herein in sections 1.1 and 1.2 will automatically result in resume removal and account deletion.

As time goes by and your resume becomes searched by employers and downloaded for payment, we will receive feedback from employers, based on the value they find in the resumes. We reserve the right to investigate any complaints of misrepresentation and impersonation and to freeze, block and ban the accounts of users who appear to be misusing our system.

By agreeing to our terms and conditions, which is part of our sign-up process, you agree that we have discretion over how (and when) we pay out sums of money to users, and over whether the money has been legitimately earned by the user. In the case of what we deem to be misrepresentation, we reserve the right to confiscate funds from the user’s account, and to close the account with no further recourse due to the user.