Sales and Service Agreement

1 Terms of Sale
Please review this Sales and Service Agreement very carefully, before you purchase anything from This agreement represents the Terms of Sale that govern your purchases from and supplements the Terms and Conditions agreement. Terms of Sale in this agreement set out your rights and obligations with respect to your purchases from

Terms of Sale are limited to those contained in this Sales and Service Agreement as well as in the Terms and Conditions agreement. Should you convey, or attempt to convey, any additional or different Terms, by any means whatsoever, those terms are considered null and void, without notice of rejection.

Your purchase through constitutes your full agreement to these Terms of Sale, as well as the Terms and Conditions.


2 Purchasing
When you order services from (the Site, We, Us), by purchasing Download Credits for resumes from us, you understand that a binding sale of these services is taking place and that you are liable for the cost of those services, which you have selected and have been outlined to you in processing your order.


3 Download Credits
Certain services from are provided through a purchase of “Download Credits”. While may be providing (solely at its own discretion) free and limited access to partial resumes, access to full and complete resumes requires a paid subscription. agrees to sell and you agree to purchase “Download Credits”, each allowing you to access and download one (1) complete resume of your choice from the database (i.e. 1 Download Credit = 1 Resume). Download Credits are sold in batches of 10 or more credits. Once purchased, Download Credits do not expire and can be used to download resumes at any time. Download Credits are not transferable and non-refundable.

Once you select a resume that you would like to download, the cost of that resume (i.e. One (1) Download Credit) will be subtracted from your account. Considering your account has sufficient Download Credits, you will be immediately provided with download access to that resume. It is important that you download the selected resume file to your local computer/network or media right away. While will continue (at it its own discretion) to provide you with access to the selected (“downloaded”) resume file(s), it makes no promises or guarantees of any kind on quality or duration of such service. It is solely your responsibility to download and store each selected resume file. Our responsibility is limited to providing you with a one-time download access. If the transmission is interrupted in any way during download, you can use your e-mail and password to login into My Account are of the Site to begin the downloading process again.


4 Payments
You further understand that you are providing us with credit card information, sufficient to identify you as the holder of the card, and to process the payment via an online merchant banking provider and charge processing company for your purchase of Download Credits. We do not consider the sale complete, or your order accepted, until (1) valid and legal payment has been received by us; and (2) we have sent you an E-mail or other written confirmation, confirming your purchase; and (3) you have an active account with in good standing. Thus, although your account may be credited with Download Credits and you may be granted access to and use of the restricted areas of the Site to download resumes immediately upon completing your purchase, the sale is not final until payment has been received and verified by us. Should payment not be received for whatever reason, we may block your access to and use of the Site and withdraw any remaining Download Credits, until payment is received in full. You may need to complete registration with us, again, (re-order) in these circumstances, as the system may discard your information when a payment is not successfully completed.

In return for payment, Resumark is providing you with limited access to and use of the restricted area(s) of Resumark, for the purposes of facilitating online introductions between employers with open positions, and job seekers, based on resumes downloaded from the site. The secure area may provide other features, but these are provided as a courtesy to members. Your payment does not secure you anything beyond this access and use, and does not guarantee that you will find a worker.


5 Payment Methods accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards.
When you provide with your credit card information, will obtain a pre-approval from the card company for the amount of the order, which may result in a corresponding block on your available credit while the pre-approval remains in place. will not bill your credit card or process a transaction under your debit or check card until your purchase is finalized.
Debit cards and check cards may have daily spending limits that could delay the processing of your purchase substantially. requires the credit, debit, or check card security code for your card for any online purchase to protect against the unauthorized use of your credit card by other persons. The security code is an individual three- or four-digit number specific to your card that may be printed on the face of your card above the embossed account number (if American Express), or on the back of your card, on the signature panel (if Visa, MasterCard or Discover).


6 Proof of Purchase will send you a confirmation of your purchase via email to the email address registered with your account.


7 Refunds / Exchanges / Warranty / Cancellation
Due to the nature of its business model, and the Internet, has a strict ‘no refunds’ policy for Download Credits. Any and all sales of Download Credits are final and cannot be cancelled, refunded or exchanged. There is no service with which to exchange, and we warrant only that you will be given access to the restricted area(s) of the Site, provided you are not in breach of our Terms and Conditions. Please do not register with us or purchase Download Credits unless you understand and agree that any payment made is not refundable.

Since allows you to “preview” each resume before downloading it, all resume downloads are final and once a resume is downloaded, your account with will be debited for one Download Credit. There will be no refunds or exchanges. Resumark makes no promises or guarantees of the quality, accuracy or truthfulness of the downloaded resume files. It is your responsibility to asses each resume through previewing it to make your final purchasing decision. In certain cases of deceptive or fraudulent activity, will investigate such cases and make determinations (solely at its own discretion) to void such downloads and credit your account with download credits. You may report such cases by writing to security[at]Resumark[dot]com and including all pertaining information (such as your account e-mail, download # and the downloaded resume).


8 Pricing
We may change our pricing at any time and without any notice to anyone. For example, we, in our sole discretion, shall determine the prices to be charged for Resume downloads in accordance with our own pricing policies.

Current prices (subject to change) are as follows:

 Credits  Price  Price Per Credit
 10  $50.00  $5.00
 20  $90.00  $4.50
 50  $200.00  $4.00
 100  $350.00  $3.50
 200  $600.00  $3.00


9 Governing Law
The Laws of the State of Illinois, exclusive of its conflict of law principles, will govern these Sale and Service Agreement. Any arbitration or litigation over the Sale and Service Agreement and Terms and Conditions will take place in Lake County, Illinois. By registering or subscribing with us, you understand that you are consenting and submitting to the personal and subject matter jurisdiction of the Federal and State Courts located in Lake County, Illinois.


10 International Sales
We are able to accept transactions from outside the United States and Canada, if the customer can satisfy the requirements of the third party payment gateway mechanism to complete the transaction. Export contrary to United States or Illinois law is expressly prohibited.


11 Reservation of Rights
We reserve the right to change any or all of these Terms of Sale and Service at any time, without notice. In the case of any dispute as to which set of terms and conditions apply, the terms and conditions that were in force on our Site at the time of sale will be the conditions that prevail.